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Silver Coin Mintage Reports

Mintage reports can play an important role in researching the numerous options available when considering investing in precious metals. Mintage reports show the number of coins that were produced by the mint of a specific design in a given year.

Mintage reports can help in determining the rarity of a coin in relation to the total number of variations known to have been manufactured. Coin collectors turn to mintage reports to help in determining the value of a rare or unique silver coin

Some of the most popular Silver Coin collectibles from the Perth Mint are minted annually in limited quantities. Their annually changing designs of native Australian wildlife have won over the hearts and minds of collectors and investors. Those keeps a careful watch on the value of their precious metals portfolio will research the mintages of each coin in their collection.

Mintage reports are available from various countries and mints. Information is provided where available.

Mintage details, when available, are provided for informational purposes only.

What is a mintage report?

Sovereign and private mints worldwide produce various types of coins for commerce, numismatic coins for collectors, and bullion coins for investors.

The US Mint and some others measure mintages in terms of “production” figures when referring to circulating coins, “sales” figures for numismatic products, and “mintage” figures for bullion.

The Perth Mint measures mintages of their numismatic products based on the number of coins produced and sold by the mint.