Should I buy 1 gram gold bars?

Many investors that are beginning to diversify their portfolio often wonder what they should buy. Even with a high premium relative to the gold spot price it might make sense to buy 1 gram gold bars.

One gram size gold bars are one of the most common ways beginning investors buy gold bars. They are relatively inexpensive and you can purchase them from virtually any online bullion dealer, eBay or your local coin shop. Most one gram gold bars comes sealed in a manufacturers assay card which displays the weight, the purity, the mint and other particulars about the gold bar.

One major advantage of one gram gold bars is that they are very easy liquidate if the need arises.

One Gram Gold Bars Premium

One gram gold bars carry a high premium relative to buying larger 1 oz gold bars. While the premium when you buy can be as high as 20%, there are places to liquidate if you need to where you can recapture some, if not all of the premium.

Most 1 gram gold bars that you buy will come sealed in an assay card from the manufacturer. The assay card will contain detailed information that describes the bar inside the package.

Assay cards for 1 gram bars will show the manufacturer, the purity of the gold bar, the weight of the gold bar and other details. It’s important to keep the bar in the sealed assay card if you wish to retain the premium if you need to liquidate. Having the gold bar in the sealed assay card will give the buyer more confidence that the bar inside is genuine.

What size is a 1 gram gold bar?

1 Gram Gold Bar Size & Product Details

      • Purity: .999 fine gold minimum (24 karat).
      • Gold Weight: 1 gram, or 0.0322 troy ounces.
      • Approximate dimensions of the package:
        • Width: 2-1/8 inches
        • Length of the package: 3-3/8 inches
        • Thickness of the package: 3/16 of an inch.
    • Assay pack with enhanced security traits.

eBay Bucks up to 13% Bonus 6/11 – 6/13 | eBay Bucks Silver & Gold Deals
fractional gold coins | 20 Franc Gold Rooster

eBay announced a new Bucks promotion that began today. With this promotion you can earn up to 13% eBay Bucks rewards on qualified purchases made through the Mobile App. For purchases made through the website you can earn up to 8% eBay Bucks rewards. Using either method there is a minimum $25 purchase.

In most cases, buyers cannot earn eBay Bucks on bullion purchases. However, in some cases it’s possible to earn eBay Bucks when you buy silver & gold bullion on eBay.

Vintage Gold Coins

Some bullion items, such as vintage gold coins like 20 Francs, British Sovereigns and Pre-1933 US Gold Coins, are also classified as collectible coins. As a collectible coin they are eligible for earning eBay Bucks and in many cases bonus rewards as well.

Many precious metals investors flock to vintage gold coins for their bullion value. Millions of vintage gold coins were minted during the 19th and early 20th centuries throughout Europe and the United States. While it’s true that some gold coins are prized for their numismatic value and carry a significant premium. Many of them you can buy just for their bullion price very close to or under their melt value.

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Pre-1965 Junk Silver

Also, circulated US coinage minted in 1964 or earlier, most often referred to as “Junk” Silver, is also often categories as collectible coins. Sellers often list junk silver in several different Coin or Collectible categories making them eligible to earn eBay Bucks.

Each $1 Face Value of pre-1965 quarters and dimes contains roughly .715 troy ounces of silver. Investors and silver stackers stock up on junk silver when they can find it on sale near silver spot price.

With eBay Bucks there are deals where you can buy rolls of $10 Face Value quarters and dimes that net below silver spot price.

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Silver Bullion

Most of the trusted and reputable online bullion dealers also have eBay Stores where they sell bullion. The prices that sellers list items for sale on on eBay are often comparable to the Credit Card/PayPal price on their own website.

As a bonus to customers, some dealers will list bullion items for sale in alternative categories. Being listed in alternate categories besides Bullion allows them to be eligible for eBay Bucks and Bonus Rewards.

