Budget Friendly Fractional Gold Bars


Gold is the oldest form of money that is generally recognized everywhere in the world. It is also traded as a futures market commodity and daily trading activity around the world effects the price.

The global trading activity can cause the gold spot price to change every minute around the clock six days per week.

Today’s gold spot price is based on buying a futures contract that contains a 10, 50 or 100 troy ounces of gold. Beyond the price of the metal, there are additional costs that can stack up for fulfillment and delivery.

Some of the gold bars moving out of the COMEX vaults in recent months make their way to both government and private mints for pressing, pouring, machining and casting into smaller and more affordable weight denominations.

Today, there are thousands of available products when shopping for a gold investment. Investors that are considering fractional gold bars have many to choose from.

Fractional gold bars are ones that are minted with a weight of less than 1 troy ounce. In some cases they are measured in fractions of an ounce in increments that are similar to coins, such as 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz.

Most of the newly minted gold bullion in the marketplace today are produced by refineries and mints in Europe and Asian where measuring with the metric system is standard. It’s becoming much more common to find gold bars for sale are measured on a gram scale than in fractions of an ounce.

Gold gram bars are an excellent choice to add to your investment stack. They are extremely liquid and easy to convert to fiat if needed. They are also a lot friendly on the wallet than buying a full ounce at time.

And having an assortment of different size gold gram bars may be a practical way to be prepared if you ever need to barter. There are even some options available to buy half gram gold bars from various manufacturers.

When it comes to pricing, smaller gold bars are typically in a price range that is affordable to a wider range of investors. It is also important to remember that smaller bars will frequently have a higher dealer premium than larger sizes.

Less than $100

One Gram Gold Bars

Fractional one gram gold bars are a practical and popular investment option. They are perfect for stacking and can be purchased affordably.

Online bullion dealers offer newly minted 1 gram gold bars in their factory sealed assay card which helps assure that you’re buying an authentic product. Many local coin shops that carry products from Valcambi will often break off gold Combibars into the 1 gram increments. A variety of online dealers do this as well and will sell them as secondary market 1 gram gold bars.

Less than $500

2 Gram Gold Bars & 2.5 gram gold bars

Various refineries manufacture 2 gram bars and 2.5 gram gold bars for investors to capture some savings on the premiums. Both of these sizes are convenient, interesting and unique size denominations.

Sometimes you can find these in the bargain bin at local coin stores as there are only a few refineries making newly minted bars in these sizes.

5 gram gold bars

Five gram gold bars offer a significant savings in premiums over smaller sizes. You will find that premiums will be lower on Random 5 gram gold bar than smaller size fractional gold bars.

Newly minted bars are manufactured by notable private mints such as PAMP Suisse and Valcambi. There are also various 5 gram gold bars that are backed by government mints such as Perth and the Royal Mint.

Less than $1,000

10 gram gold bars

The next option for those with a slightly higher budget is the 10 gram gold bar. These bars contain .3215 troy ounces of gold, just slightly less than 1/3 of an ounce.

The denseness of these bars can be felt in your hand. Newly minted bar will come sealed in a sealed plastic assay card holder, while secondary market 10 gram gold bars will most likely be shipped in a plastic coin flip.

Banking Crisis Excites Investor Demand for Silver and Gold


Gold is money. Period. The fiat paper currency that we use for daily transactions is little more than an IOU from the government. Except with inflation, the value of fiat keep getting lower and lower.

The start of the latest banking crisis began with the failure of SVB that was quickly followed by Signature Bank. Regulators attempting to prevent bank runs put up ‘backstop’ to ensure depositors that their funds will be safe and accessible.

The current Orwellian doublespeak flaunted by the mainstream press is driven by regulators trying to convince customers that this time is different. It’s essentially a bank bailout.

The big global banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America have seen an influx in deposits as smaller regional banks continue to request emergency funds from the Fed.

Hot on the heals of this banking crisis, the Federal Reserve has announced that it will rolling out its FedNow instant payment service in July which many see as a precursor to CBDC rollout.

As the stock market continues to tumble, the latest news about Credit Suisse and from the Bank of Japan may be sending the Western world into a recession as some analyst are predicting that Russia, China and Iran are on the cusp of launching of a BRICS gold-backed currency that will unseat the dollar’s hegemony.

