BullionMax 5 oz Silver Starter Kit

BullionMax 5 oz Silver Starter Kit

The silver at spot price offers have been offered by many bullion dealers as a way to entice first time customers with a great deal.

The shutdowns related to the pandemic also impacted the mining industry, including the refiners and private mints.

The system-wide supply chain issues have continued to impact precious metal at the retail level.

Strong investor demand for precious metals has continued throughout the past two years which has caused premiums to reach record levels.

BullionMax is enticing first time customers with an offer for a 2022 5 oz Silver Starter Pack.

This set contains a mix of 5 individual 1 oz coins, rounds and bar.

Many first time investors are often unsure about whether to buy coins, bars or rounds.

This starter kit is a great way to get a feel for a variety of different coins, rounds and silver bars.

  • 2022 American Eagle Silver 1 oz coin
  • 2022 Great Britain Britannia 1 oz coin
  • Random Year Australian Kangaroo 1 oz coin
  • Buffalo Design 1 Oz Silver round
  • Buffalo Design 1 oz silver bar

BullionMax is a relatively new dealer that launched in 2021.

The team behind BullionMax is compromised of industry professionals with decades of experience in the wholesale and retail precious metals markets. BullionMax offers free shipping on orders over $199.

The price for this 2022 Silver Starter Kit varies based on daily changes to the spot price of silver.

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US Mint Halts Production of 2022 Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar Coins

Designs of the 1921 Morgan and 1921 Peace Dollars

The US Mint has announced a pause in the production of the new Morgan and Peace dollar coins. The suspension of sales and production is a result of supply chain constraints brought on by the pandemic.

The Mint has stated previously that they have been having difficulty procuring silver planchets to meet demand and production needs.

US Mint Deputy Director Ventris C Gibson said “I want to ensure that our customers know,” she said, “that the modern renditions of the historic Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars will continue next year. Our goal is straightforward: to give our loyal customers the products they want and the service they deserve.”

The modern renditions of the Morgan and Peace Dollar Silver Coins were introduced in 2021. Demand for the modern coins has been very strong amongst investors and collectors.

These coins are minted with .858 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.

Learn more about the 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollar Silver Coin series and find the best prices with FindBullionPrices.com

eBay Bucks 5% Cash Back When you Buy Gold Coins

colorful letter cut outs

eBay launched a new eBay Bucks promo offering 5% cash back on eligible purchases. 

Bullion is an excluded category.

Silver & Gold coins and items listed in other categories do earn eBay Bucks rewards. 

Buying low premium vintage gold coins and circulated 90% junk silver is one strategy many buyers use to reduce the dollar-cost average of their investment.

These topics and discussion of other strategies for leveraging eBay Bucks can be researched online. 

The best values are usually in historic circulated sovereign gold bullion coins. Examples of these coins include:

  • British Gold Sovereigns
  • 20 Francs Gold Coins
  • Pre-1933 US Mint Gold Coins
  • Mexican Gold Pesos
  • Dutch Gold Guilders

There are some modern bullion coins that are eligible for earning eBay Bucks also. Some examples include:

  • US Mint Gold Commemorative Coins
    • $5 Gold Commemorative Coins contain roughly 1/4 troy ounce of pure gold.
    • $10 Gold Commemorative Coins have approximately 1/2 troy ounce of gold.
  • Modern graded gold collectible coins, such as:
    • Mexican Libertad Gold Coins

eBay Bucks can be spent on Bullion and other items that aren’t eligible for earnings. 

If you still have eBay Bucks from last quarter, those rewards can be applied to bullion and coin purchases.

Utilizing this program is a way to get an additional 5% cash back rewards on gifts and purchases from eBay that can later be used towards bullion.

You can check to see if you’re eligible for the offer by visiting the Offer Activation page on eBay.

You can learn more about the program, including how to sign up for eBay Bucks on the eBay website.

This promotion was announced by eBay on Monday February 21, 2022. The promotions run through midnight on February 23, 2022.

Find hundreds of eBay Bucks eligible silver and gold listings on FindBullionPrices.com

Royal Mint Reports Record Demand from American Investors

person using forklift

In a press release last week the Royal Mint reported record demand in international sales for the final quarter of 2021.

Many stackers have been choosing to buy one-ounce Britannia coins since they are regularly one of the lowest priced sovereignly minted coins available.

