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1 oz Gold Bars

The industry standard 1 oz bars gold bar is top of mind for investors looking for a low premium store of wealth. An assortment of options are manufactured by both government and reputable private mints.

Learn More About 1 oz Gold Bars

Industry standard 1 oz gold bars are minted with 24 karat gold that is refined to purity level of .9999 fineness. The shape, artwork and assay markings vary across manufacturers, while sharing the same intrinsic gold value.

The compact size of one ounce gold bars makes them convenient for storage, whether in a home safe, a safety deposit box and are easy to conceal while traveling. Compared to larger bars, 1 oz gold bars are more affordable for many investors.

Why Buy 1 oz Gold Bars?

Buying 1 oz gold increments allows investors to gradually build their gold holdings over time. This strategy allows for a more manageable amount of cash than investing in larger bars or higher premium coins. Physical gold can be purchased with a higher degree of privacy, while owning gold bars allows individuals to maintain a portion of their wealth outside of the traditional financial system.

Many financial advisors recommend gold as a safe-haven and owning 1 oz gold bars provides the security of a tangible asset without counter-party risk, which is preferred by many investors who favor the security of holding a physical investment. Holding a portion of your cash savings in gold provides a stable foundation for other, more volatile investments.

American 1 oz Gold Bars

Investors can find a huge assortment of 1 oz gold bars for sale in today's bullion market that are refined and minted in the United States. These are manufactured by reputable American refineries and feature classic, recognizable designs that are suitable for all tastes. Buying 1 oz gold bars that are minted in the USA is a great way to support American companies that are manufacturing products at home.

  • Scottsdale Mint - Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Scottsdale Mint has evolved into a leading force in the precious metals industry since being founded in 2009. As a privately held U.S.-based designer, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of premium precious metal products, Scottsdale Mint 1 oz gold bars are highly liquid.
  • Sunshine Minting - Based in the Idaho, Sunshine Minting is known for its high-quality gold bars and is a trusted supplier of gold blank planchets to the United States Mint for the minting of coins. Sunshine Mint produces high quality, affordable 1 oz gold bars which are recognized for their MintMark SI anti-counterfeiting feature which allows for instant verification of authenticity using the decoder lens.
  • Asahi 1 oz gold bars - Following the acquisition of Johnson Matthey, Asahi Refinery has become the leading refiner of gold bullion in America. Asahi 1 oz gold bars are LBMA certified.
  • American Reserve 1 oz Gold Bar by Asahi Refining utilizes gold that is mined exclusively in the United States, contributing to the country's legacy in minerals and mining.
  • and many more 1 oz gold bars...

Swiss 1 oz Gold Bars

Along with being the world's banking capital, Switzerland is also known for having the largest concentration of gold refineries in the world. These Swiss refiners and mints are renowned for producing 1 oz gold bars with precision and .9999 fineness.

  • PAMP Suisse - Since the 1970s, PAMP Suisse has been trusted by investors for the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar. PAMP Suisse gold bars are minted with .9999 fine gold and amongst the design is one of most iconic throughout the world.

  • Valcambi Suisse - Based in Switzerland, Valcambi is among the world's most trusted mints. The product line includes a variety of unique investment products, such as the 1 oz Gold CombiBar series of minted bars.

  • Argor-Heraeus - Another prominent Swiss refiner, Argor-Heraeus is known for its high-quality gold bars and innovative approach to precious metals refining, such as the 1 oz gold kinebar.

Government 1 oz Gold Bars

With increasing investor demand for precious metals in recent years, a variety of government mints have begun issuing government backed 1 oz Gold Bars. These sovereign backed gold bars are guaranteed for their weight and purity, and in some cases as also legal tender.

  • Royal Canadian Mint - RCM 1 oz gold bars are a long-time favorite of investors. The Royal Canadian Mint produces a variety of government-backed 1 oz gold bars that are available at a lower premium than 24k coins.

  • The Royal Mint - The Britannia 1 oz gold bar feature the interpretive design by Jody Clark is a favorite of investors looking to add pure 24k gold bars to their portfolio.

  • The Perth Mint - Based in Western Australia, the Perth Mint offers a variety of options suitable for investors looking for a trusted store of value and wealth. While Perth Minted 1 oz gold bars are serialized and sealed in an assay card during the manufacturing process, Cast 1 oz Gold Bars show the natural texture of the metal. Additionally, Perth issues the Lunar Series 1 oz Gold Bars that feature a design that reflects the current lunar celebration, such as the 1 oz Year of the Dragon Gold Bar.

  • Austria Mint - As one of Europe's oldest continually operating government mints, the Austrian Mint has earned a reputation of refining and manufacturing excellence. Austrian Mint 1 oz gold bars are stamped with the "Münze Österreich" on the obverse with a blank, mirror-like finish on the reverse.

Newly minted gold bars will come with an assay card that provides the purity, weight and other pertinent details. With most gold bars arriving sealed inside a tamper-proof plastic sleeve. The plastic assay cover is designed to protect both the bar and the assay card that is contained inside.

Assay cards will contain the detailed information about the provenance of the gold bar and will include the name and/or signature of the assayer responsible for the gold analysis. The cards also include a unique serial number that matches the number that is engraved or etched onto the bar. helps to find the lowest dealer premiums for 1 oz gold bars when you are ready to buy.