Over the past few weeks investor uncertainty has returned to the stock markets as retail investors pile into precious metals in volume unseen since the start of the pandemic.

Estimates of precious metals sales based on inventory data from APMEX shows record sales of both gold and silver.

Gold sales at APMEX topped 27,000 troy ounces in the past seven days. While sales of silver bullion exceeding over 1 million troy ounces in the same seven day period.

FindBullionPrices.com tracks prices from dozens on online bullion dealers, including APMEX. APMEX is one of the largest and most popular bullion dealers in the country.

As precious metals prices remain relatively low many other online dealers are reporting delays in shipping as order volume continues to rise.

Retail investors looking for deals to add to their stack can often find the best prices when buying random year or secondary market coins.

The secondary market is where previous year gold bullion coins are traded between investors and dealers. These coins may have been stored since the year they were minted or may have traded hands dozens of times. Regardless, these gold coins maintain their intrinsic value and will continue to be a store of wealth for future generations.

Stacking physical gold and silver bullion a one way to help protect the financial security of your family in ways far beyond that of trading crypto or ETFs.

First time precious metals buyers are invited to checkout the current Spot Deals page for offers from online dealers to buy silver for spot price. Gold buyers also have the opportunity to buy 1 oz gold bar at spot price.

Intaglio Mint Silver Rounds


The Intaglio Mint creates unique and thoughtful designs that inspire thinking. For 2023, the Mint is releasing a variety of silver rounds that encompassing a wide array of thought provoking artwork that includes modern feline house cats, mythical creatures from folklore and literature as well as patriotic and military themes derived from ancient latin philosophical proverbs.

These silver medals are available from bullion dealers with incredible high-relief compositions that are minted in limited quantities of pure .999 fine silver.

Latin Allure Silver Rounds

The Latin Allure silver medallions incorporate phrases and quotes from ancient philosophers into unique modern works of collectable art. The coin series is popular for its military and patriotic themes around honor, death and life.

For 2023, the series includes both 1 oz and 2 oz silver rounds with intricate high relief designs that are only minted in limited quantities.

Morte Prima di Disonore Silver Round

Memento Mori Silver Round

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat Silver Round

Amor Fati Silver Round Silver Round

Cryptozoology Silver Rounds

Crytozoology is a pseudoscience that studies, searches for and catalogs unknown, legendary, or extinct animals whose historical existence is disputed or unsubstantiated with modern evidence. It is more closely related to the investigation of cultural folklore as opposed to the science and study of animal species.

For 2023, the Intaglio Mint has created designs of creatures that have been part of the folktales for decades, sometimes even centuries.

  • Unicorn Silver Round – The unicorn is a mystical and powerful horse or goat-like creature that is said to have magical healing powers and the ability to produce drinkable water from poison. The sculptures and artists from the Intaglio Mint capture the spirit of the unicorn that has a storied history across countless cultures.
  • Jersey Devil Silver Round – The Jersey Devil is thought to have lived in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey in the United States. The legend dates back to the 1700s. Sitings of the monster are still regularly reported and it has been blamed for the slaughter of livestock and other horrific events.
  • The Kraken Silver Round – The Kraken is a legendary enormous sea monster that is said to have lived off the coast of Norway around Scandinavia. The creature has a giant squid-like appearance with strong tentacles capable of grabbing onto a ship and pulling sailors to their death on the ocean floor.

Sleeping Cats

The Sleeping Cat silver round collection features the lovable and adorable feline companion enjoying one of their favorite ways to pass time. When asleep, cats will tightly wind themselves into a ball as a way to conserve body heat and keep warm. You can often find them curled up and cuddled together.

Available with three high-relief obverse images of felines posed in various sleeping positions. These rounds are minted from .999 fine silver and are available in limited mintage amounts each weighing either 1 troy oz and 2 troy oz.

The series consists of three silver rounds that are an homage to one of our most loved pets.

The reverse shows curved radial lines emanating from behind the center hallmark logo with inscriptions included for the weight and purity.

Intaglio Mint is a boutique private mint that was established in Sedalia, Colorado in 2010.  They are an innovative manufacturer of coins, tokens and medallions commemorating events, places and historic remembrances. They also mint silver rounds with their own unique and creative designs that feature incredibly detailed and highly collectable themes.

