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Most Recent Reviews of Online Bullion Dealers

I have purchased products from Silver Gold Bull many times and all of my experiences have always been great. The bullion I have received is in great shape. The packaging is more than enough to withstand USPS abuse and delivery time is reasonable. There DEAL section has a great selection of gold and silver at some of the best prices over (or at) spot.
David Harris - Oct 1, 2019

This dealer is the most uncooperative company I have ever tried to deal with. I requested to have my account closed once before over three excuses dealing with the same Debit card I started using to purchase from them. I attempted to use them again, and now they acuse me of using a Debit card with a high-security risk. I hope they don't call my banker. They won't like what he would tell them. It's almost amounting to calling me a fraud for using the same debit card I buy groceries with. And I resent it.
Harry - Oct 1, 2019

I have made several orders. Their prices are competitive. All orders arrived in the time frame promised, and quality was as advertised.
Trustee Brian - Sep 29, 2019

I have made several purchases and always with very good results. Silver gold and supplies. Absolutely no issues thus far.
rck - Sep 10, 2019

I placed an order with them for a special they were running. They advertised a Gold Eagle at $17 premium over spot. Not only didn't I get their offered price but they charged me 4% for buying it with my credit card. Though the terms were buried in their fine print, I feel that their offer was very deceptive.
sackofnuts - Aug 29, 2019

I love APMEX for their great selection and extremely fast processing & shipping. I recently ordered a premium silver set believing it was a good value. I later decided to search the site and calculate each piece separately and discovered I could have saved 90 dollars! The only option I had was to return the set and lose 50.00 on the return. I contacted them and received a 20.00 credit. Lesson learned.
Jay B - Aug 24, 2019

Exception Company with great prices and knowledgable staff
Richard - Aug 22, 2019

I ordered some bullion from this company and everything worked out fine. You only really get to know a company when you have a problem, so this is not a blanket endorsement.
Danvil - Aug 11, 2019

GMR is a great firm, Charlie's always so much help, the deals are always the best. All the customer service is amazing, I will always do business with them.
Jake65 - Aug 7, 2019

GMR GOLD goes out of their way to make your experience the best! Nothing but great thing from GMR GOLD. Everything about them is top notch.
Shawn Cleghorn - Aug 7, 2019

Very pleased with the one on one conversation s over the phone helping me to understand more about seeking gold ,silver and precious metals part of my portfolio. Thank you.
Michael - Aug 6, 2019

GMR Gold has been my go to company for any precious Medals. I have been shopping with them for about 1 and half and have had nothing but great praise for them. I had an issue with my card and when it didn’t go through. They called me and fixed the issue instead of cancelling it because it was an on sale deal. I have had numerous phone calls with them on deals and what’s trending. I can’t say enough about the company and their staff. Always friendly and welcoming customer service. I will continue to buy my silver and gold from them.
Dallas A - Aug 6, 2019

i recently just started investing and i spoke with them via phone call and i was able to ask all of my questions and they were very respectful and helpful with getting me pointed in the right direction, as well as helping me feel more confident about investing. I have recently just placed my Second order and i am very surprised at how fast and efficiently things are packed and shipped. GMR will be the only company i use for my investments and purchasing.
Matthew G - Aug 6, 2019

Excellent service, FAST shipping and LOVE the silver I purchased from GMR! Also everyone should ALWAYS hop on the live videos to chat with the fine people at GMRgold and to hear about any specials going on!
Jeff J - Aug 6, 2019

Always have a good experience when dealing with GMR. Would recommend to anyone for the gold/silver needs.
Kurt Reichenbach - Aug 6, 2019

Always like getting my precious metals from GMRGold. Good people too!
Zach C - Aug 6, 2019

Quick service. Next day shipping. Can't complain.
Purdys Collectables - Aug 3, 2019

They're awesome. . I've purchased many times with JMB, and have ALWAYS come away happy. They're the best, in my opinion.
Kevin - Jul 23, 2019

