The Simpsons Donut 1 oz Silver Coin

The highly anticipated commemorative release of The Simpsons Donut 1 oz Silver Coin from The Perth Mint has finally arrived.

The coin, which is legal tender in Tuvalu, has a limited mintage of only 3,000 coins worldwide.

The Silver 1 oz Proof Coin is a special release commemorative coin to celebrate the most popular animated television series in history.

The obverse of the coin features a unique donut design that has been colorized and stylized like the TV show. The coin has a hole punched in the center to give it an authentic donut look.

The reverse of the coin features a bust portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, along with the weight, purity and face value details around the rim of the coin.

Many retailers are sold out. The Perth Mint has sold out of the limited mintage. There are some coins being sold on eBay for a reasonable premium given the limited mintage.

Which dealers are charging sales tax on bullion?

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling last year in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc some online bullion dealers have begun charging sales tax on purchases. Many buyers had previously switched to buying bullion online in states that charge sales tax in order to keep the cost of investing in silver and gold bullion down.

Over the past few months several major dealers revamped the checkout process on their website’s to include sales tax for states that require it.

Among those dealers has been two of the largest, APMEX and JM Bullion. Both dealers have published pages on their respective website’s related to sales tax and which states they are required to collect sales tax for on bullion purchases.

Even with these guides there is still a lot of confusion about sales tax with regard to gold and silver bullion, gold and silver coins, and other numismatic and bullion related items. Each state has it’s own unique definitions of how each are categorized and how they determine if sales tax should be charged on purchases.

Some dealers have also begun charging sales tax on bullion related items purchased through their eBay Stores. This has been leading many buyers to alternative dealers that have not begun charging sales tax, as well as seeking out alternate online platforms and communities for trading precious metals and other local sources.

Which dealers sell silver at spot price deals?

The best deals on silver is when you’re able to buy silver at spot price. There are several dealers that sell silver at spot price deals, primarily as a means of attracting new customers.

Silver spot price deals are an incentive for new customers to buy silver from a dealer that they may not have bought from before.

The silver at spot price deals are special offers targeted at attracting new customers. Acquiring a new customer by offering a spot price deal allows a dealer to show new customers that they provide better service and at a better price than their competition.

Silver at Spot Price Deals Are Good for Dealers and Buyers

For people that buy silver, the silver at spot price deals allow them to buy from a new dealer without the risk of high premiums. Silver buyers and investors are always looking for the best deal, especially as dealer premiums from the largest dealers continue to rise.

Smaller dealers that offer a silver at spot price deals use it as a way to earn a new customer. Showing a new customer the quality of their customer service, allows the dealer the opportunity to contact that customer after the first transaction to show the customer that they offer better pricing than the big guys.

Dealers with Silver Spot Price Deals

A comprehensive list of Silver Spot Price Deals is available on our website.

  • SilverGoldBull – 10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price, limited to one per household
  • BGASC – 5 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price – One bar at spot price can be added on to each order. This offer is not limited to one per household.
  • SD Bullion – 1 oz Silver Round at Spot Price, limited to one per household
  • Provident Metals – (10) 1 oz Silver Prospector Rounds at Spot Price, limited to one order per household
  • JM Bullion – (10) 1 oz Silver Rounds at Spot Price. The JM Bullion Silver Starter Pack is limited to one per household
  • BOLD Precious Metals – Offers two different spot price deals for new customers. Only one offer can be redeemed at spot price.
  • Monument Metals – (10) 1 oz Silver Rounds at Spot Price, limited to one order per household


Several times per year other dealers will offer flash sales of silver at spot price as a way to move excess inventory. keeps track of when the dealers offer silver spot price deals.

What is a Silver Monster Box?

The US Mint ships bullion coins, including American Silver Eagle coins in bulk to authorized wholesale distributor in special packaging called a Silver Monster Box.

After minting, the US Mint packages bullion coins in plastic tubes. Each standard tube holds twenty 1 oz coins. The tubes are then fitted into the Silver Monster Box 25 tubes at a time. The tubes have a relatively snug fit to reduce movement and vibration during shipping.

Each Silver Monster Box contains 500 troy ounces. Both Government Mints and private manufacturers have adopted the practices of shipping bulk product in quantities of 500 troy ounces in Silver Monster Boxes.

A Silver Monster Box of American Eagle coins is green. Other Governments Mint use different colors to identify their Monster Boxes. Some have different colors and sizes for different series’ of coins.