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What is the best place to buy American Silver Eagles online?
best place to buy American Silver Eagles online

For those who are just starting to buy precious metals Silver Eagle coins that are issued by the US Mint are among the safest ways to buy silver. American Silver Eagle coins are a great investment for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio into precious metals. If you have an interest in investing in precious metals you are probably wondering where the best place is to buy American Silver Eagles online.

Can you buy silver eagles from the US Mint?

The US Mint does sell American Silver Eagle Proof and Special Edition coins to the public through their website. However, they do not sell American Silver Eagle bullion coins direct to the public.

The US Mint only sells Silver Eagle bullion coins to a short list of “Authorized Purchasers”, which act as wholesale distributors to online bullion dealers and local coin shops. The process to become an Authorized Purchaser for the US Mint is an arduous one involving a lot of specific requirements that very few companies can meet. Even Authorized Purchaser must pay a premium for Silver Eagles from the Mint.

Even if you’re a collector looking to buy American Silver Eagle Proof or Special Edition coins you can usually find those coins for sale from online bullion dealers for less than you’d pay buying directly from the US Mint.

Are American Silver Eagles legal tender?

Yes. American Silver Eagle coins are legal tender with a face value of $1 US Dollar. The face value of silver eagle coins is backed by the US Government, as is the purity and quality of the coins.

As a result, Silver Eagle coins are one of the most popular precious metals investments in part because of their worldwide recognition.

How and Where to Buy Silver Eagles online

You can buy American Silver Eagle coins from virtually every online bullion dealer or local coin shop. There are several advantages to buy American Silver Eagles online.

The prices of silver eagles vary from dealer to dealer. This is because the dealer needs to recoup their own overhead, operating costs and profit margins. The amount each dealer charges above the silver spot price is called the dealer premium.

For American Silver Eagles, the US Mint charges Authorized Purchasers a premium over the current silver spot price. The premium charged on the wholesale level is around $2.00 per coin. As a result, the break-even cost for distributors is the spot price of silver plus $2.00. Online bullion dealers will pay a premium over this cost because the distributor needs to make a profit. tracks the best silver eagle prices across trusted and reputable online bullion dealers. You want to find the best price when you are want to buy American Silver Eagle coins.

What is the best price for American Silver Eagles online?

The best price you are going to find when you buy American Silver Eagle coins online will be the current spot price of silver, plus the premium and profit the wholesale distributors and dealers need.

It is not uncommon to see current year American Silver Eagle for sale online for $3.00 premium over spot price. However, dealers often have sales where you can buy Uncirculated Silver Eagle for as low of $2.25 over spot price. You can subscribe to our deal newsletters to receive sale notifications.

You can find Cheap Silver Eagles for sale for less than the prevailing rates of current year coins. To get the best price for Silver Eagles you need to look into buying Random Year Silver Eagles and Circulated, Tarnished or Cull Condition Silver Eagles.

Silver Eagle Monster Box

Investors looking to get the best price for American Silver Eagles online will want to buy a Monster Box.

A Silver Eagle Monster Box contains 500 coins and weighs 500 troy ounces. Inside each Monster Box, there are 25 tubes of coins. Each of the tubes contain 20 coins each.

You will pay the lowest price per coin when you buy a Silver Eagle Monster Box because you are buying in bulk.



What is OneGold?

OneGold is a partnership between two of the world’s most notable precious metals businesses, APMEX and Sprott.

OneGold is a new company that is trying to make precious metals ownership easy, convenient and secure by offering new ways of investing in physical precious metals.

OneGold allows for incremental purchases of gold and silver bullion with a wide variety of payment options. The gold and silver bullion is stored in vaults that are managed by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Redemption of physical metals purchased through OneGold is done with APMEX.

10% return on your investment

With the current enrollment promotion, OneGold is offering a 10% return on your initial investment. When you Sign up for OneGold you will receive a $5 credit applied to your account. After funding your account with $100 you will receive an additional $5 credit.

Enroll in a OneGold account today and fund your account with $100 to receive an immediate 10% return.

