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Quick Facts About Gold

Investing in gold comes in various forms. The primary forms in which you can buy gold include rounds, bars or coins. These are the most popular formats for buy and investing in physical gold bullion.

gold Rounds

gold Rounds are a quintiscential item for those who buy gold. gold rounds are often referred to as generic gold rounds or just 1 oz gold rounds. They are minted by a number of private manufacturers such as the Sunshine Minting, goldtowne, Republic Metals (RMC) and others.

When you buy gold rounds from online bullion dealers they will often come loose in 2x2 coin flips to protect them during shipping. When ordering larger quantities, typically 20 or more, the rounds should come delivered in a sealed tube or roll directly from the mint, unless otherwise noted in the product listing.

gold Bars

gold bars are probably the product that comes to mind when most people think of gold bullion. The most common sizes to buy gold bars are 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, kilo and 100 oz. gold bars are also available to buy in fractional sizes.

The 1 troy ounce gold bar is by far the most popular size gold bar that people buy. One ounce gold bars can be bought with a low premium over spot price. The are readily available from most every online dealer. With few exceptions, 1 oz gold bars are minted by private mints.

gold Coins

gold Coins are those minted by sovereign governments. The most popular gold coins are the American gold Eagle and gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

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