For example, there are some special series’ of coins from the Perth Mint that are shipped in Monster Boxes that contain only 250 troy ounces of silver coins. Some bullion distributors have adopted the term as a way to offer yet smaller quantities, as little as 100 troy ounces, with the term Mini-Monster Box.

Where is the best place to Buy Silver online?
buy silver

A lot of first time investors that are getting their feet wet in precious metals are often curious about where is the best place to buy silver online?

There isn’t a simple answer on where to Buy Silver online because there are many trusted and reputable bullion dealers.

When looking to Buy Silver online it’s always best to buy as close to spot price as possible. The amount you pay above spot price is commonly referred to as the dealer’s premium. This is the profit the dealer makes from selling silver.

The lower the dealer premium that you pay when you Buy Silver online will maximize the return on your precious metals investment down the road.

Some online bullion dealers are known for keeping their premiums low. Just because you might be able to buy silver from one dealer cheaper than another doesn’t mean that there will be problems or issues down the road. Especially if you stick with trusted and reputable online bullion dealers. tracks the prices of over 300 distinct silver and gold bullion products across over 25 trusted and reputable online bullion dealers. When shopping for precious metals online we help you find the cheapest place to buy silver and gold bullion.

Finding the Best Deals on eBay for Gold

Gold deals can be found on eBay from trusted and reputable sellers. All of the major online gold bullion dealers also sell on eBay.  When combined with special offers such as eBay Bucks or periodic eBay 10-15% discount coupons it is possible to get great deals on gold bullion below spot price.

The best deals for buying gold on eBay come at times when eBay is offering a promotion. Periodically throughout each financial quarter, eBay runs promotions involving their eBay Bucks program which increase the eBay Bucks earning to as much as 10% on qualified purchases.

Buying gold on eBay during these promotional periods is almost like getting a 10% discount on gold bullion. eBay Bucks is a rewards program that acts similar to the way cash-back credit card programs work. Normally, eBay Bucks earns a 1% reward on qualified purchases.

When eBay runs an eBay Bucks promotion the increase in the cash-back reward can be as high as 10%. The cash-back rewards accumulate through each financial quarter and become eligible and must be spent during the first month of the subsequent financial quarter.

When shopping for gold and silver bullion on eBay the prices and premiums often seem unrealistically high, even from trusted and reputable dealers. This is partly due to the fees eBay charges sellers for listings. As well, PayPal fees are typically incorporated into the cost as well. Combined, these fees can make the cost of some products up to 10% to 15% higher than they seem on bullion dealer websites.

When comparing prices on eBay for Gold and Silver bullion it’s important to make sure that you’re comparing it to the Credit Card/PayPal price that is listed on the dealer’s websites. This is the closest comparable price.

Typically, dealers like APMEX, Bullion Exchanges, Liberty Coin and BOLD Precious Metals will sell gold bullion on eBay that is eligible for eBay Bucks and other promotions. Dealer’s are aware of when the promotions are running and will often adjust their pricing on eBay accordingly knowing that savvy buyers are looking for a good deal.

During the promotion periods it’s common to find both foreign gold coins and Pre-1933 US Gold coins available for close to or below spot price when factoring in the promotional discount or earned eBay Bucks.

Foreign Gold Coins, such as British Sovereigns, French 20 Francs and Mexico 20 Peso Gold are regularly found for sale near or below melt price. Double Eagle $20 Gold Coins and $10 Eagle Gold Coins, including some that are graded by NGC or PCGS can be found at or near melt price as well.

Mexican Gold Pesos – Buy Gold with Low Premiums

Mexican Gold Peso coins have long been a favorite for savvy investors that want to invest in gold but save on the paying dealer premiums over melt.

Mexican Gold Peso coins were minted by the Mexican Mint,La Casa de Moneda de México, the oldest mint in North America and the official mint of Mexico.

Gold Peso coins from Mexico were minted in six different denominations ranging from the smallest 2 Peso gold coin to the largest 50 Peso gold coin. The coins were minted in an alloy containing 90% gold, the remaining 10% being copper which helps to give the coins a sturdy, durable feel as well as the orangish hue for which they are known.

The six denominations and their approximate gold weight (AGW) are:

Denomination Approx Gold Weight (AGW)
2 Peso .0482 troy oz (1.499 grams)
2.5 Peso .0603 troy oz (1.876 grams)
5 Peso .1205 troy oz (3.748 grams)
10 Peso .2411 troy oz (7.499 grams)
20 Peso .4823 troy oz (15.001 grams)
50 Peso 1.2057 troy oz (37.502 grams)

Premiums on gold Mexican Pesos vary depending on the denomination and the dealer. Dealer premiums can be as low as 1% above melt price for larger denominations or as low as 6% to 8% for the smallest denominations.

