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Australian Red Kangaroo Coins

Australia Kangaroo Coin Series from the Perth Mint

The 2015 coins were minted in 999 fine silver. Subsequent releases by the Perth Mint feature 9999 fine silver.

The Red Kangaroo coin series was established by the Perth Mint in 2015 with a limited test run of small mintage of...

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Quick Facts About Australian Red Kangaroo Coins

Australian Red Kangaroo Silver Coin Design

The design of the Red Kangaroo 1 oz Silver Coin features an iconic national symbol of the wildlife found in the Australian outback.

The kangaroo powerfully equates more with Australia than any other of the country's unique wildlife.

The reverse design features a representation of Stuart Devlin's classic 'red kangaroo' design that shows the marsupial bounding on its powerful elongated hind legs.

The obverse design features a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The 1 oz silver coin has a face value of $1 AUD

The reverse design also incorporates advanced security features, such as a special micro-laser engraving hidden in the letter "A" in Australia. feature

Australian Silver Red Kangaroo Coin Demand

The demand for the 2015 Australian Red Kangaroo 1 oz Silver bullion coin continues to rise with both investors and collectors. The limited mintage for this coin, combined with the history and legend surrounding the mintage.

Many numismatic enthusiasts are determined to own a complete set of the popular Red Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coin series from each year.

Even throughout the pandemic and global lockdowns, demand for the 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coins continue to remain strong. In 2020, more than 13 million Red Kangaroo 1 oz Silver coins were produced and sold by the mint.

Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin Investing

Mint sealed tubes contain 25 coins and weight 25 troy ounces.

Monster Boxes of Silver Kangaroo coins are available in a 250 coin mini-Monster Box that includes 10 tubes of coins and weighs 250 troy ounces.

Each 250 coin Monster Boxes from the Perth Mint stack easily on top of each other and can be easily stored at home in a suitable vault or safe, or any other safe and suitable location.

Australian Red Kangaroo 1 oz Silver Mintage History

The annual mintage for the Red Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coin is announced as unlimited. The amount of coins mintage each year is determined from monthly sales activity. The more coins that are bought by investors and collectors, the more coins will be produced by the Perth Mint.

The entire mintage history of the Red Kangaroo 1 oz silver coin in available in our Mintage Library with official mintage data published by the Perth Mint.

The Mintage Library contains the full mintage history of the Perth Mint Red Kangaroo Silver Bullion coin series.

Cheapest Perth Kangaroo 1 oz Silver Coins

The 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coin is an investment grade bullion coin. The purity and excellence in manufacturing from the Perth Mint is recognized worldwide. These are IRA eligible as most government backed coins and are an excellent store of value.

Buying Random Year Kangaroo Silver Coins online from bullion dealers will often have the lowest premium.