What is a Silver Monster Box?
best place to buy American Silver Eagles online

Monster Box is a plastic container used to simplify the storage and security of bullion coins. Monster boxes are used by the US Mint, the Canadian Mint, the Austrian Mint, the Perth Mint and private mints to hold large orders of their minted coins, rounds and bars.

The coins are divided into ‘rolls’ or ‘stacks’ of coins with each roll neatly encased in a plastic tube.

The tubes are arranged in the monster box casing and typically make up a total of 500 coins, with the rolls stacked vertically side-by-side next to each other to form a symmetric layout of rows. For some coin releases, a smaller monster box containing 250 coins is used.

The lid of the box features a raised seal with the logo of the mint issuing the coins, and an untampered-with box is sealed with tape, also bearing official information from the issuing mint.

Investors looking for the lowest dealer premiums that buy silver in bulk will seek out a Monster Box. When you buy a monster box of silver you will often get the best price.

Buy Fractional Gold – Alternatives to 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles
fractional gold coins | 20 Franc Gold Rooster

Fractional gold coins are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to buy gold coins. However, fractional gold coin premiums can be extremely high relative to their full troy ounce counterparts.

When considering an investment in gold coins it is important to consider the premiums that you will pay over the gold spot price. For many investors it is more reasonable and affordable to purchase fractional gold coins more often rather than saving up to purchase larger gold coins.

The 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle coin is an excellent investment choice. However, dealer premiums on the 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle can often exceed 10-15%, sometimes even higher. Comparing premiums with the 1 oz Gold Eagle which you can often find with a much lower premium of 1% to 2% over gold spot price.

Fractional gold coins have been circulated as currency for hundreds of years. As a result there are many different vintage fractional gold coins available that carry a lower premium than their modern equivalents.

Latin Monetary Union Gold Coins

The Latin Monetary Union (LMU) was an early attempt at unifying Europe under a single currency standard during the early 19th century. LMU coins were developed around the French Franc standard under Napoleon I beginning around 1803. The most common gold coin of the time was the 20 Francs Gold Coin.

20 Francs Gold Coins

The 20 Francs Gold Coin is one of the most popular fractional gold bullion coins that you can buy at a low premium.

Each 20 Francs Gold Coin contains 6.45161 grams of .900 fine gold struck on a 21mm planchet. The 20 Francs Gold coin contains .1867 troy ounces of gold. The diameter of the coin is similar to that of a US Nickel coin.

The most common 20 Francs Gold coins were minted in France during the 19th century. They come with a variety of designs that feature portraits of various rulers of France. Popular designs of French 20 Francs Coins include Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, Napoleon III, “Lucky Angel” and the Rooster.

Throughout the time of the Latin Monetary Union (LMU), 20 Francs gold coins were minted and circulated in a number of different countries throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Other common variations of the 20 Francs Gold Coin include the Swiss Helvetia/Vreneli 20 Francs from Switzerland, 20 Lire Gold Coins from Italy, Belgian 20 Francs and many others.

10 Francs Coins

The 10 Francs Gold Coin contains half the amount of gold as the 20 Franc, 3.2258 grams of .900 fine gold. The 10 Francs Gold Coin contains .0933 troy ounces of gold, which is slightly less than 1/10th troy ounce.

When looking for vintage counterparts to modern American gold bullion, the 10 Francs Gold coin is comparable to the 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle.

The premiums on 10 Francs Gold Coins are typically around 12% over the melt value.

5 Francs Gold Coins

The smallest of the LMU Franc Gold Standard coins is the 5 Francs Gold coin. Each 5 Francs Gold coin contains 0.04714 troy ounce or 1.6290 grams of gold produced on a  16.7 mm planchet.

Less Common Gold Francs Coins

There are larger denominations of the gold Franc standard available, including both the 40 Francs Gold Coin and the 100 Francs Gold Coin. However, those larger denomination gold coins have become less common and can demand a higher premium due to their collectability and numismatic value.