First order with Monarch precious metals. I ordered online and sent my check the same day after waiting two weeks I called to find out the status of the order. I called and left a message. Wait of the day then called on two successive days. And didn't receive a call back until the next week. Everything worked out and I ended up getting my products. Then I made a somewhat larger order about $1,700. After 3 weeks I called and left two messages on successive days. I didn't receive a return call. Monarch emailed me and said that they never received my check. The envelope was stamped clearly with my return address. The check was rapped in a sheet of notebook paper with my return address stamped on it along with the purchase number. Obviously my address is on the check and the purchase number was written clearly in the notes section on the check. I never received the check back. It cost me $40 to stop it. I don't believe for a second that the check was lost in the mail. I believe Monarch precious metals sold me metals they didn't have. Then they threw my check in the trash. Completely untrustworthy. And non-responsive. Close to criminal never do business with these people.
Jay - Jul 17, 2019

I have ordered from Golden Eagle Coins many times over the past few years and have always been happy with the results. Great prices on sales items and good pricing the rest of the time. Free shipping makes things even better.
William F - Jul 3, 2019

I have made multiple purchases with SD bullion and for the most part I have been pleased. However, my last order was a different experience. I was not pleased with some coins that I received which is no big deal. However, the return experience was not impressive. I had to pay the shipping and a restocking fee to return the coins because they could not exchange them. If the coins had be listed as cull or damaged I could understand paying for the return. However, the description of the coins said BU. SD says they believe in doing business the old fashion way with industry-top customer service. Unfortunately, I did not get this feeling in my first experience with their customer service.
JR - Jun 22, 2019

One of my go-to online dealers. They have some of the best sale prices out there. You have to be fast sometimes to get in on the sales because they will sell out. Shipping and customer service are good as well.
Jon F. - Jun 22, 2019

Pros: Very large selection, fast shipping, good customer service. Cons: Higher premiums compared to other online dealers, most sale prices are just ok. Really the only reason why I ever buy on APMEX is because all the other dealers don't have what I'm looking for. APMEX is seldom the lowest price dealer. However, they make up for it with selection and customer service.
Jon F. - Jun 22, 2019

Agree with lowballing. They'll only buy silver rounds at regular price (spot minus 25 cents) if they resell them, which means very few. Otherwise, they try buying silver rounds as "generic" scrap, paying more than a dollar an ounce less, supposedly because they're going to melt them. C'mon - Kitco just happens to sell generic groups (grab bags) of silver rounds - so... perhaps they're playing the game of buying nice rounds for lowball prices, then selling them at high markups?? I ended up not selling my rounds - I can sell on eBay and keep that dollar an ounce for myself, even after all fees - and I denied Kitco the opportunity to make a larger profit than they deserve.
Kitco Customer - Jun 17, 2019

Great company one of my favorite
Guarino - May 16, 2019

Among many very good and competitive online precious metals dealers, Texas Precious Metals distinguishes itself by offering the option to place a limit order. Say, the spot price of gold is $1,290, but you anticipate lower gold prices of $1,270. You can place a limit order for your favorite gold coin at spot of $1,270 plus a specific coin dependent premium. If the spot price does not reach your expected price of $1,270 within a specified period (say one month), the limit order expires without any expense to you. However, if the spot price does reach indeed $1,270, then your order is executed and you will have to send a check to Texas Precious Metals for the executed order. This is a very sophisticated tool which allows the buyer to buy precious metals at lower than prevailing prices. The beauty of this order is that your limit order will be executed even if the gold price drops to $1,270 only for a few seconds or minutes.
Robert Happek - May 12, 2019

I ordered from them on eBay a while back and realized they was in Pinehurst so I went to their shop location and was personally treated badly, like they didn't want my business, giving I was dressed very casual since it was my day off, but one of them even made a comment to not to come into the store and that they have a website that I could order from, like NO if I want to look at the potential items I intend to purchase first hand I will! Very rude even tho I had purchased a pure gold coin in the store. I do not recommend giving them your business as they do indeed judge a book by it's cover. I ended up just giving the coins I purchased from them away as I didn't want anything to do with them. Hopefully, things have changed since I was last there but I doubt it, so I'm now leaving my personal experience here.
Joseph Davis - May 7, 2019

