SD Bullion offers discount shipping for active military and veterans

SD Bullion offer current Military as well as veterans a discount on shipping on orders of $100 or more. If you would like to participate in this program, please email them at with a copy of your Military ID (or other validating document) and they will make the proper update to your account.

Once your account is updated, you will be offered a flat rate shipping and insurance rate of only $3.99 at checkout. This will apply to any orders of $100 or more.

This shipping option will automatically be available at checkout.

Silver Eagles vs Silver Maple Leafs

buy silver

Many silver stackers and investors choose to buy silver eagles or silver maple leafs because they are both sovereign government bullion.

Both silver eagles and silver maple leafs are widely recognized government bullion.

American Silver Eagle Coins

  • Minted by the US Mint since 1986
  • Official silver bullion coin of the United States
  • Guaranteed and backed for it’s purity and weight
  • Minted of .999 fine silver
  • Weighs 1 troy ounce
  • Legal Tender Face Value of $1 USD

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

  • Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988
  • Official silver bullion coin of Canada
  • Minted of .9999 fine silver
  • Weighs 1 troy ounce
  • Legal Tender Face Value of $5 CAD

A good time to buy 2018 Silver Eagles

2018 American 1 oz Silver Eagle

With the silver spot price at a steady low price it is one of the best times to buy silver eagle coins. Dealer premiums on 2018 Silver Eagle coins have also been at all time lows.

Premiums when you buy silver rounds can be found from many online bullion dealers for pennies over spot price. Some precious metals investors, especially those that are new to buying silver, may see the higher premium on Silver Eagles and be confused about the price.

The US Mint charges wholesalers and dealers a $2.00 premium on each newly minted Silver Eagle bullion coin. This automatically raises the price of silver eagles over generic bullion. There is continuous demand for Silver Eagles.

The American Silver Eagle is one of the most widely recognized investment grade bullion products worldwide. Because of it’s popularity silver eagles are easy coins to liquidate from your investment portfolio when you decide it is time to sell. There are situation based on market conditions where it is possible to recapture much of the premium.

Where to buy 2018 Silver Eagle Coins online

There are many trusted and reputable bullion dealers where you can buy silver eagle coins online. The three main things to look at when you buy silver eagles online is the dealer premium over spot price, any additional shipping charges and whether the dealer charges a fee based on payment method.

Online bullion dealers will often be the best place to buy silver eagle coins. When you buy silver eagles online it is important to factor in all of the costs when choosing from which dealer to order. Just because one dealer may advertise the lowest price per coin does not mean it will be the best deal.

Dealer Premium on 2018 Silver Eagle coins

The dealer premium should include the amount that the US Mint charges in addition to the dealer markup. The dealer markup is there to cover the dealer’s operating costs and profit margin.

Some dealer’s will advertise an “all-in” or “out-the-door” price that includes all fees, markups and shipping charges. While others may advertise their lowest base price per silver coin and then add additional fees and markups once you start the checkout process.

2018 American Silver Eagle shipping charges

There are some online bullion dealers that offer free shipping on orders that are over a specific dollar amount. The cost of shipping from these dealers will almost certainly be included in the dealer markup which can add to the confusion about pricing.

Shipping and handling charges will vary from dealer to dealer. For example, SD Bullion advertises the lowest priced 2018 Silver Eagles online with their premium, including the markup from the US Mint at around $2.59 per coin in quantities under 20 coins over silver spot price. If you buy a mint tube of 20 coins the premium is reduced by 5 cents per coin to $2.54.

Paying for 2018 Silver Eagles with a credit card or cash

The lowest advertised price that dealer’s show on their website is often the price per coin if paying with cash, check or bank wire. Other payment methods such as credit card or bitcoin will carry an additional fee.

The payment method fee that each dealer charges will vary. For credit card purchases, most online bullion dealers charge at least a 4% fee. The fee is intended to cover the cost required to accept credit card payments online. While this is a common charge when you buy silver bullion online, some dealers don’t always make the additional fee transparent.

The All-In costs to buy 2018 Silver Eagles online

When factoring in that the US Mint charges a $2.00 per coin premium to dealers, it would seem that SD Bullion is selling 2018 Silver Eagles for just 54 cents over cost.

However, SD Bullion also charges a shipping fee of $7.77 on orders less than $2,500 plus a 4.2% surcharge if paying with a credit card instead of sending a check or sending a wire transfer.

So if the spot price of silver is trading around $16.50 per ounce, the base price to buy a tube of 20 2018 Silver Eagles from SD Bullion would be $380.80. The 4.2% credit card surcharge adds an additional $16 to the order, plus $7.77 shipping. The $23.77 of additional charges brings the ‘out-the-door’ or ‘all-in’ price to $404.57, which is $20.23 per coin. That’s $1.73 premium per coin over cost compared to the advertised 54 cents per coin over spot shown on their website!