Greek Mythology

The current year of the Greek Mythology coin series from Intaglio includes three fresh designs based on venerable gods and goddesses minted into 1 oz silver rounds.

Scylla Silver Round – In ancient Greece, the Scylla was a female creature with six-heads each with a mouthful of shark-like, razor sharp teeth. She walked on twelve feet and the heads of six baying dogs are said to extend from her loins.

Aphrodite Silver Round – The goddess of love, beauty, desire, and all aspects of sexuality was capable of seducing both gods and men gods and men with her incredible and whisper in the ear.

Bellerophon, Pegasus and the Chimera Silver Round – The Chimera was described by Homer as flying monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent or snake that could breath fire. Bellerophon was a hero of the ancient Greeks for capturing and taming the Pegasus and riding it in battle against the Chimera.

2023 Germania Silver Rounds

2023 1 oz germania silver round obverse

The Germania Silver Coin series is the namesake collector series from the Germania Mint.

The figure of Germania first appeared in Roman times, as noted on coins discovered from that era. During the Middle Ages, she arose in homages to the Holy Roman Empire.

Germania evolved during the 17th century into a patriotic nationalistic warrior throughout literature, poetry and artwork.

The artwork on obverse of these modern coins depicts Germania as a brave woman that is the guardian and protector of the nation.

For 2023, she is shown as a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair with a victory wreath of laurel on her head. Her dress is blowing in the wind. The Amazon holds in her left hand an imperial sword ( named Reichsschwert. She carries a medieval shield with the image of a two-headed eagle, which is also the featured of the reverse.

The weight, purity and year of minting are inscribed around the front.

The reverse features the Germania Mint coat of arms hallmark that features a two-headed eagle in the center.


  • Minted from .9999 fine silver (99.99% pure)
  • Rounds are packaged by the mint in a special lenticular protective plastic capsule that allows you to see the fine artistry with incredible detail.
  • Available in four different bullion weights:
    • 1 oz – 38.61mm diameter, 25,000 piece mintage
    • 2 oz – 50mm diameter, 2,500 piece mintage
    • 10 oz – 70mm diameter, 1000 piece mintage
    • 1 kilogram – 100mm diameter, extremely limited to just 100 pieces
  • Proof Finish rounds are available 1 troy ounce gold and silver.
  • Manufactured by the Germania Mint in Poland.

The 2023 Germania Silver Coin series is limited in minted quantities which leads to these highly collectible coins to sell out quickly.

FindBullionPrices.com tracks the online dealer prices for Germania silver coins to help find the lowest prices.

Two More Wall St Traders Sentenced In Precious Metals Price Manipulation


This week, the Department of Justice announced the sentences of two additional Wall St traders in a decades long price fixing scheme to manipulate the price of precious metals.

According to court documents, the defendants, Edward Bases, 61, of New Canaan, Connecticut, a former senior trader who worked at both Deutsche Bank and Bank of America in New York and the second trader, John Pacilio, 59, of New York, who worked as a senior trader at Bank of America and Morgan Stanley in New York, were both sentenced to one year plus one day in prison.

Both traders manipulated precious metals market prices up or down by placing large “spoof” orders in the precious metals futures markets that they never intended to fill. The convictions show that they intentionally manipulate prices for their own gain and for the banks’ gain.

The men defrauded other traders on both the Commodity Exchange Inc. (COMEX) and the New York Mercantile Exchange Inc. (NYMEX), both of which are operated by the CME Group Inc.

Both men were convicted at trial in August 2021 of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and multiple counts of wire fraud affecting a financial institution. Pacilio was also convicted of commodities fraud.

Each were sentenced to one year and one day in prison.

The fake orders that these traders performed intended to induce other traders to buy or sell at prices, quantities and times that they otherwise would not have traded by creating the false appearance of supply and demand. At times, the traders would place hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of orders that they had no intention of fulfilling.

These convictions stem from a broader, long-lasting investigation by the SEC and FBI into commodities market manipulation practices by Wall Street banks and brokerage trading firms.

1 oz Gold Bar at Spot Price


Interest in precious metals continues to spread far and wide as the turmoil in the economy begins to take hold. New investors often have a lot of uncertainty when first learning about precious metals and dealer premiums can raise questions for some.