European Fractional Gold Coins

1 Ducat Coins

The Gold Ducat was used as a trade coin in various parts of Europe during the late middle ages into the early 20th Century. Gold Ducat coins were minted using .986 fine gold, which is particularly high for a circulating gold coin.

Popular versions of the Gold Ducat were produced in Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands. Each 1 Ducat Gold Coin contains .1106 troy ounce of gold, slightly more than 1/10th oz.

Premiums on 1 Ducat Gold Coins are generally around 5% over their melt value. Their high gold purity and low premium makes them one of the most affordable fractional gold coins for investors.

4 Ducat Gold Coin

Based on the Ducat Gold Standard, the 4 Ducat Gold Coins contains four times the amount of gold as the 1 Ducat. Like the 1 Ducat, the 4 Ducat Gold coin is also minted from .985 fine gold and contains 0.4430 troy ounce of gold.

Fractional Gold Coins from Great Britain

Great Britain has a history of minting many beautiful gold coins. One of the most popular British Gold Coins from England is the Gold Sovereign.

Great Britain Gold Sovereign

Great Britain began minting the Gold Sovereign in 1817. Each gold sovereign coin contains .2354 troy ounces of gold. The Gold Sovereign is one of the most popular vintage gold bullion coins for investors and stackers.

Millions of Gold Sovereign coins have been minted since the inception of the series. You can often buy Gold Sovereigns for as little as 3% to 4% over the melt value.

Great Britain Half Sovereign and Quarter Sovereign

Other variations of the Sovereign standard include the half sovereign and quarter sovereign. These denominations are less popular among investors and can carry premiums much higher than the Full Gold Sovereign.

Gold Peso Coins from Mexico

Mexican Gold Peso coins are some of the most beautiful vintage gold coins in the world. While Gold prices fluctuate, the popularity of the Mexican Gold Peso coins only increases with investors due to the gold peso’s outstanding gold bullion value.

Gold Peso coins from Mexico appeal to investors and collectors alike for their high Gold bullion content and rich Mexican history.

Minted at the Mexican Mint in Mexico City, the Mexican Gold Peso is minted with 90% fine Gold and 10% copper. The addition of copper during the minting process gives the Gold Peso coins a hardness that pure gold alone cannot provide. With the presence of copper, the Mexican Gold Peso coins have been able to withstand the wear of circulation.

Six different denominations of the Gold Peso were minted to commemorate the centennial of Mexico’s hard won independence from Spanish colonial rule.

2 Peso Gold Coin

The 2 Peso Gold coin (dos Pesos) is the smallest denomination of the gold peso. Each Dos Pesos contain .0482 troy ounces or roughly 1.50 grams of gold.

The 2 Peso Gold Coin is a popular choice with investors looking to start to buy gold coins because the coins are one of the most affordable.

2.5 Peso Gold Coin

The Mexican 2.5 Peso Gold Coins were produced from from 1918-1948. Most of the coins on the market that are sold as 1945 2.5 Peso Gold Coins are restrikes that were produced between 1951-1972 and again in 1996.

Each 2.5 Peso Gold Coin contains .0603 troy ounces, roughly 2.0833 grams of gold bullion.

5 Peso Gold Coin

The Mexican 5 Peso Gold Coin contains .1205 troy ounces, roughly 3.75 grams of gold bullion. The premiums on fractional gold like the Gold 5 Peso Coin are often much lower than similar coins. Having a lower premium makes them an attractive investment for bullion investors.

10 Peso Gold Coin

The Mexican 10 Peso Gold Coin contains .2411 troy ounces, roughly 7.49 grams of gold bullion. The premiums on fractional gold like the Gold 10 peso Coin are comparable to other similar weight gold fractional coins..

20 Peso Gold Coin

The Mexican 20 Peso Gold Coin contain  .4823 troy ounces, roughly 15 grams of gold.

