Gold: $2399.29  Silver: $28.93  Platinum: $950.69  90% Junk $1 FV: $20.68  Gold/Silver Ratio: 82.93

Hero Bullion Dealer Information, Customer Reviews

About Hero Bullion

Free ShippingYes
Shipping InfoFree shipping on orders over $149
Mailing Address621 E Princeton Dr #976
Princeton, TX 75407
Phone(214) 210-9948
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, eCheck, Wire Transfer,

Hero Bullion is a precious metals dealer that provides a variety of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. They aim to create a secure and informative environment for buying precious metals, catering to both seasoned investors and newcomers. The company emphasizes educational resources and market insights to help customers make informed investment decisions.

Reputation and Reliability

Hero Bullion is generally considered a reputable company within the precious metals industry. Here are some key points about their reputation:

  • Customer Reviews: Hero Bullion has received positive reviews for its customer service, timely delivery, and the quality of its products. Customers appreciate the straightforward buying experience and the educational resources provided.
  • Customer Service: The company is known for responsive and helpful customer service, which is frequently highlighted in customer reviews.
  • Delivery and Packaging: Hero Bullion has a track record of timely delivery, with orders packaged discreetly to ensure security.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Timely Delivery: Hero Bullion is known for its prompt shipping, ensuring that orders are delivered on time. This reliability is a significant factor for customers who value timely access to their investments.
  • Discreet Packaging: To ensure security and privacy, Hero Bullion packages all orders discreetly. This practice helps protect the shipment from potential theft and maintains customer privacy.

Customer Reviews

Hero Bullion has received numerous positive reviews from customers, highlighting several aspects:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Many customers appreciate the responsive customer service and the educational resources provided.
  • Trustworthiness: Reviews often mention the company’s reliability in terms of shipping and the quality of the products received.

Hero Bullion stands out in the precious metals market by providing educational resources, reliable customer service, and a straightforward buying experience. Their commitment to serving both new and experienced investors makes them a valuable resource for anyone looking to invest in gold and silver bullion.

Most recent reviews that have been shared by Hero Bullion customers

Review Date : January 1, 2024 Review Rating :
My first order with Hero bullion was the night of the past coin from the Germania Mint. I ordered the coin on December 28th I received the coin on December 30th. The coin was packaged very nicely as to prevent damage. This was one of the easiest transactions I have had 5 stars for Hero bullion I will do business with them again.
T Thiessen

Review Date : September 19, 2023 Review Rating :
I have been ordering from Hero for years and have placed almost 20 orders with them. I always pay with ECheck, and have NEVER had any issues with pricing or shipping. Their prices are better than almost any other online dealer, and shipping is faster than almost anyone. I will continue to deal with them…..
Barry H

Review Date : August 26, 2023 Review Rating :
I've made several purchases and made plenty of extremely ignorant requests for information and have been totally pleased in every instance. I pay via ACH and the delay from the time of order through funds verification and then shipping has always been great. Every order takes about 20 minutes to unpack as Hero seems to make "bulletproof" a priority when packaging.GREAT COMPANY!!!
Notjoe Brandon

Review Date : April 14, 2023 Review Rating :
Terrible customer service and make you do all the leg work
Jake M

Review Date : February 17, 2023 Review Rating :
Sales and quality were good. If you purchase from them prepare to be hounded with sales calls. They are high pressure insisting to pound you with what you NEED to be interested in and why you SHOULD buy.The calls started the first day of my first purchase. Immediately I informed them I wanted no calls from them.They assured me I would be taken off the call list...yet they continued. A call yesterday finally ended with me hanging up. If they continue I will pursue a legal route.

Review Date : November 24, 2022 Review Rating :
Best of the best!!!
Dr. Jim Roberts

Review Date : October 14, 2022 Review Rating :
My first order from Hero was delivered fast and 100% accurate. They had the best price on the product I was shopping for. Will definitely buy from Hero again.

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