US Mint Authorized Wholesale Purchasers
2018 American 1 oz Silver Eagle

Unlike other world mints, The United States Mint does not sell its bullion coins directly to the public. Instead, the coins are distributed through a network of official distributors called “authorized purchasers”. The Authorized Purchasers then create a two-way market buying and selling to precious metal wholesalers as well as private investors.

In the United States there are nine authorized purchasers that purchase Gold, Silver, and Platinum Eagles and other bullion items direct from the US Mint. In Europe there are two Authorized Purchasers and in Asia there is one. The Authorized Purchasers act as wholesale distributors for US Mint bullion products.

United States

  • A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc
  • American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX)
  • Coins & Things, Inc
  • Dillon Gage Inc of Dallas
  • Fidelitrade, Inc
  • Jack Hunt Coin Broker, Inc
  • Manfra, Tordella, & Brookes, Inc (MTB)
  • The Gold Center
  • ScotiaMocatta (Scotia Bank)


  • Bayerische Landesbank
  • Deutsche Bank AG


  • Tanaka Kinkinzoku

2019 Silver and Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Availability Announced by US Mint
2018 American 1 oz Silver Eagle

The US Mint’s authorized purchasers were notified that they could begin placing orders for 2019 silver, gold and platinum Eagle Coins and 2019 Gold Buffalo coins starting on January 7, 2019.

A spokesman for the US Mint announced that production of 2018-dated coins has ended and any remaining inventory would be used to fill orders placed before the end of the year.

The U.S. Mint does not sell the bullion versions of its coins directly to the public. The Mint sells the coins through a group of authorized purchasers who buy wholesale amounts of the coins with prices based on the closing London PM spot price of their weight in precious metal on a specific day plus a premium over spot price.

Bullion Jewelry Is Smart and Sound Holiday Gift
1 troy ounce 24k gold bracelet jewelry

During the holiday’s many people give the gift of jewelry to their loved ones. Fine jewelry is typically made of allows of gold, platinum or silver and often carries a very high premium over spot price when factoring in the purity and weights. Bullion jewelry is a smarter choice for anyone interested in wealth preservation.

Setting aside the cost of design and manufacturing of jewelry products, the cost of the precious metals used to make jewelry is still a commodity. And when the karat or purity of the precious metal is diluted with other alloys it further commoditizes the jewelry.

When buying traditional jewelry the markup above the cost of the precious metals is enormous. This is normal of products bought through the retail sales chain.

What is investment grade bullion jewelry?

Investment grade jewelry is fine jewelry that is manufactured with higher purity metals, up to .999 fine gold or 24 karat. Investment grade jewelry holds it’s value much better than alloy jewelry and not only makes a great holiday gift for your loved ones, but provides for a better investment.

Major online bullion dealers provide a variety of investment quality bullion jewelry. There are a number of products available in 22 karat and 24 karat gold that can be bought with a low premium over spot price that have a similar cost to traditional 14k or 18k gold jewelry products purchased through typical retail environments.

Buying 24k gold jewelry for investment purposes has become quite popular. So popular, in fact, that several companies specializing in high purity 24 karat .999 fine gold jewelry exist to fulfill the demand.

What are the benefits of buying investment grade bullion jewelry?

Other reasons why Bullion Jewelry has become a popular investment options for discerning buyers.

  • It is a portable store of wealth. Bullion investment jewelry can be transported and carried easily and often discretely.
  • It makes it easier to give your loved ones a gift of wealth that is more straight-foward than traditional inheritance or transfer of wealth.
  • Gold bullion jewelry carries much lower premiums than traditional jewelry.
  • It can afford you more privacy and reduced reporting complexity with regard to tax reporting.
  • Gold bullion jewelry is an asset that you can hold yourself, entirely outside of the regular banking system.
  • The value of the jewelry will follow the price of gold. As the price of gold rises the value of your jewelry will increase as well.

Where Can I Buy Bullion Jewelry?

One popular company, Menē, has established itself as a market leader in 24 karat jewelry. They produce their own product lines that include 24k gold charms, rings, chains and other speciality items designed to be a vehicle for investing in precious metals while being able to enjoy the luster of wearable jewelry.

Another company, Auvere, is focused on the fashion aspects of gold jewelry with the side benefit of wealth preservation.

Investment grade bullion jewelry can also be purchased from a variety of trusted and reputable online bullion dealers such as APMEX, Money Metals Exchange, Silver Gold Bull and Bullion Exchanges.

One of the most popular bullion jewelry item during the holiday season has been a 1 troy ounce 24k gold wearable bracelet from Money Metals Exchange. The bracelet is 8 1/2 inches long and comes in a natural yellow gold color with a hammered finish. The premium over gold spot price for the bracelet is comparable to buying a 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin.



10 oz Silver Bars – Where to find the best prices

10 oz Silver Bars are one of the most popular silver bullion products available today. Each bar contains 10 troy ounces of fine silver.