Demand for silver Britannias increased 14% over the same quarter in the previous year. Sales of Britannia coins from US bullion dealers are up 96% year over year.

“Globally precious metals continue to experience a buying frenzy with retail buying increasing to record levels in markets such as Europe and the U.S., showing that the retail investor is concerned over the progress of the global economic recovery as the pandemic continues,” said Nick Bowkett, Head of Bullion Sales at The Royal Mint, in the press release. “We saw significant demand from international markets as investors looked to offset inflations risks by adding precious metals to their portfolio.”

Headlines and stories of escalating tensions in the Ukraine and trade issues with China are causing worry that the economic recovery may be stalling.

Demand for physical gold and silver has jumped in recent weeks as analysts are predicting that rising inflation pressures and growing economic uncertainty will lead to volatility in the stock and crypto markets.

The Royal Mint has been expanding the product lines available over the last two years. The US has seen the biggest growth in terms of precious metals sales.

Silver has seen a buying frenzy with investors looking for a safe haven due to the pandemic.

Physical silver coins are the ultimate store of value and are a safe have physical asset. Britannia 1 oz Silver Coins are IRA approved and are guaranteed by the Royal Mint.

Sealed Mint tubes and Monster Boxes are also available.

More States Vote to Remove Sales Tax from Precious Metals

silver coins on the table

Last year legislators in Ohio and Arkansas voted to end sales tax on precious metals. Reports are emerging from across the country that more states are considering legislation to remove retail sales tax on investments like gold and silver.

According to Kitco, “This year Kentucky, Mississippi, Hawaii, New Jersey and Tennessee are all considering removing sales taxes on gold and silver purchases as well.”

Which is good news for gold and silver stackers in those states.

Sales tax on precious metals continues to be a contentious issue. State and local sales taxes are generally considered to be “consumption” taxes, like a VAT or IVA which are typically levied on consumable goods.

There are a variety of organizations that are pushing for tax code reforms that would help end some of the confusion people have regarding precious metals as a store of value.

Inflation & Other Issues Begin to Pile Up on the Economy

assorted weight gold colored gold plated bars
Gold $1867.90 Silver $23.72  Platinum $1046.30 Gold/Silver Ratio 78.75

Confidence in the stock market continues to wane amid concerns over escalating issues involving Ukraine and inflation taking hold in the US economy. Oil and other commodity prices have risen sharply this week.

Many people struggle to save money under normal circumstances. The pandemic has brought a tremendous amount of economic uncertainty for many people. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, more than 30% of American’s earning $50,000 or less have lost almost their entire life savings due to the As the economy continues to recover, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to save money and store value. Precious metals is one of the best ways to save money.

Financial experts recommend that everyone have enough money set aside in liquid savings to cover six to twelve months of expenses in the event of a sudden job loss. The most popular selling products among silver stackers in recent months has been 10 oz silver bars. Precious metals markets are closed for the weekend.

Gold jumped more than 1% this week on news that the US is sending up to 3,000 infantry soldiers from the 82nd Airborne to Poland in anticipation that a Russian invasion of the Ukraine could happen during the next few weeks.

Multiple countries are evacuating embassy staff from Kiev. The US State Department has ordered staff and their families return home and issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory recommending Americans leave Ukraine immediately and avoid future travel to the region.

Crude oil prices recently hit an 8-year high. The average price per gallon is now reportedly $3.47 per gallon.

In addition to the political tensions, some analyst are warning that unregulated robo-trading of derivatives may contribute to higher prices.

Precious metals prices have been rising slowly over the past month and some industry analysts are revising their predictions on precious metals prices.

As investor confidence in the stock market and cryptocurrencies continues to drop, analysts from mainstream, left-wing and right-wing media are making predictions about whether these are symptoms of a recession starting later in 2022. (Learn more are political Bias in the Media)

Trends in Statista data suggest that there is rising probability of a recession starting this year.

Most Americans are already feeling the pain of inflation and there is rising concerns that issues at home and overseas will continue to disrupt a recovering economy.

Having trust in any bank today is challenging. The fees charged by all banks continue to rise. Whether it is ATM fees, monthly service charges or other hidden fees we should expect banks will follow the trends from fintech and newer payment providers.

Most people have already gotten used to paying fees on sending money with apps CashApp, PayPal and others. Consumers already expect to pay fees when shopping online or sending money to friends with Venmo.