The absolute worst type of business in every way I was unfortunate enough to experience. They do not deliver product, they make endless excuses and try to up-sell customers to so called premium products that in reality have no true numismatic value. When you call their bluff and state you only want metals as a wealth preservation tool the promptly Black List you email as Spam and pretend that you don’t exist anymore. US Gold Bureau is only interested in one thing, fleecing you of as much money by selling products that will never ever appreciate in your lifetime IF Ever. They are rude, deceitful and steal people’s futures. Fortunately I am an experienced precious metals Guru and this Guru says stay the heck away from here at all cost! Run
Run Away from USGB - May 2, 2019

The best in business in my opinion ! I highly recommend MCM I have ordered 99% of my silver stack through them and I always receive it in 2-3 days I have never not once had any issue at all it’s surprising to hear that others have had issues with them ! I always order off their eBay page and they ship the same day every time . I will continue to buy from them . I just bought from provident and it took 2-3 days to ship and a week to be delivered I will be going back to mcm and I just wanted to see what it was like ordering from provident
Brandon Locklear - Apr 26, 2019

I have purchased many times from bold precious metals , I find they have a good inventory and competitive prices. When you call they are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone interested in Precious Metals.
Larry newberry - Mar 29, 2019

Had concerns when I could not track my order. The CEO promptly replied to my email and even followed up by checking with the local postal office. Just turned out to be a tracking issue. Received the package a few days later. It was packed very well and I was very happy about the quality of the coins. Even more so, I was impressed by their exemplary customer service and how they value their customer. I will definitely purchase from them again.
NP - Mar 23, 2019

Avoid!!! I placed an order on 05 March 19 and received an email on 06 March 19 saying my order has shipped. I have been watching the USPS information and it is still showing pre-shipment as of 19 March 2019. My bank account was charged on 06 March 19. They also will not respond to the inquiry about what is going on. Have requested refund with no response. 100% Avoid find a better dealer this company is a joke. No customer service, no response, items have not been shipped but my account has been charged. Its 15 Days later and still no response. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!! Best advice I can give you AVOID!!!
Tim N - Mar 20, 2019

Great website
Brett Norris - Mar 1, 2019

Decent selection but I am still waiting to find a deal worth buying. I wanted to do a test buy as I do with all new business suppliers But I kept halting the process due to their uninviting pricing.
Bill - Feb 7, 2019

Overall not bad my one complaint is my coins came a little more scratched up then is commonly found through other brokers.
Kevin - Feb 7, 2019

1 star for the weak inventory. Seriously does this company have anything of good value to sell? I can not find it.
Grefer - Feb 7, 2019

Short and sweet, mediocre products at premium prices. Enough said.
Trever - Feb 7, 2019

The biggest problem I have with Kitco is that they try so hard to put up a false image of giving a crap when all they really want to do is drain you pocketbook. Check their buyback prices, lowballing takes on a whole new meaning with Kitco. Somebody take this trash company to the curb already.
Jihn - Feb 7, 2019

This is the absolute worst place to do business with. Runarounds, refusal to return calls or emails.lies at every turn. You would be better of buying your precious metals from an ex felon. How this brokerage is still in business is a mystery. Apparently our justice system just doesn’t care anymore. Read their BBB reports & Run away!
Tina - Feb 7, 2019

Fast shipping. But very arrogant staffing. Items are always as expected.
Star - Feb 7, 2019

Great guy to work with here, prices are a bit steep but the customer service I have experienced is top notch.
Porter - Feb 7, 2019

Get the job done but they tend to run high on their sticker price. Still a trustworthy outfit who I would use again depending on the deal. Shipping is slow as molasses
Thrall - Feb 7, 2019

Ugly people working here. Just the very gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe type individuals. Do I get my shipments? Yes, eventually...they are in no hurry that is for sure. With coin dealers like this it is no wonder Their state enacted such stern rules covering coin dealers. My advice? Stay very far away.
Yammy - Feb 7, 2019

