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Where can I buy gold and silver bars, coins and rounds at the best prices?


Compare Silver and Gold Bullion Prices across trusted and reputable online dealers

Our proprietary technology scans the latest prices from dealer's websites for over 250 popular gold and silver bullion products. We pull prices from over 35 different online bullion dealers. We then list all of the available prices for each product side-by-side so that you can see which dealer has the best prices on the silver and gold bullion items you're looking to buy.

Listed Prices vs Out the Door price

Dealer's pricing can be confusing. Most online dealer's like it this way. Just because a dealer has the lowest online price for an item doesn't mean that buying from that dealer is the best deal.

Dealer's with the lowest prices will often hide credit card surcharges and shipping and handling costs until you're already in the checkout and are ready to buy. These extra hidden charges can add up. Credit card surcharges are typically 4%. Shipping and handling costs can be as low as $6.95 to as high as $30 on the same order.

Our website tries to bring transparency to the process of buying silver and gold bullion online. In each of our product listings, we display the shipping charges for each dealer. If a dealer provides free shipping with a minimum purchase we show that information too.

The per-item price shown on our website is the "cash" price for buying a single item. The "cash" price is the price you will pay for a single item if paying the dealer with a cash equivalent such as a check or wire transfer. When paying with credit card, Paypal, cryptocurrencies or other payment methods, dealers will charge around 4% more. This is the amount most payment processors charge the dealers for payment processing. This cost is ultimately passed along to the consumers.

What We Do

Having to search dozens of dealer's websites for the best prices for American Silver Eagle coins was such a frustrating experience for me. With the constant daily fluctuations in the price of silver and having to spend hours searching for the best prices, I decided that there had to be a better and easier way to compare prices amongst all of the reputable dealers when I was ready to make a purchase. started out with the idea of how to find the cheapest prices for Silver bullion across trusted and reputable major online dealer websites.

We are the best and fastest growing gold and silver bullion price comparison and tracking website.

We pull the latest prices from the websites of trusted and reputable major bullion dealers to find the lowest prices of silver and gold bullion coins, bars and rounds. Our proprietary price finding engine runs hourly to compile a list of the best silver and gold bullion prices. The silver and gold bullion prices are published along with the direct link to each dealer's product page which open in a new tab. This gives you a view of the best prices offered by trusted and reputable major bullion dealers for the products that you're looking to purchase.

We do the searching for you so you save time and money without wasting hours searching each dealer's website for the right bullion coin or bar you want.

We currently track the prices of over 300 gold and silver bullion products. We are adding new products every week. If there is something you'd like us to add, feel free to send us a message

The price of silver is at an all-time low. Some would say it's kept artificially low by market manipulators. With the price of silver at its lowest prices in recent years now is a great time for buying and stacking silver. Whether you're stacking Government Coins, generic rounds and bars, semi-numismatics or special releases, buying now while the spot price of silver is so low represents a huge upside opportunity.

Our tools provide customers with the ability to do silver price comparisons on a variety of bullion products in real-time when they are ready to make purchases. Tools such as our "closest to spot" price comparison tools show the bullion products and vendors charging the slowest premium over silver spot price.

We provide bullion stackers, precious metals investors and enthusiasts with real-time retail pricing of bullion products, silver and gold melt values, up to the minute silver spot price and gold spot price data and charts. Our melt calculators provide data for various karat gold such as 18k, 14k, etc and gold alloys such as though used in the American Gold Eagle and South African Krugerrands, as well as various purities of silver, including sterling .925, US Pre-1965 Coinage .900, 80% Canadian Coinage Silver, .800 and a variety of others.

This site was created by a bullion enthusiast, with input and feedback from online bullion enthusiasts and investors to benefit all buyers of silver and gold bullion.

Our mission is to be a valuable resource for bullion enthusiasts to be able to get up to date pricing, availability and information about bullion investment and collectible products from as many sources as possible.

Whether you're buying silver bullion rounds or bars, or government bullion like American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs our site will help you make better buying decisions with up to date pricing and information and special offers from reputable dealers. participates in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to merchants. The merchant programs participates in includes programs offered by Money Metals Exchange, Bullion Exchanges, Golden Eagle Coin,, eBay, Silver Gold Bull and others.

When you make a purchase from one of the online dealers whose affiliate program we participate in we may make a (very) small commission. These small commissions help keep this site running.

Although prices are updated hourly most dealers price their products in relation to spot price. For example, a dealer selling American Silver Eagle coins may have them priced at Spot+10. As the price of spot changes throughout the day, most dealers' websites will automatically adjust prices based on the spot price. Therefore we cannot guarantee exact pricing accuracy and cannot assume liability for errors or omissions.

Cheapest Prices

Each product page displays the lowest cash price for purchasing a single quantity of an item listed on the dealer's website.

In some cases, due to changes made by dealers to their websites, we may accidentally index an incorrect price, such as a price for an alternate payment method or quantity pricing

If you discover that we are showing an incorrect price please contact us and we will correct the issue as soon as possible

Price Updates

Dealer prices will fluctuate as the spot changes during global market trading. The prices on our website are updated for all products every hour, every day, 24 hours a day. Dealer prices are usually based on a premium over the current gold or silver spot price.

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices vary from dealer to dealer. Some dealers offer free shipping based on a minimum order amount.

The dealers that have a free shipping icon are noted on each product page with a green delivery truck () icon. Hover your mouse over the truck icon to view the free shipping conditions for each dealer.

A gray truck icon () is displayed next to dealers that do not offer free shipping.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Some bullion dealers have begun accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.

Dealers that accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for payment are identified by a yellow Bitcoin icon.

Questions, comments, feedback and suggestions

We welcome your questions, comments, feedback and suggestions. If there are products or dealers that we are not currently indexing and displaying on our site please send us a message with your request.

If you find a problem or issue with a product or price, please let us know and we will work to correct the problem quickly.