Coinbase, Binance, Bisq and other crypto exchanges charge a transaction fee whenever you buy or sell bitcoin and other tokens. All of the crypto exchanges have a complicated and confusing fee structure that remains largely unregulated.

Every corner of the economy has found a way to hide fees into every transaction and that trend is likely to continue as banks and merchant providers race to implement blockchain technologies into normal everyday life.

All payment methods aside from cash have some sort of transaction fees associated with it that go straight into the profits of the banks. Alternate payment methods like PayPal, bitcoin and cryptos charge varying fees on both sides of each transaction.

Using credit cards, debit cards and PayPal to shop online has gotten more expensive. Merchant providers automatically charge at least 4% in fees on top each transaction that most online stores hide by raising their prices or charging other fees.

Many online bullion dealers hate the fees too. Some have found creative ways avoid the fees charged by merchant providers and banks. Most online bullion dealers will offer a “cash discount” when paying with alternatives to credit and debit cards. Similar to how some gas stations still have different prices for cash and credit cards. This is a perfectly legitimate to save additional money on premiums by avoiding excess fees charged by banks.

You can also buy silver online from many dealers using digital tokens such as bitcoin as payment. Some of the out of pocket fees associated with buying precious metals online can’t be avoided. Using crypto to buy silver can reduce the fees charged by banks and leave you with the lowest premiums on silver.

The lowest premium are secondary market silver bars which had once been bought when they were newly minted. These are often sold to pawn shops, “We But Gold” stores, jewelers, local coins shops and other local bullion retailers. Most online bullion dealers will also buy silver and gold from you.

Even though there are reports of counterfeits found in the wild, ordering from trusted and reputable dealer helps to assure you are getting genuine precious metals. millions of people are stuck working low wage jobs, collecting unemployment and other government benefits according to a press release on February 4, 2022 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Silver Bars

10 oz Silver Bar | Royal Canadian Mint
1 oz Silver Rounds Circulated 90% Junk

American Eagle Silver Coins

Silver American Eagles
Gold American Eagles
Gold Coin & Bars

Bitcoin Investors Buy Silver Bars as Fed Develops Blockchain Competitor

10 oz silver bullion bars

The Federal Reserve is developing its own digital currency token. Bitcoin investors are worried that the government intends to track all digital transactions. Many are using their profits to buy 10 oz silver bars with bitcoin.

There are growing concerns that blockchain and new digital currency technology are not mature enough to handle issues around privacy, tracking and reliability.

Many experts, both critics and supporters are quick to point out that there are many huge risks that will be coming this year as widespread integration of the blockchain and related technologies begins this year in the economy.

One of the external risks of implementing a national digital token to replace the dollar include an increase in demand on utilities as electricity consumptions is extremely high.

Blockchain implementations place heavy demands on an electricity grid that has shown in recent years that is vulnerable to the weather, cyberattacks and other external threats.

Even the big banks are concerned that the government’s blockchain implementation will strip away rights of millions of Americans. According to a report from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the digital currency being developed in secret by the Fed will change the way Americans use money.

Americans continue to be anxious, frustrated and angry with the media, politics and the failing economy.

While it is currently difficult for the government to associate specific bitcoin transactions to individuals, the IRS and other federal agencies have been seizing cryptocurrencies and digital tokens at alarming rates.

Although it’s been suggested that crypto offers anonymity, there are growing reports that the IRS and other federal agencies have been employing special forensic researchers and hackers to find new ways track each purchase you make.

During the 12-month period from October 2020 to September 2021, IRS agents seized from than $3.5 billion worth of bitcoin from Americans in cases unrelated to taxes!

The pending blockchain implementations by the Federal Reserve is likely to bring about significant new regulations will have a major impact across the economy this year.

While the IRS claims that all of these funds were from criminal enterprises. Many legal experts have raised concerns that civil forfeiture laws could be used as a regulatory enforcement tool to continue the unlawfully seizure of crypto in similar ways gold was seized by the government in 1933.

Criminal charges are pending for some that have been accused of money laundering, the IRS is reportedly hiring at its fastest pace in history to allow politicians continue to fleece the American people.

Pending regulations in Congress continue to put many normal people at risk of being investigated by the IRS and other federal agencies.

New data shows that in January 2022 inflation may have been as high as 7.3%. Well above the previously reported number.

Wall Street analyst are mixed on their predictions for the upcoming interest rate hikes.

