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1 oz Gold Bars

1 oz bars Gold bars are a top choice as a store of value and are available from both government and reputable private mints.

Quick Facts About 1 oz Gold Bars

There is a huge assortment of options when it comes to buying 1 oz gold bars. Industry standard one ounce gold bullion bars are minted to a purity level of .9999 fineness, which is 24k pure gold. The shape, artwork and assay markings vary across manufacturers, while sharing the same intrinsic gold value.

Why Buy 1 oz Gold Bars?

Gold is the oldest known form of money and wealth. Its value often increases during times of rampant inflation and economic uncertainty. In the long-term, gold has historically maintained its buying power regardless of the economy and many financial advisors recommend gold as a safe-haven asset. Having a portion of your savings in 1 oz gold bars provides a stable foundation for other, more volatile investments.

Leading Producers of 1 oz Gold Bars

  • Asahi Metals

    - Asahi Refinery is a leading refiner of gold bullion products minted in the USA and represents a valuable brand that is known for its long standing tradition of quality following the acquisition of Johnson Matthey. Asahi 1 oz gold bars are LBMA certified.

  • PAMP Suisse

    - PAMP name has been trusted by gold investors since the 1970s. PAMP 1 oz gold bars are minted with .9999 fine gold and the Lady Fortuna design is iconic throughout the world.

  • Valcambi

    - Valcambi Suisse was established in Switzerland and is one world's most trusted and leading mints. The product line includes a variety of unique investment products, such as the 1 oz Gold CombiBar series of minted bars.

  • Perth Mint

    - Perth Mint is the largest processor of newly minted gold in the world and is backed by the government of Western Australia. The mint issues a variety of 1 oz bars with compelling designs that endeavors assurance to investors. Some of the most popular include the 1 oz Square Cast Gold Bar which is stamped with the Swan Logo and the Minted 1 oz Gold Bars which features a repeating kangaroo pattern on the reverse.

  • Royal Canadian Mint

    - RCM 1 oz gold bars are a long-time favorite of investors. The Royal Canadian Mint produces a variety of government-backed 1 oz gold bars that are available at a lower premium than 24k coins.

1 oz Gold Bars Minted in the USA

Investors can find a huge assortment of 1 oz gold bars available in today's marketplace from dozens of reputable refineries with designs that are suitable for all tastes. Buying 1 oz gold bars that are minted in the USA is a great way to support american companies that are manufacturing products at home.

Newly minted gold bars will come with an assay card, with most coming sealed inside a protective plastic sleeve. The plastic assay cover is designed to protect both the bar and the assay card that is contained inside.

Assay cards will contain pertinent details about the gold bar. Most will include the name and/or signature of the assayer responsible for the gold analysis. The cards also include a unique serial number that matches the number that is engraved or etch onto the bar. helps to find the lowest dealer premiums when you are ready to buy.