Many new investors discovered precious metals through spot price deals that were once promoted by numerous dealers prior to the start of the pandemic. Those offers allowed precious metals buyers the chance to buy silver with no dealer markup.

Mining shutdowns, supply chain issue and strong investor demand for silver put an temporary end to those offers until recently.

SD Bullion was the first online bullion dealer to return with a silver at spot price deal earlier this year. New investors can buy one 5 oz silver bar at spot price.

JM Bullion has recently returned with a special offer for those interested in gold.

The Gold Starter Kit from JM Bullion is now available and offers new investors the opportunity to buy a 1 oz gold bar at spot price.

Gold is long considered one of the best investment options when looking for a long term store of value to be a hedge against inflation.

Owning physical gold and silver are one of the few asset options that has no counter-party risk.

Man Arrested Smuggling 7 kilos of Gold Inside Oxygen Generator


Customs officials in Delhi announced the discovery of seven kilos in gold bars stashed inside a medical oxygen generator.

The passenger is reportedly a medic from Kenya traveling with a family to India for cardiac surgery for their child.

The 7 gold kilo bars were stashed in the bag carrying the device providing oxygen support for the 4-month old infant he was accompanying.

A video posted by the Asian News International on Twitter shows customs agents demonstrating where they uncovered the stash of kilos.

In a separate incident, two people traveling from Singapore were arrested in Chennai after customs agents searched their luggage and found 6.8kg of undeclared gold.

Crossing most borders with precious metals is perfectly legal. However, if the value of the gold is over a certain amount it must be declared to customs with the proper forms. The threshold amount can vary but typically precious metals valued above $10,000 or equivalent local currency must be declared upon arrival.

A video posted to YouTube three years ago by @SWPCayman provides further details about traveling with precious metals.

Preparing for the Impending CBDC Crisis


Throughout the pandemic, the federal government’s ongoing dictation of seemingly bad policies was an intentional effort to upend the normal everyday lives of millions of people.

As has been pointed out, it is not a conspiracy theory to believe that the central bank intends to control the spending behavior of people using central bank programmable software tokens instead of currency.

The general manager of the banking cartel explicitly announced it to an audience of other central bank leaders during their annual meeting in 2020.

The Bank of International Settlements is an organization owned by its members, the Central Banks of 63 member countries, and acts as a self regulator.

The BIS is creator and establisher of the rules for banks to operate in the global ecosystem of international trade. They also have control over the SWIFT banking network, foreign currency exchange and other major parts of the global economy.

During the group’s annual meeting in 2020, the General Manager of the organization explained to the audience how CBDC will give the central bank absolute control over the rules, regulations and policies that will dictate how money is used down to the transaction level.

During the recorded videoconference he discusses how CDBC technology will be used to force changes in spending behavior amongst consumers and enforce consumer spending policies on behalf of the government.

Last year, Biden signed Executive Order 14067 in order to advance development of CBDCs to skirt push forward without Congressional approval. As usually, there has been a total lack of accountability or transparency.

So far, Federal Reserve and US Treasury have been working in relative secrecy, publishing only a small amount of vague and high-level papers and studies with several quietly announced project trials in conjunction with notable large global banks. Most of the press releases have come during times when other stories were the major focus of the mainstream media, such as the collapse of FTX.

At least one bill has been drafted by Congress in an attempt to prevent the Federal Reserve from weaponizing CBDC against US citizens. However, the rollout of central bank digital currencies is likely to happen soon if and when the Biden administration can attach it to a banking crisis like the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

More recent announcements show that the Fed and Biden Admin intend to roll out a CBDC even without the authority of Congress.

In a speech to the Atlantic Council, Treasury undersecretary for domestic finance told the attendees that a CBDC Working Group consisting of policy makers from a variety of agencies is developing an initial set of findings and recommendations to support the Biden administrations agenda.

Make no mistake, the central banks have made it crystal clear that they are coming for your money and will tell you how you can spend it. The move into CBDC in lieu of traditional currency is a political power grab with the goal of having further control of your life.

Nigeria’s Failed Experiment

Initially, the Nigerian government tried several soft approaches to encourage the adoption of CBDC. These included financial incentives such as offering discounts to taxi drivers and passengers to encourage use and adoption. All of which failed.