Based on what we’ve seen in recent months, including the highest rates of inflation in recent history, rising interest rates and uncertainty in the mid-term elections, our economic future is fraught with risks that investors need to act on before it’s too late.

Stock & crypto investors are transferring profits at alarming rates from their into other assets like precious metals. Precious metals is one of the most effective ways of balancing risk in your portfolio.

Crypto token are not proven as stable and reliable investments, nor are they a proven store of wealth.

Major Wall Street Banks share many of the concerns that giving the Federal Reserve real-time access to your purchase data is just part of a slippery slope that will strip away the right to privacy and the individual security of all Americans.

There is a growing amount of evidence that suggests much of the hype pushed by the mainstream media over the last few years has been largely propaganda.

A growing number of Americans believe many of the intention behind many of the misinformation campaigns in recent years has been to line the pockets of the political elite. This is an ongoing concern for millions of people as we approach the mid-term elections.

Many investors are taking their profits as crypto prices continue to drop.

Any pending digital currency implementation is likely to have a major impact on our money and invade privacy at the same time.

One of the most effective and simple ways to store crypto profits is to buy silver bars as a store of value.

Silver, historically is one of the most trusted and reliable stores of value for thousands of years.

Even today’s central and private banks use precious metals as a mechanism for storing wealth.

Many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers have made it easy to buy 10 oz bars with bitcoin as a payment method. Several dealers integrate with Bitpay or other advanced payment gateways and exchanges that provide some assurance that transactions will occur with discretion and privacy.

FindBullionPrices.com compares the prices of silver bars to make it easy and simple for crypto and digital token investors to buy ten ounce silver bars with bitcoin.

Central Banks Continue to Buy Gold throughout 2021

Central Banks Continue to Buy Gold

Last year was a banner year for Central Banks wanting to buy gold bars and silver.

Recent reports from the Reserve Bank of India and other countries have shown that gold and silver continue to be a safe haven store of wealth in times of rising inflation.

The central bank’s gold reserves jumped from 668.25 tons to 743.84 tons in September 2021. That’s the largest purchase that has been reported by the Indian central bank since 2009. This increases the bank’s gold portfolio by more than 11% compared to a RBI report from September 2020.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also purchased 118 tons of silver in 2020 and 2021.

Economists believe that RBI is solidifying its portfolio by increasing its gold and silver inventory during a time when inflation is affecting all major fiat currencies worldwide. Buying gold has been a trend in central banks worldwide in recent years as economies continue to recover from shutdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The central banks of Thailand, Brazil, Singapore and Russia also reported large gold purchases in 2021.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore registered 26 tons of gold was bought by their central bank between May and June.

With economic outlooks from the Federal Reserve bleak, showing that inflation has continued to burden the US Economy, regulators are anticipating multiple interest rate increases from the Fed in the coming months as an attempt to reign in the rapidly increasing prices of basic necessities.

Recent economic reports released from the US Government show that consumer spending at levels needed to sustain the economic recovery.

However, with rampant inflation driving prices of everyday items to higher prices, the day to day frustration most American’s feel at the grocery store and gas pump has pushed the Biden administration approval ratings to new lows. Many central banks are also preparing for the future.

Many countries are looking towards cryptocurrencies as a way to help facilitate trade, with China pushing other countries including the United States to adapt as a way to prevent future supply chain disruptions.

What Is COMEX?


COMEX is a commodities futures exchange where the supply of future raw materials and other goods is traded for delivery in the future.


  • COMEX is the world’s largest marketplace for futures and options trading for precious metals.
  • It is a division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).
  • Precious Metals futures are mostly used for hedging and are not typically delivered.
  • The COMEX acts as an intermediary.
  • Each Silver Futures contract is the equivalent of 10 American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes.

COMEX is an electronic trading platform that allows investors and brokers to trade futures contracts on a variety of consumable resources, both man-made and natural.

Oil, pork bellies, orange juice and precious metals like gold and silver are just some of the natural resources that are traded via futures contracts.

Gold, silver, platinum and other metal and mineral resources that are bought and sold with futures contracts.

One reason for the COMEX market to exist is to give manufacturers of both consumable and durable goods some indication of what the cost to manufacture their products will be in the future.

Many manufacturers use silver in many of the tiny electrical components that are used in everyday items such as cell phones, hearing aid batteries and solar panels. Silver is a great conductor of electricity.

On average, electric vehicles that are being built today each have roughly 2 troy ounces of silver.