Gold Peso coins from Mexico can often be found at the lowest premiums for fractional gold coins or bullion. tracks silver and gold bullion prices from trusted and reputable online dealers to help you find the best prices when you what to buy Mexican Gold Peso coins.

2019 American Eagle Coins Beginning to Ship from Mint

The U.S. Mint will begin shipping 2019 American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins to their list of Authorized Purchasers (wholesalers) this week.

Retail online bullion dealers are anticipated to begin shipping pre-orders for 2019 American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle coins beginning on Monday January 14, 2019.

With the 2018 American Eagle coins selling far less than hoped for, dealers are hoping that a slowing U.S. economy and rising interest rates will spur more investment in precious metals during 2019.

Premiums on individual Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle coins vary greatly amongst online bullion dealers.

Our product listings for 2019 Gold Eagle Coins and Silver Eagle Coins track prices across various trusted and reputable online bullion.

500 oz Silver Eagle Monster Boxes remain competitively priced for both 2019 release coins and remaining 2018 Silver Eagle coin inventory.

Sales of American Eagle gold and silver coins drop to 11 year low

According to sales data released by the U.S. Mint this week, sales of both American Silver Eagle (ASE) and American Gold Eagle (AGE) coins were down in 2018.

According to sales data, the U.S. Mint sold 245,500 ounces of Gold Eagle bullion coins during 2018. This was down from 302,500 ounces in 2017 and 985,000 in 2016.

Silver Eagle bullion coin sales dropped in 2018 as well. In 2018, the U.S. Mint sold 15,700,000 one-ounce Silver Eagle bullion coins. This was down from 18,065,500 in 2017 and 37,701,500 in 2016.

Silver Eagle bullion coins are sold to dealers in 500 coin Monster Boxes. Many precious metals dealers that are still holding onto 2018 dates coins have lowered the premiums to as low as $2.20 per coin, which is only 20 cents more than the premium charged by the U.S. Mint.

Additional information can be found in this Reuters article and via the U.S. Mint Production Sales Figures.

Overall, the spot price of gold ended 2018 with a 2.1% loss, the spot price of silver lost 9.7% throughout the year.

Online Bullion Dealer Rankings by Website Traffic

Below is a list of online bullion dealer website’s ranked by volume of visitors as measured by Amazon’s Alexa website metrics.

The volume of visitors and traffic to a dealer’s website is just one factor in determining the popularity of a dealer. Often, online bullion dealers with the most popular website have higher operating costs, higher marketing costs and may therefor have higher premiums on silver and gold bullion products.

As a rule of thumb, it doesn’t necessarily make them the best dealer to purchase from.

The Alexa US Rank shown below next to the online bullion dealer’s name represents the website’s overall ranking in the United States as compared to all other websites, not just silver or gold bullion related websites.