Many investors consider thedesign of the Gold Mexican 20 Pesos, or “Veinte Pesos”,  to be one of the most beautiful fractional gold bullion coins available. Their popularity with investors and stackers is due to their outstanding beauty and bullion value. As a fractional gold coin, 20 Pesos are an affordable way to enter into the gold market.

50 Peso Gold Coin

The 50 Peso Gold Coin was minted by the Banco de Mexico between 1921 and 1947. It is also commonly referred to as the Centenario Peso.  Each 50 Pesos Gold Coin contains approximately 1.2 troy ounces of pure gold. It was first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.

Silver Round Storage Tubes
Silver Round Storage Tubes

One of the most frequently asked question for new precious metals investors, coin collectors and silver stackers is:

What is the best way to store my silver rounds?

The simple answer is to use plastic storage tubes that are specifically made for holding silver rounds and silver coins. Several manufacturers produce popular plastic silver round storage tubes in specific dimensions. The design of the storage tubes makes it easy to protect your investment in silver rounds and make them easier to organize and stack.

What size are Silver Rounds?

Which size silver round storage tubes you need will depend on the weight and dimensions of the silver rounds you have. Most silver rounds come in standard weights, such as 1/2 troy ounce, 1 troy ounce, 2 troy ounces and 5 troy ounces.

The actual diameter and thickness of each size rounds will vary slightly by manufacturer and mint. One ounce silver rounds are between 35 mm to 40 mm in diameter, with a thickness of between 3 mm and 4 mm. Most modern silver bullion rounds are around 38 mm – 39 mm in diameter.

Silver Rounds that weight 1/2 troy ounce will have a diameter of 32.6 mm and roughly 2.25 mm thick.

With these dimensions in mind, there are several manufacturers that make silver round storage tubes that fit these dimensions.

CoinSafe Medallion Storage Tubes

Silver Round Storage Tubes

CoinSafe Medallion Tubes are one of the most popular silver round storage tubes available. Each tube holds twenty 1 oz silver rounds. The storage tubes have a square shape so you can stack them on top of each other. You can store multiple tubes densely for a nice compact storage solution for your silver rounds.

CoinSafe Medallion Tubes can be purchased individually from Amazon or on eBay or can be purchased more economically in lots of 5, 10 or 20 tubes.

CoinSafe American Silver Eagle Storage Tubes

American Silver Eagle coins have a slightly larger diameter than their silver round counterpart. Silver Eagle 1 oz coins are 40.6mm in diameter and will be too large for a CoinSafe Medallion Tube.

CoinSafe manufacturers a similar square tube that is slightly larger. The design of the Silver Eagle Size Tube allows for the storage of 20 American Silver Eagle 1 oz coins in a single tube. You can buy Silver Eagle Size CoinSafe storage tubes from Amazon or eBay at a very low price.



Common Gold Bars Sizes and Weights for New Investors
2.5 gram gold bar from PAMP Suisse

Learn why gold bars are a great place to start for beginning investors

Gold has been one of the most popular ways of accumulating and building wealth for thousands of years. For investors, gold bars are one of the most economical and convenient forms for those who want to diversify their investments into precious metals as a way of preserving wealth.

There are many types and sizes of gold bars available. Various sizes of Gold bars are available that are intended to suit the needs of individuals with different budgets.

Gold bars are typically priced lower per ounce than gold coins which makes them a very attractive investment.

Gold Bars By Weight

Each size gold bar has it’s benefits and trade-offs when considering them for investments. Gold bars come in a variety of weights and sizes. Typically, there are two weight classes of gold bars, those that come in sizes measured in grams and those measured in troy ounces.

Gram size gold bars are generally the least expensive and easiest to store but carry a higher premium over gold spot price when factored on a per troy ounce basis.

Troy Ounce size gold bars have a lower premium per ounce but require a larger cash outlay at the time of purchase.

1 Gram Gold Bar

One gram size gold bars are one of the most common ways beginning investors buy gold bars. They are inexpensive and can you can buy them from virtually any online bullion dealer or your local coin shop. Most one gram gold bars comes sealed in a manufacturers assay card which displays the weight, the purity, the mint and other particulars about the gold bar.