The good: Highly competitive purchasing prices. Items arrive quickly and without incident. I have ordered about 50k worth of precious metals from them without any significant issues. They are my go to broker. The bad: Call in customer service reps need a refresher in customer relations in a big way. Buy back pricing is scandalously low. Sell elsewhere. The Ugly: Ugly truth is that all the brokerages I have attempted to do business with are significantly worse. Is BE perfect? Nope but in a sea of ugly they are a competent rock hold on to.
Bill - Feb 7, 2019

Ya gotta say no complaints in my dealings with them though to be honest that has been limited. However I clearly remember being highly pleased with the services rendered and that says a lot.
BidbyB - Jan 30, 2019

Actually a fairly decent brokerage. Interactions with them have been smooth and fair. I’ll purchase here again.
BixbyB - Jan 30, 2019

Absolutely hands down the most incompetent brokerage I have ever had the displeasure of having to deal with. Seriously just gross ineptitud abounding throughout. The main goal of this organization is to sell you overvalued items that will be difficult to liquidate at best. I didn’t take one bite of the nonsense they are spewing and neither should you. You can get some good deals here if you know what to look for but do not count on them to point you in the right direction. The goal of this company’s sales is obtuse to the customers long term financial well being. Only a noob would fall for the investment strategy proposed by these mental invalids.
BillyB - Jan 30, 2019

All around really a good place to do business with. Good attitude, fair pricing and good business practices. Not perfect but very good. I am made to feel like a customer here not just a walking stack of money to be grabbed.
BillyB - Jan 30, 2019

Horrible in just about every way. The only good thing I have to say is they have always delivered the product in a reasonable time frame. Not fast but reasonable. Other then that? Rude, smug, way overpriced and all around just distasteful individuals.
BillyB - Jan 30, 2019

This Brokerage has steadily declined in customer service and purchasing value. I really have nothing good to say about this business anymore. This is one customer who through after repeated experiences with their substandard practices has just walked away. Better deals to be had elsewhere anyway.
BixbyB - Jan 30, 2019

Ordered from them because they had a good price on 1 gram gold bars and offered free shipping with $75 purchase. The good: Most of their prices seem in line with other dealers. Not really great, but average. The bad: When placing my order and paying via PayPal there was some sort of hiccup in their checkout process that required me to put everything through a second time. I was only charged once and received a confirmation email after the order went through. A week later I still hadn't gotten a tracking number or shipping notice. I inquired in their "chat bot" on their site and didn't get a response and also tried their "contact us" form. A day later I replied to the order confirmation email and received a response that stated: "Your order will ship early next week. We allow ourselves 7-10 Business days to ship, although it typically never takes that long. " My order finally shipped on the 10th business day after the order was placed. Every other major dealer ships next business day when paying via PayPal or credit card, so this is not only strange, but a bit disappointing. Overall, unless they have some incredible deal, this will be my last purchase with them.
agbuyer - Dec 7, 2018

I have orderd from Monument Metals several times. They ship the same day when paying with credit card. Packages always seem to arrive within 2 days. Customer service is second to none. Monument Metals has quickly become my "go to" dealer.
Jessica - Nov 28, 2018

As always, APMEX delivers. They are usually not the cheapest when it comes to the most common stuff but they are reliable and have an amazing product selection. Lately I've been ordering 20 Franc gold coins from their eBay store for less than the cash price most other dealers are selling them for, including APMEX's own website.
abelton - Oct 26, 2018

They usually have good deals on generic rounds. Usually only a few cents more per round than SD but Golden Eagle Coin includes free shipping with $100 purchase. So even though the rounds are slightly more expensive I can still order smaller quantities and not have to pay for shipping. Each time I've ordered from them the items arrive quick via priority mail.
Jordon - Oct 26, 2018

I bought the spot price deal on found here. Paid a little more for using Paypal. Shipping seemed slower than some other dealers but it is a very cool looking bar. I will probably order from them again if they have good deals.
JK - Oct 26, 2018

Have made several purchases with JMB, and they are the best in my opinion. Best prices, best shipping time, and packaging quality. I've even sold some to them with great results & pricing.
Ken - Sep 11, 2018