In general, a 10 oz silver bar is roughly the dimensions of a deck of cards, only slightly thinner.

Dealer premiums on 10 oz silver bars are lower than many other silver bullion items.

One dealer, has an offer available to purchase on of their 10 oz Silver Bars at spot price. The bar, which is manufactured by The Sunshine Mint, features the Silver Gold Bull charging bull logo. The 10 oz silver at spot price offer includes free shipping.

10 oz silver bars are easily stackable and compact making them easy to store.

They are readily available from most online bullion dealers. Compare the prices of 10 oz silver bars.

eBay Bucks 10% in eBay Bucks on every qualifying item of $50 or more, 8% in eBay Bucks on every qualifying item of $25 or more

The Promotion starts at 5:00AM PT on December 5, 2018 and ends at 11:59PM PT on December 6, 2018 (the “Promotion Period”). The Promotion applies to any qualifying items purchased during the Promotion Period that meet the minimum purchase requirement. You must activate the offer to qualify.


Napolean III 20 Francs for below melt

Random 1/2 oz Canada Gold Proof Coins below melt

Random 1/2 oz First Wives Gold coins below melt

$20 Liberty Double Eagle (cleaned) below melt

Random US Mint Commemorative 1 oz gold coins below melt

Mexican 50 peso gold coins below melt


MCM has 2018 Silver Eagle Tubes of 20 that net for around $16.25 per coin

Bullion Exchanges has lot of 5 RMC silver rounds

2018 5 oz Proof Libertad

5 oz Englehard Australia Cast Bars

Bullion Exchanges 10 oz Silver Bars (Various listings)

A few lots of 10 1 oz silver rounds

Here’s a list of more eBay Bucks eligible bullion items:

SD Bullion Now Offers Free Shipping on Orders Over $99

SD Bullion announced a change to their shipping policies. They now provide free shipping with all domestic orders $99 and over.

This is a big shift from their previous shipping policies where they charged $7.77 for shipping on all orders below $2,500. Orders below $99 will still incur the $7.77 shipping charge.

The change in shipping policy comes in time for the 2018 Holiday Shopping season.

Further details on the change to SD Bullion’s shipping policies can be found on the shipping page on their website.

SD Bullion & Monument Metals Ending Silver at Spot Price Deals

SD Bullion has announced that November 30, 2018 is the last day they will be offering 10 oz of silver at spot price.

Though they charge shipping it’s still a good deal if you’re adding it in with other items. They often have the lowest premiums on secondary market generic rounds. They also provide shipping discounts for veterans and active military members.

Monument Metals is ending their $10 Face Value 90% Junk at Spot offer as well. However, they are continuing to offer their 10 oz Silver Rounds at Spot Price offer for first time customers.

Get these deals before they expire!

2019 American Silver Eagles Available for Pre-Order
2018 American 1 oz Silver Eagle

Trusted and reputable bullion dealers have begun taking pre-orders for 2019 American Silver Eagle coins. Premiums have so far been pretty reasonable.

The US Mint charges distributors a $2.00 per coin premium. That premium is passed along to retail bullion dealers and ultimately passed along to the end-buyer.

Total premiums have been as low as $2.45 over spot per coin when buying individual 2019 Silver Eagle coins.

Discounts on premiums are available when purchasing 2019 American Silver Eagle Coins Tubes of 20  or a 2019 American Silver Eagle Monster Box.

Visit to compare 2019 American Silver Eagle prices from leading bullion dealers to find the best prices on 2019 American Silver Eagle Coins.

Bullion Holiday Gift Items include Free Shipping From Money Metals Exchange
Diversion Safe Book
Money Metals Exchange has been around since 2010. Many people have avoided buying from them because they charge shipping for orders under $1,000 or because it often seems like they are just “silver pumpers” pushing metals because of the coming economic apocalypse.
In any event, they have decent pricing on a lot of things but due to the shipping cost. For smaller orders a $9.99 shipping charge means an extra $1.00 per ounce premium for 10 ounces.
As a holiday special they are offering free shipping on all orders placed through December 20 that contain an gift item from their list of gift ideas.
Gift items include:
Additional items are available on the Money Metals Exchange Bullion Gift Ideas page.

Black Friday 2018 Bullion Deals

Online bullion dealers have started rolling out some black friday deals on gold and silver bullion.

Provident Metals has been releasing new spot price deals everyday at noon Eastern Time. So far their spot price deals have been limited offerings and limited to a single item per person.

BGASC has reduced premiums on 2018 American Silver Eagle coins to $1.99 over spot limited to 5 per customer. They are also offering rolls of 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes at spot price with an order limit of 2 rolls.

Golden State Mint will be releasing various deals everyday through Sunday.

Check out our Black Friday Deals page for up to date Black Friday Bullion Deals.