The government quickly turned to coercive measures once it became clear that the people weren’t interested.

The largest measures include the introduction of a new currency and devaluing the old currency along with adding restriction on cash withdrawals throughout the country. The plan included the issuance of new currency notes, but only enough to cover 85% of the current naira while promoting cashless transactions by limiting the use of cash for businesses.

Beyond banknote swap, the banking regulators placed policy restrictions limiting cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs to reduce the amount of cash in circulation. With limits of $225 on individuals and $1,110 on businesses to force CBDC adoption.

Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Emefiele said, “The destination, as far as I am concerned, is to achieve a 100% cashless economy in Nigeria.”

The central bank began devaluing in the months before the switch while removing old notes from circulation leaving millions of Nigerians with no money or food.

Nigerians have violently rejected the new digital currency and cash restrictions as protests and riots have broken out outside of banks and spread throughout the country.

The war on cash and some form of crisis will bring on the introduction of CBDCs.

Precious Metals Stacking for CBDC Insurance

Gold and silver are the oldest and most trusted form of money. With all of the uncertainty in the economy, gold is safe haven from fiat and digital currency tokens.

Investing some of your cash in buying physical gold and silver bullion can help keep you in control of your financial future.

Gold at Home is Insurance Against the Next Bank Failure


This week, customers of the failed bank woke up to find their money gone after SVB received accolades from mainstream media praising the bank as one of best.

Executives cashed out millions in recent weeks before SVG was taken over by regulators. Customers stood outside in long lines trying to get their money.

The failure began with a bank run withdrawal of $42 billion.

Gold is a proven hedge against inflation and a proven long term store of value. Having gold as part of your overall portfolio offers a defensive strategy strategy when there is a lot of uncertainty about other investments. In some cases, this now includes even holding cash in banks during high inflation period.

Yellen initially expressed “full confidence” in the government’s abilities to respond to the situation. While the White House released a statement affirming that it too is confident that regulators have the situation under control.

The latest moves have all the makings of a major bailout. The Fed’s new “emergency bank funding program” will make an unlimited amount of funds available to cover customer deposits.

Inflation continues to run hot and the Fed is likely to pause continuing rate hikes as trading has been halted by numerous banking stocks as the fallout from the SVB failure continue to spread.

Owning physical precious metals such as gold and silver is considered by financial experts as one of the best ways to safeguard some of your cash.

2023 Noah’s Ark Silver Coin from Armenia


This 2023 Armenia Noah’s Ark coin series is one that many collectors and investors adore for the biblical theme.

The reverse theme of the coin pays homage to the story of Noah and the Ark as described in the Book of Genesis, chapter 8. A peaceful dove is shown flying above the ark at the end of the rainstorm with the sun beginning to rise over Mt. Ararat in the background.

The image is surrounded by inscriptions around the design field that reads “NOAH’S ARK” in both Armenian and English.

On the flip side, the obverse features the Armenian Coat of Arms. It includes inscriptions for weight, purity, year of minting, and the denomination.

The outer rim is inscribed with the words “REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA”, again translated in both English and Armenian.

Each element in the design is crafted with masterful detail and precision with artisans applying different textures to bring the scene to life.

2023 Noah’s Ark Silver Coin Specifications

  • Minted in 1 kilo, 10 oz, 5 oz, 1 oz plus a wide variety of fractional ounce sizes.
  • Twelfth annual year of minting.
  • Limited annual mintage.
  • Minted with .999 fine Silver BU.
  • The obverse shows the Republic of Armenia Coat of Arms, with assay and minting inscriptions.
  • The reverse design portrays the story of Noah’s Ark from the Old Testament of the Bible.
  • Legal Tender coins backed by the Republic of Armenia.

Mount Ararat is a dormant snow capped volcano in modern day Turkey along the border of Armenia. In the old testament Bible, Mt Ararat is described as the final resting place for the Ark that survived the great flood and holds a significant amount of cultural significance to both nations.

These bullion coins are minted by Geiger Edelmetalle on behalf of the Republic of Armenia. Geiger is one of the world’s oldest private mints.

The mint was founded in the 12th century in Germany and has been involved in the precious metals trade for centuries. The Geiger Edelmetalle mint is a member of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as a Good Delivery provider.