Online bullion dealer pricing can be very misleading.

Comparing 2018 American Silver Eagle Prices

When you compare 2018 Silver Eagle Prices from online bullion dealers it is important to look at the total cost, including shipping charges and other fees. Just because a dealer advertises the lowest price on 2018 Silver Eagles does not mean that the price you pay will be the best price available.

Using a site like helps find the best prices on 2018 Silver Eagles by pulling prices from over 30 reputable and trusted online bullion dealers. Our site shows the price the dealer would charge if you were intending to buy a single coin at their cash or wire transfer price.

Before you choose the online bullion dealer to buy Silver Eagles it is important to consider all of the additional charges and fees that may be associated with your investment.

These additional charges will increase the cost per coin and will increase the overall price per ounce that you have invested in silver. This may or may not be a factor when dollar cost averaging your precious metals investment.

Coinweek Weekly Giveaway – Silver Denarius of Trajan

Silver Denarius of Trajan (AD 98-117) Roman Empire - The Colosseum Hoard NGC VF

This week’s CoinWeek Silver Coin weekly giveaway is a Silver Denarius of Trajan (AD 98-117) Roman Empire. This coin is certified authentic by NGC and was discovered as part of the famed “Colosseum Hoard” in which over 2,000 silver denari were discovered together.

Trajan was a Roman Emperor that reigned from 98-117 AD. As Emperor, Trajan led the largest military expansion of the Roman Empire. He expanded the territory controlled by the Roman Empire to it’s largest size prior to his death.

He is also remembered for his philanthropy and for implementing social welfare policies. This, along with other public works initiatives helped earn him the reputation as the second of the Five Good Emperors who presided over an era of peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean world.

Throughout much of the Roman Empire and it’s duration, 1 denari was the equivalent of a full day’s wages for unskilled labor and Roman soldiers.

Enter the Coinweek Weekly giveaway by visiting our Silver at Spot Price deals page.

Silver Denarius of Trajan (AD 98-117) Roman Empire – The Colosseum Hoard NGC VF

Finding Counterfeit Bullion Listings on eBay

There are lot of great deals on silver and gold bullion on eBay. Almost all of the major online bullion dealers have eBay Stores. They frequently will run specials on items on eBay to move inventory. Especially when they are running an eBay Bucks bonus promotion.

However, there are a lot of fake or counterfeit bullion being advertised and sold on eBay. Sometimes the listings look legit. If you fall victim to it and you verify what you bought was fake eBay or Paypal will get your money back. But that can take weeks and will most likely leave you with a sour taste in your mouth from buying from eBay in the future.

There are times when a seller might be selling an item and they aren’t familiar enough with bullion to know what price would be expected. It’s rare, but it has happened.  I’ve gotten some genuine Silver Eagles for under spot before because of this. The odds are much greater that something isn’t right.

There are some things to look for that stand out as red flags. These are the things that I look for when I see something with a price that’s too good to be true.

The seller’s location

If the items are going to ship from China then avoid the auction all together. 99.99% of bullion items that ship from China are fake. Sometimes the fakes are so good they pass some verification tests.

The seller’s other items

Does the seller have other items listed for sale? If so are they also bullion items below spot price? If they only have one or two bullion items below spot price there is a good chance they are fake.

However, if they have non-bullion items for sale, such as items you’d find in a pawn shop or from an estate sale? If so, they might not know exactly what they are selling. Though you should still proceed with caution.

The seller’s activity

Does the seller have a lot of recent activity? Is their recent feedback as a buyer or as a seller?

If most of their feedback history is as a buyer and they’ve never sold anything before, then there’s a pretty good chance that their account was hacked and someone has used their account for fake bullion listings.

If they have feedback as a seller, is it recent?  I’ve seen some auction where the seller had a great selling history, but had never sold bullion items before. Their feedback activity as a seller was also more than a year old. Stale accounts like this are prime to be hacked and used for selling fake bullion.

Trust your instincts

Ultimately though, you need to trust your instincts. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you find a listing that shows a ‘Buy It Now’ price on something that is significantly below spot price it is more than likely counterfeit. Experienced sellers don’t make major mistakes on the price of items.

Why buy silver?

buy silver

Silver is an asset. Silver has been used as a form of currency for thousands of years. Silver represents wealth. Why you should buy silver as part of your savings plan.

Buy Silver as an Investment

There are many better options to invest in besides silver. As an investment silver does not provide the rate of return that traditional investments in stocks, bonds and other securities can provide. When looking at the overall rate of return silver makes for a horrible investment.