One major advantage of one gram gold bars is that they are easily liquidated if the need arises.

2.5 Gram Gold Bar

Buying 2.5 gram gold bars provide investors a hedge against inflation like larger bars, but at a lower point per bar. 2.5 gram gold bars that are made of .9999 fine gold are still very affordable but have a lower premium than their 1 gram counterparts.

5 Gram Gold Bar

Five gram gold bars make a great investment. At this weight the premium per gram over spot price because more reasonable for beginning investors. At current gold spot prices, 5 gram gold bars can often be purchased for a couple hundred to a few hundred dollars. It’s a small price to pay to have peace of mind and security for the future.

10 Gram Gold Bar

At just under 1/3 of a troy ounce, the 10 gram gold bar provides a nice entry point for a gold investor. At this weight one can feel the weight of this bar, allowing you to grow and diversify your portfolio with an affordable investment option.

20 Gram Gold Bar

The 20 gram gold bar is another popular option for those who want to purchase less than an ounce of gold at a time.  It weighs .64 troy ounces.  It is a convenient investment for those who are accumulating gold on regular basis.

For individuals who wish to purchase gram bars in larger sizes, options are available in 50 gram and 100 gram bars at a higher price point but often with lower premiums.

Troy Ounce Gold Bars – Advantages and Sizes

Long-term investors stack one ounce gold bars or larger. They are a popular size for investors due to their low premium over gold spot price.

One troy ounce gold bars are produced by many private mints as well as some government mints. Each one troy ounce gold bar will contain purity levels ranging from .999 to .9999 gold, depending on the mint.

1 Troy Ounce Gold Bar

One ounce gold bars come from their respective mints sealed in an assay card that will show the purity, weight and other minting details. Each one ounce gold bar will also have this information engraved or stamped on it’s surface. Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy secondary market one ounce gold bars from online bullion dealers. Secondary market gold bars may not come sealed in an assay card from the mint but will be tested for purity by the dealers before selling.

10 Troy Ounce Gold Bar

Serious gold investors will look to stack 10 ounce gold bars as close to spot price as possible. 10 ounce gold bars feel much heavier compared to their size due to the density of the gold.

Gold Bars by Mint

Gold bars are minted by both reputable private and sovereign mints. Popular private mints for gold bars of all sizes include Sunshine Minting, Istanbul Gold Refinery, RMC and PAMP Suisse. Some sovereign government mints that produce gold bars include the Perth Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint.

Gold Bar Premiums

Premiums on gold bars will vary from dealer to dealer and will largely depend on the size of the bar. Smaller, gram size gold bars will carry a higher premium relative to the gold spot price. Larger gold bars, those that contain one troy ounce or more, are often available very close to gold spot price. There are also opportunities available to buy one ounce gold bars at spot price.

On 1 gram gold bars the premium could be as high as 20% over the value of the gold bar. For gold bars that weigh one troy ounce the premium can be below 1%.

Where Can I Buy Gold Bars in All Sizes?

Gold bars of all sizes and weights are available from virtually all online bullion dealers, local coin shops and pawn shops. tracks prices of gold bars from many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers. We will help you find the best price on gold bars when you’re ready to purchase.

Storing Wealth in 24k Gold Jewelry
24k gold jewelry - 1 troy ounce bracelet

Gold has been used as currency and a store of wealth for thousands of years. Some choose to invest in gold coins and bars while others have begun storing wealth in 24k gold jewelry.

The old saying “If you don’t hold you, you don’t own it” certainly applies to precious metals and wealth. Accumulating precious metals is an excellent store of wealth that can assure financial stability.

However, gold coins and bars can be subject to certain restrictions as a monetary instrument while traveling or moving internationally. Customs and border agents receiving training in identifying gold coins and bars as a way of concealing wealth. Typically, gold jewelry can be worn or packed in a carry-on bag and goes largely unnoticed.