I ordered a dozen generic rounds because the price was right and they offered free shipping. It took a couple of days for the rounds to ship but they were shipped priority mail. Signature required but that was fine for me. Overall I'm very happy buying from Golden Eagle Coin. Their prices are decent and the free shipping is a bonus.
Jack K - Aug 9, 2018

I ordered 10 stackable rounds from their ebay store and paid with Paypal. The rounds showed up about a week or so later. Shipping time seemed average. Overall pleased as the price was hard to beat.
Mark - Aug 6, 2018

ordered a roll of silver eagles from their ebay store for about $18 per coin. shipped free. arrived a couple days later, no issues.
Ray H - Jul 30, 2018

Finally pulled the trigger on their 10 generic rounds silver at spot price deal. Spot price was down so I thought it would be the right time. Monument Metals did not disappoint. The rounds I received were new buffalo rounds manufactured by Republic Metals Corp (RMC). Package arrived two or three days after the order was placed. The rounds were packed in standard coin flips. Then wrapped tightly in a taped padded envelope. Then the envelope was folded tightly and placed into a small cardboard box. Overall good experience and I will order from them again.
JG - Jul 29, 2018

BEWARE unethical seller. This is the second time they have cancelled my Ebay order when the cost of gold/silver has gone up after my purchase. Then they held my money for 5 days before refunding. Obviously, they should not be offering a product at a price they are unwilling to honor.
Steve P - Jul 28, 2018

I recently purchased two RMC 10 oz silver bars from WCD at a great price. I paid using their e-check function. It was a very smooth process. I've read reviews elsewhere that complain about the "slowness" of receiving their orders. i have to say that WCD's shipping time frame seems to be about average for bullion dealers when paying with e-check/check. I can't speak to WCD's delivery speed when paying with a credit card though. In sum: great prices and accepts e-check. I will be buying from them again.
Andrew C. - Jun 21, 2018

I found their spot price 10 oz bar deal on this site and thought it was too good to be true. About a week later the bar arrived and it is one of the coolest pieces I have bought. Silver at spot.
rob t - Jun 17, 2018

I'm very pleased with GSM. I believe their Buffalo round is the best in the business. Well-struck and hallmarked. Their threshold for bank wire payment is (I think) the lowest at $1000. Very convenient. Packaging is top notch. Communication is excellent from order to delivery. Good selection of low mintage. Also, GSM gives an accurate spot price.
James Mitchell - May 3, 2018

I ordered the money metals exchange starter kit. it arrived a few days later in a discrete padded envelope signature required. The first thing I noticed was that neither the return address nor anything on the outside of the package indicated that it was precious metals inside, which was a nice start. Inside the package was a lot of promotional and marketing materials about their precious metals IRAs, investor kits and other stuff along with a zip lock bag that contained what I really wanted. The zip lock contained 3 plastic flips. One had a 2014 Silver Eagle and a 2011 Maple Leaf. Another contained a 1 oz generic round and a 1/2 oz round. The third flip had the 5 1/10 oz rounds. The generic silver rounds were their own brand which was a bit of a surprise but they all tested as expected. It was a little more than buying 4 generic rounds but the Eagle, the Maple Leaf and the fractional pieces are worth the small premium. I think I paid around $72 with free shipping.
FP - Apr 16, 2018

Placed an order for some 80% Canadian Junk silver when they had it for sale in their clearance section for spot price. It was my first time ordering from them. A few days later I got a phone call from them to verify my credit card information and shipping details. The order didn't ship for at least another week and took another 4 or 5 days to get delivered. From the time the order was placed until the coins were delivered was over two weeks. Aside from the shipping delays the order and customer service was ok. With the shipping delays on top of the shipping charges I'm not sure I'd order from them again unless it was something special.
BP - Mar 20, 2018

Ordered some Mexican Gold Peso coins when they were running a special for $4.99 over melt per coin. Great deal. They shipped the same day. Package arrived two days later. Packed well and great customer service!
BP - Mar 18, 2018

Purchased some generic silver bars from their ebay store. Bars arrived quick and packed well.
BP - Mar 7, 2018