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Silver Shot and Grain

Silver Shot is often used by silversmiths, home pourers and jewelry makers for crafting unique or artistic pieces

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What Is Silver Shot Or Silver Grain?

Silver shot or silver grain is commonly used by home pourers and diy silversmiths to create unique creations with a home forge from .999 fine silver.

Silver grain refers to silver granules or globules that have been refined to a minimum of .999 purity. Each grain is roughly a quarter inch in diameter.

The silver shot is formed during the casting process by throwing molten silver into cold water.

This instant cooling from the water causes the silver to break up into small silver globules which solidify and sink to the bottom of the water.

The silver shot is usually .999 pure and provided in sealed bags which include an assay from the refinery to ensure the integrity.

The Use Of Silver Grain

The primary purpose of silver grain is to be used a raw material for creating jewelry or other silver objects, like cast silver products or hand poured silver bars.

Silver shot is not typically suitable for investment due to the difficulty in assaying the grain once the seal on the bag has been broken.

The size of silver grain for casting makes it convenient for a craftsman or artisan to melt a specific amount of silver to make custom, unique or artisanal products, jewelry and crafts.

Using silver shot provides a more accurate way to measure than cutting silver bars or at home refining.

The silver shot is also used in many types of industrial manufacturing that utilize high-tech components in need of extremely conductive and a non-corrosive metal.