Silver and other precious metals have always been a way to hedge against inflation. Historically, the value of silver and it’s purchasing power has remained roughly the same for decades.

Silver’s Purchasing Power

Silver has maintained it’s purchasing power over time in pace with inflation. The amount of goods or services that you can buy with one troy ounce of silver has stayed relatively the same throughout time. This has even held true over the last 100 years or so.

As an example, in 1964 one troy ounce of silver was worth around $1.29. The price of 1 gallon of regular gas was around 30 cents per gallon. That one troy ounce of silver could purchase roughly 4.3 gallons of gas.

In 2018, the price of silver has been hovering around $16.50 per troy ounce. The price of a 1 gallon of regular gas has been around $3.00 per gallon. Using the same methodology, one troy ounce of silver today can purchase roughly 5.5 gallons of gas.

Buy Silver, a good way to save for rainy day

Most financial experts agree that everyone should have an emergency fund that contains about six months worth of expenses. It’s no surprise that most people can’t do this for one reason or another.

Some people just don’t have the income to set aside in a savings account in this way. For others, it’s that they don’t have the self-discipline needed to not dip into their savings when things come up that would be normal expenses.

Buying silver is one way to set money aside in a rainy day fund like a savings account. However, it’s not a savings account you store in the bank. Nor is it a savings account that you can just pull cash from easily. It’s a savings account that you can hold onto. While it is liquid and easily convertible into cash, it does take some effort. This makes it harder to spend unless you really need to.

Silver is money but it’s not as easy to spend as fiat currency. When you buy American Silver Eagles by the tube each coin has a face value of $1 USD. However, the real value is in the intrinsic nature of the silver. A tube of Silver Eagles contains 20 troy ounces of silver. Since Silver Eagles are the most popular and widely recognized government bullion coins in North America, and one of the most recognized worldwide, it is very easy to trade Silver Eagles for fiat currency.

It’s important to think about and understand what your plan and strategy for dipping into your silver savings account will be. It helps you understand how liquid it will be for you. How you can get the most value when it comes time to sell or trade for fiat currency. Do you have a local coin shop that will buy at a good price when you need it? Will you be able to sell to an online dealer? What are your options to sell in a pinch?

When the dealers buy Silver Eagles from the mint they are charged a premium of $2.00 per coin. The US Mint charges this premium to cover the cost of manufacturing and distribution of the coins.

Most local coin shops will pay $1.00 or so over spot price for American Silver Eagle coins. They do this because they know they can easily sell them very quickly. When they buy silver eagles from individuals they are able to purchase them for a lower price than they can get them from the US Mint.

With generic silver bullion, most local coin shops will pay 50 cents to a dollar per ounce below spot price. Reselling generic bullion has lower margins than Silver Eagles. Oftentimes local coin shop buy generic bullion with the intent to ship it to a refinery to be melted back into something else. This is a common practice.

Buy Silver Eagles for your savings

It’s no secret that Silver Eagles hold their premium better than generic bullion. There are ways that you can buy silver eagles at a lower premium for your rainy day fund. Buying silver eagles allows you to recapture much of that premium when it comes times to dip into your rainy day fund and convert some back into fiat currency. You will find the best values when you buy silver eagles that are not from the current years mintage.

There are a number of different ways that online silver dealers will market Silver Eagle coins from previous mintages. They could be offered for sales simply as “Random Year” American Silver Eagles. Random Year Silver Eagles are sold and marketed as non-specified years because it may depend on what the dealer has in stock at the time you place your order. View Random Year Silver Eagles Pricing

Random Year Silver Eagles will be in Uncirculated condition (BU). If you are buying tubes of 20 Eagles at a time they will most likely be shipped in the original mint tube as well. These eagles will most likely be new old stock and could be 1, 2 or 3 years old. There’s nothing wrong with them except that they have likely been sitting in the dealer’s vault for a while. These will often be sold for as low as $1.50 or so over silver spot price. Sometimes deals can be found for even less.

An even better value when buying Silver Eagle coins is to look for those in cull condition. Cull condition American Silver Eagles will most likely have been handled at some point. The coins may contain some scratches, show signs of tarnish and wear and tear. Some may even have been painted. You can buy cull condition American Silver Eagle coins for less than buying Random Year Silver Eagles. View Cull Silver Eagles Pricing

Ultimately, the intrinsic value of the silver is what is most important. Being American Silver Eagles, even in cull condition, still bring a premium over spot price when it comes time to sell them.

How to earn eBay Bucks when you Buy Bullion – June 12/13

On June 12th, eBay launched another promotion to earn a 10% eBay Bucks bonus on qualified purchases.
As usual, items listed in the bullion categories are ineligible to earn eBay Bucks.