  1. Kitco – Alexa US Rank: 1,127
    Kitco ReviewsThe popularity of Kitco’s website is primarily from their news and information about the precious metals markets and discussion forums where investors discuss precious metals. The Canadian company was established in 1977.
  2. APMEX – Alexa US Rank : 4,150
    APMEX ReviewsIt’s no surprise that APMEX tops the list of bullion dealers in terms of website traffic. APMEX has been around since 1999 and launched their first website in 2004. Being an early participant in online bullion has helped to establish them as an industry leader.
  3. JM Bullion – Alexa US Rank: 5,504
    JM Bullion Reviews
    Founded in 2011, JM Bullion has a reputation of being one of the top bullion dealers to buy from when it comes to price and customer service.JM Bullion offers a vast array of gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium products. With an average inventory carry in the tens of millions, they are able to sell in-stock items only and satisfy even the largest of clients. They focus on the most important products to minimize overhead and unnecessary bloat. This lets JM Bullion charge less over spot than their competitors while maintaining healthy stock levels on everything they carry.JM Bullion also offers a silver at spot price deal that includes ten 1 oz silver rounds at spot price for new customers. The rounds come in a tube and velvet branded bag.
  4. SD Bullion – Alexa US Rank: 12,460
    SD Bullion Reviews
    SD Bullion debuted in March of 2012 as a service to their readers with the goal of providing the lowest cost bullion available. All sales were completed via telephone with the motto, “Nothing Fancy. Just a Telephone and Low Prices.” More importantly, buyers were 100% satisfied with their bullion transactions according to a post purchasing survey. An online website purchasing option was added in the later part of 2012 and SD Bullion has continued to gain industry market share to where they stand today as one of the premier, low-cost online bullion establishments in the country.
  5. Provident Metals – Alexa US Rank: 13,518
    Provident Metals Reviews
    Based in North Dallas, Provident Precious Metals, LLC describes itself as “the webs premier provider of international and domestic bullion, currency, numismatic coins, and other IRA and investment grade metals.” was built to meet the precious metal investment needs of those in pursuit of an online environment focused on security, service, and affordability. Competitive pricing and customer service are not merely a slogan or a plank in our platform; it is the reason our company was founded.Provident Metals also offers a silver at spot price deal that contains ten 1 oz silver rounds at spot price.
  6. – Alexa US Rank: 22,484 Reviews
    GoldSilver provides bullion investors with unparalleled education and world-class gold and silver dealer services. It was founded by Mike Maloney, a renowned precious metals advisor, bestselling author, and one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers.
  7. GoldenStateMint – Alexa US Rank: 25,737
    GoldenStateMint Reviews
    The Golden State Mint is a full-service mint. By purchasing silver, gold and copper directly from the mint, you’re enabled to cut-out the middle-man, saving money and time. Our high-volume production allows us to provide customers with the most competitive pricing and fastest deliveries in the industry. They provide a turn-key solution to all your minting and investment needs. They have been in the business of precious metals, minting and refining for 40 years. Golden State Mint is ready to meet all your minting needs, and provide total reliability and confidence. All Golden State Mint silver, gold, and copper products are brand new and ship directly from the Golden State Mint.
  8. Bullion Exchanges – Alexa US Rank: 40,938
    Bullion Exchanges ReviewsA fully licensed and authorized dealer by PCGS, NGC, ANA, & CCE, Bullion Exchanges is one of the most trusted gold and silver bullion dealers in the United States, based in the Diamond District of New York City. With years of experience in providing our customers a wide, carefully curated selection, the most competitive prices, and customer service that you can count on, we have worked hard to earn our A+ business rating on BBB and our thousands of glowing reviews.
  9. – Alexa US Rank: 45,588 ReviewsWe take great pride in offering a wide selection of precious metals products at market-leading prices. That, along with our sincere commitment to quick shipping and fast, friendly customer service, keeps investors coming back to time and time again.
  10. BGASC – Alexa US Rank: 51,631
    BGASC ReviewsOur goal is to be the kind of dealer we’ve always wanted to trade with: to be in stock, ship fast, be fair & reasonable, and operate honestly and efficiently. BGASC is one of the largest coin and bullion dealers in the United States. We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating, an Official PCGS Dealer, member of the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE), an NGC Collector’s Society Member, and a Bulk Purchaser of United States Mint non-bullion coins. Every single package we ship is sent fully privately insured for its time in transit. Customers all across the country have quickly come to recognize BGASC as one of the largest, fastest, most trusted online precious metals suppliers in the U.S.
  11. Golden Eagle Coins – Alexa US Rank: 52,241
    Golden Eagle Coins ReviewsSince our inception we’ve witnessed 1 oil embargo, 6 recessions, 3 wars, 12 U.S. presidential terms, 3 stock market crashes and a 12+ year commodities bull market that has seen the price of silver rise by over 1,000% and gold by over 700%. We’ve been around so long that when Golden Eagle Coins was founded, gasoline was 53 cents per gallon.
  12. Modern Coin Mart – Alexa US Rank: 52,751
    Modern Coin Mart Reviews
    ModernCoinMart (MCM) is a private distributor of worldwide government coin and currency issues and privately issued and licensed collectibles.
  13. US Gold Bureau – Alexa US Rank: 56,823
