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Sunshine Mint

Quick Facts About Sunshine Mint

Founded in 1979, Sunshine Minting is a full service private mint in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Since its inception, the company has a proven track record for producing the high quality rounds and bars. Over the years, Sunshine Minting has significant growth and gained a reputation for producing high-quality silver and gold bullion products. Their innovations have helped lead the industry to redefine global standards for the refinement and production of precious metals and it has grown to become one of the most respected and recognized minting facilities in the United States.

Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds are among the most popular products from SMI. They are available in various sizes, including 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz, and feature the Sunshine Minting eagle logo on the front.

SMI produces a wide range of silver bars, including their trademarked "Silver Eagle" bars. These bars often feature advanced security features like MintMark SI, a micro-engraved security mark, and anti-counterfeiting technology.

SMI is recognized for its innovative security features, such as MintMark SI. This feature uses a micro-engraved mint mark that is only visible under magnification, providing an added layer of authentication to their bullion products.

Mint Mark SI

Sunshine Minting is based in Idaho, and has been in operation since 1979. Mint Mark SI is a security feature that is included in all Sunshine Minting bullion products minted after 2012.

Mint Mark SI uses a scrambled indicia as a security feature encoded on each bullion item. The hidden encoded imagery and text can only be viewed with a special decoder lens.

When you look at your bar or round without any special tools, the Mint Mark SI area will just look like a spot on your bar or round.

However, when you use the decoder card to look at your round or bar, you will be able to see the word VALID From another view with the decoder, you can see the sun.

Mint Mark SI is an additional layer of security and provides buyers and investors with a new level of trust.

Sunshine Mint also produces silver bars for private label companies.

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