However, there are some ways to earn eBay Bucks when you buy bullion on eBay. When you buy bullion on eBay when they are running a bonus Bucks promotion it helps to reduce your overall dollar cost average. When factoring in the eBay Bucks bonus into the net cost of the bullion, it’s possible to buy bullion below spot price.

The first thing to note is that items listed in the bullion categories are ineligible for earning eBay Bucks. This rule has been in place for a long time as it’s always listed in the fine print whenever eBay has a special promotion like the one running today.

The second thing to note is that many times sellers will cross list bullion items in other somewhat related categories that are eligible for earning eBay Bucks. Often times this means searching for items you’d normally find in the bullion categories in related categories, such as coins and currency.

Online bullion dealers will do this because they are aware of the promotions and want to encourage people to purchase because of the promotion. eBay charges dealers a higher fee when listing in other categories so the items may be a slightly higher cost. When factoring in the eBay Bucks earned via the promotion this is often times not even a factor.

To help you find the best deals we keep track of gold, silver and junk bullion items that are eligible for earning eBay Bucks on bullion. The list includes a variety of Pre-1933 gold coins, silver bars and rounds, American Silver Eagles, and plenty of Pre-1965 junk coinage. The items on this page are all eligible to earn eBay Bucks and any promotional bonuses that are offered.

View the list of eBay Bucks Eligible Bullion Items

We have separate lists of bullion items that are eligible for earning eBay Bucks:

Cheapest silver bullion per ounce

90% junk silver coins

Finding the cheapest silver bullion per ounce can take hours. Searching through dozens of dealers’ websites, scouring sales pages, product pages, comparing price per ounce, shipping charges, dealer premiums, etc.

Our Closest to Spot Price Tool will save you time and money. We track the prices of over 200 bullion products from over thirty major dealer websites. Our closest to spot price tool will show you the cheapest silver bullion per ounce from across all the major dealers.

All of the pricing that we show is pulled straight from each dealer’s website. No games, no gimmicks, no fake pricing like some other price comparison sites.

With our closest to spot price tool you can find the cheapest silver or gold bullion. You can chose to only show government bullion, such as American Silver Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, etc.

You can also chose to only display fractional bullion products which can be particularly helpful if you’re interested in finding the cheapest gold bullion or coins available.

The tool also calculates the amount of each product that you would need to buy from that particular dealer in order to receive free shipping. For the dealers that do offer free shipping, they each have their own minimum purchase amount threshold. For many dealers the purchase threshold to receive free shipping is as low as $99. For some dealers it can be at least $1,000.

We believe that providing you with price transparency with regard to the cheapest silver bullion will help you make better purchase decisions.

Be sure to check out our list of silver at spot price offers and our silver bullion price quick glance tool.

Free 1/10th oz Silver Round, plus 5 ounces of silver below spot price

silver rounds

Money Metals Exchange is giving away free 1/10th oz .999 silver rounds. The offer also includes a voucher or a $20 discount on a future purchase.

You just need to pay the shipping and handling fee of $3.97. While it’s not entirely free silver, it’s pretty close to it.

Consider this…

Money Metals Exchange is currently selling generic their Bargain Bin generic, secondary market silver for 74 cents over spot when you buy 5 ounces. Based on today’s silver spot price of $16.75, that works out to $17.49 an ounce.

The cost of 5 ounces is $87.45 plus $7.97 shipping for a total of $95.42.

If you use the $20 voucher as a means to pay for the shipping, the total shipping cost for both offers is $11.94, with $8.06 left over to reduce the cost of the 5 ounces of silver.

This puts the net cost of the 5 ounces of silver in their Bargain Bin product at $79.39 or only $15.88 an ounce, 87 cents below spot price per ounce.

So first, order the free 1/10th ounce silver round and get the $20 voucher for $3.97 shipping and handling.

After the voucher arrives, order the Bargain Bin 5 ounces of silver and apply the $20 voucher.

Better than a silver at spot price deal, it’s a silver below spot price deal!

Gold prices lower, sales of gold bullion surge

Gold prices fell throughout the month of May. The price of gold per ounce at the start of June was down close to 1%.

As the price of gold has continued to fall investor demand for American Gold Eagles has surged. The US Mint reported that Gold Eagle sales in May were the highest since January.

In May, the US Mint sold 18,500 2018 American Eagle 1 oz Gold Coins, up from 4,000 coins shipped in April.

2018 Gold Buffalo 1 oz coin sales rose to 16,500 units in May compared to 2,000 units in April.

While the price of silver has stayed relatively steady, the gold to silver ratio has continued a downward trend over the past couple of months due to the reduced gold prices.