    US Gold Bureau ReviewsThe U.S. Gold Bureau was founded under the premise of bringing trust and integrity to all aspects of the precious metals acquisition process. Our goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations by helping them to make better, more informed buying decisions. We understand that when acquiring precious metals, you have many choices to consider. Your Precious Metals Specialist will serve as a great resource to guide you step-by-step as you navigate through those choices. Each of our Precious Metals Specialists has been through an extensive training program and is well equipped to assist you at all stages of the process. Whether you decide to move forward with a purchase today or at some point in the future, our hope is that you will feel a sense of confidence knowing that you are dealing with a reputable organization.
  14. Silver Gold Bull – Alexa US Rank: 59,044
    Silver Gold Bull Reviews
    Silver Gold Bull has tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have taken their financial future into their own hands by investing in gold and silver. Their commitment to their customer is to provide extraordinary service throughout their customer’s bullion buying experience. Thousands of people have left Silver Gold Bull testimonials about their service, high quality products and genuine commitment to providing customers with an easy and risk-free way to buy gold and silver.
  15. GovMint – Alexa US Rank: 71,361
    GovMint ReviewsBesides a wide selection of rare and hard-to-find U.S. coins, offers many other collectible products including paper money, coin jewelry, foreign and ancient coins, and specialized numismatic services. Our dedicated staff is a highly experienced sales team who offers personalized one-on-one services, dedicated to your specific interests. By doing this, we ensure that you, the client, are able to obtain the items you want, not unlike the relationship of a personal banker or shopper. Each representative has an extensive background in the area of numismatics.
  16. SilverTowne LP – Alexa US Rank: 89,376
    SilverTowne LP Reviews 
  17. Monument Metals – Alexa US Rank: 113,418
    Monument Metals ReviewsMonument Metals is a family-owned business headquartered in Frederick, MD. The firm’s owners are veterans of the numismatic and bullion business, with nearly three decades of combined industry experience. After trading exclusively in the wholesale end of the marketplace, the principals of Monument Metals began selling to the general public in 2014. We pride ourselves in buying effectively, operating efficiently and maintaining low overhead. The result is our ability to offer excellent pricing–almost always better than the largest online retailers or local coin shops. Our industry experience and connections allow us to deliver high-quality coin and bullion products at ultra-competitive prices.
  18. BOLD Precious Metals – Alexa US Rank: 146,204
    BOLD Precious Metals ReviewsAt BOLD Precious Metals, our involvement in precious metals stretches back over 30 years to the influence of our grandfather, an avid coin collector. He instilled in our family an abiding appreciation for the beauty and historical significance of coins. As we grew up and pursued careers in various fields including engineering, finance, and technology we maintained that interest, first as a hobby and then as a means to invest in physical precious metals. Coin collecting became a fun and rewarding way to teach our own children about the history of the United States and introduce them to other cultures around the world.
  19. Monarch Precious Metals – Alexa US Rank: 158,942
    Monarch Precious Metals ReviewsEstablished in 2008 in response to the increasing demand for gold and silver bullion. The gold and silver that is used to produce our bars and rounds is .999+ fine. From refined raw material we hand pour bars and mark them the old fashioned way, which gives them a rustic look that collectors love. We also strike rounds and bars for investors looking for a more polished product. We are a privately held company which is headquartered in Southern Oregon’s beautiful Rogue Valley.
  20. Wholesale Coins Direct – Alexa US Rank: 225,368
    Wholesale Coins Direct ReviewsOur vision at Wholesale Coins Direct is to provide quality bullion metal and diamond products and numismatic coins to the public and other dealers at wholesale prices. And, we understand that you have options when it comes to deciding who to buy precious metal and diamond products from, as there are many choices in today’s market.
  21. GMR Gold – Alexa US Rank: 231,868
    GMR Gold ReviewsCorporate headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. Full state and federal accreditation. Relationships with the nation’s top mints and distributors. GMRgold is a good-standing member of the NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PCGS, NGC, American Numismatic Association, and CCE
  22. Liberty Coin – Alexa US Rank: 268,238
    Liberty Coin Reviews 
  23. Texas Precious Metals – Alexa US Rank: 280,803
    Texas Precious Metals Reviews 

Unranked Dealers:

Money Metals Exchange – Alexa US Rank: N/A
Money Metals Exchange Reviews

Money Metals Exchange is secure, private and offers you the most gold and silver for your money. After balloting of more than 20,000 industry insiders and investors across the globe, the company was recently named precious metals “Dealer of the Year” by industry ratings group Bullion.Directory. That’s because Money Metals offers great value with high integrity, and it’s totally beginner friendly — focusing on educating its customers and answering their questions.

Gainseville Coins – Alexa US Rank: N/A
Gainseville Coins Reviews

Gainesville Coins is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and offering a wide range of bullion products to match every taste or portfolio. Finding the right precious metal item to meet your needs is our primary goal. Your order will always ship in secure, discreet packaging, or you can make a trip to our luxury showroom to pick up your metals in person.