Common gold jewelry is often an alloy of gold and other metals with a high retail markup that makes it ineffective as a store of wealth. However, there is a growing trend with 24k gold jewelry that you can buy with a relatively low premium. Because it’s pure gold, 24 karat gold jewelry holds it’s value relative to gold spot price.

Difference Between 24K (Pure Gold) and 18/14K Gold

24k gold jewelry

Karat gold is measured in karats. Pure gold consists of 24 karat. This means that all 24 out of 24 parts of the metal are pure gold (99.9% pure gold). There is no higher form of gold than 24 K that can be called pure gold. Without traces of any other metals, pure gold will not tarnish or decay, keeping its luster forever. Therefore, 24K gold can be called “Eternal Gold”.

18 K gold is 75 percent gold mixed or alloyed with other metals such as silver or copper. 14K gold contains 58% gold alloyed with 42% silver or copper. 10K gold is 42% gold mixed with 58% of other metals.

24k Gold Jewelry is Wearable Wealth

Using 24k gold jewelry as a store of wealth has benefits over traditional precious metals investments such as coins and bars.

During in the Great Depression, on April 5, 1933, then President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which made it illegal for citizens of the United States to hoard gold coins, gold bullion and gold certificates.

The rationale behind the Executive Order was that by hoarding precious metals people were stalling economic growth and making the depression worse. Ownership of gold coins and bars continued until the order was repealed in 1974.

While it’s unlikely to occur again, the thought of possible gold confiscation by the Federal government has historical basis and could happen again during trying economic times.

Some items, such as numismatic coins and jewelry, were exempted from the ban on gold ownership.

Traveling with 24k Gold Jewelry

To travel with more than $10,000 in cash you must legally declare it ahead of time. If properly declared, it is not illegal to carry large amounts of cash when traveling. However, carrying large amounts of cash does open you up to unnecessary scrutiny by customs and TSA officials who may become suspicious which could lead to seizure.

Wearable wealth in the form of 24k gold jewelry is relatively easy to conceal while traveling. Numerous options exist, such as fashionable bracelets that contain 1 troy ounce of pure gold. These 24 karat gold bracelets can be bought for a small premium over the gold spot price. The premium is similar to those on government issued bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle or Canadian Gold Maple Leaf which makes them an excellent investment alternative to traditional coins.

Besides gold bracelets, many online bullion dealers have begun to carry 24k gold necklaces, rings and other items that can go unnoticed while traveling. Some online bullion dealers also carry accessory items, such as buttons that can easily be sewn onto shirts or scarf rings that are simple to wear.

Storing wealth in 24k gold jewelry will make traveling and transporting some of your assets simpler and easier, and it can always be accessed in times of need.

And since it’s gold, it can also be an insurance policy while you’re traveling in the event you need money. It can be sold much more easily and at a better price than costume jewelry.


Can I buy Libertad coins at spot price?
Mexican Silver Libertad

The Mexican Libertad coin is one of the most beautifully designed bullion coins being minted by a sovereign government today. The Mexican Libertad is produced annually with limited mintages which increases demand amongst investors and collectors. It is very rare that you would be able to buy Mexican Libertad coins at spot price.

The Mexican Silver Libertad coin features a beautiful sculpted design of the Winged Victory statue, a national symbol of Mexico celebrating the Mexican Independence from Spain. The background on the obverse displays a landscape with the volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl, along with the weight, date, and purity.

The reverse of the Mexican Silver Libertad coin features the coat of arms of Mexico surrounded by historical Mexican coats of arms.

Annual mintage numbers of Mexican Libertad coins aren’t released by the Banco de Mexico until a year or two after the coin ceases production. The 1 oz Silver Libertad is the most common denomination with annual mintages of a million coins or less. The Fractional Silver Libertad and Gold Libertad coins typically have mintages far less, sometimes less than 10,000 coins per year.