Precious metals prices can be volatile.

Trading silver futures on the COMEX market allows manufacturers to secure mined resources like gold and silver at a fixed price months before it is needed for manufacturing.

This also affords mining companies some indication of what they will be paid for getting silver out of the ground.

This helps manufacturers to more effectively manage the upstream supply chain and be able to go to market with a product that is competitively priced.

History of COMEX

Commodity Exchange Inc. (COMEX) is the main exchange for silver, gold and platinum futures.

The exchange was founded in 1933 through the merger of four smaller exchanges based in New York.

Of the four smaller trading exchanges, gold and silver were mainly traded through the National Metal Exchange.

According to CME Group, more than 400,000 futures and options contracts trades are executed each day on COMEX.

This is the most active and liquid precious metals exchange in the world.

The trading activities of traders worldwide influence the spot price of silver and gold around the clock.

Today, COMEX is part of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and is an operating division of the CME Group.

Silver & Gold Futures Contracts

The current spot price is silver is the price per ounce of silver being traded for delivery sometime in the future.

The vast majority of the gold and silver contracts that are traded are never intended for physical delivery.
Only a small percentage of the gold and silver futures contracts that are bought and sold actually get delivered to a buyer.

Silver futures contracts are comprised of 5,000 troy ounces of silver to be delivered at a date specified in the contract.

The price of a contract is based on today’s silver spot price per ounce.

If silver spot price is trading at $20 per ounce then the cost to buy one full contract of silver would be $100,000.

The futures market is most often used by Commercial Banks, Wall Street trading firms, hedge funds and other investment focused companies as a hedging vehicle used to mitigate risk they have in other investments.

Less than 1% of gold and silver futures contracts ever get delivered. The majority of trades are made on the promise of delivery without any intent to deliver.

Taking physical delivery of silver contract is done quite often by brokers, clearing houses, private mints, sovereign government mints, large scale manufacturers and others.

It’s possible that private investors could also take delivery of a silver futures contract. Delivery of precious metals can be arranged via armored car services for shipment from COMEX Registered Vaults to your private home vault or other secure location.

How much silver is in 5,000 oz futures contract?

While 5,000 troy ounces sounds like a lot of silver, it’s the equivalent of just 10 Monster Boxes of American Eagle Silver 1 oz coins.

Each Monster Box of Silver Eagles contains 500 troy ounces.

Every month the US Mint mints millions of 1 oz silver Eagle coins.

That’s equivalent to around 2,000 Monster Boxes, or ten full silver futures contracts consumed by the Treasury each month just to produce their signature bullion coin.

eBay Bucks 8% Cash Back on Gold & Silver Bullion

Colombia 5 pesos gold coin
eBay announced a new promotion offering 8% cash back this morning.

The promotion can give you 8% cash back rewards on most purchases as eBay Bucks that you can spend on future purchases. 

While Bullion is one of the excluded categories, there are many silver and gold bullion items listed in other categories that do earn eBay Bucks rewards. 

Buying low premium vintage gold coins is one strategy many savvy buyers use to reduce the dollar-cost average of their investment.

Other’s use it as a way to leverage trading strategies related to the gold-to-silver ratio.

These topics and discussion of other strategies for leveraging eBay Bucks can be researched online. 

eBay Bucks can be spent on Bullion and other items that aren’t eligible for earnings. 

Utilizing this program is a way to get an additional 8% cash back rewards on gifts and purchases from eBay that can later be used towards bullion.

You can check to see if you’re eligible for the offer by visiting the Offer Activation page on eBay.

You can learn more about the program, including how to sign up for eBay Bucks on the eBay website.

We track the prices of popular eBay Bucks eligible gold and silver bullion and circulated 90% coinage in the eBay Bucks Eligible Bullion section of FindBullionPrices.

Vintage Gold On Sale

Buying vintage gold coins is one of the best ways of stacking fractional gold at low premiums. 

Colombia 5 Pesos (.2355 oz) Gold Coins 

The Colombia 5 Pesos gold coins are minted from 90% pure gold (.900 fineness) and share characteristics similar to the British Sovereign. 

These coins make an excellent fractional gold investment and are currently available from Liberty Coin on eBay for $476.95

They are also eligible to earn eBay Bucks rewards worth $38.16 that you can use towards future bullion purchases.

You can find more eBay Bucks eligible Gold & Silver Bullion items at FindBullionPrices.com.