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Pre 1933 US Gold

Gold coins minted by the United States prior to 1933

Quick Facts About Pre 1933 US Gold

History of Pre-1933 US Gold Coins

The first gold coin struck in the US was the 1787 Brasher Doubloon. It represents one of the most important pieces in American economy's history with gold and silver coins.

The Coinage Act, which was passed into law by Congress in 1794 was the first legislation that authorized the US Mint to issue gold coins intended for circulation.

The Act established a single face value for each coin type, American Eagles were issued with a face value of $10, Half Eagles of $5, and Quarter Eagles of $2.50. During those times, the intrinsic value of the gold content was about in line with the coin's face value.

In 1933, President Roosevelt, with a stroke of a pen, signed Executive Order that made it illegal for everyday Americans to own gold and forced all citizens to exchange their gold for Federal Reserve Notes.

Millions of ounces of circulated gold coins were removed from the economy and melted down into gold bars to be stored at Fort Knox and other bullion depositories.

Many patriotic citizens refused to comply the decree, and today, these Pre-1933 Gold Coins can serve both as investments in physical coins and as collectibles that are available in raw and graded forms in many weight, design, and grade options.

Pre-1933 gold coins are one of the most sought after gold bullion types available to precious metals investors and stackers.

Pre-1933 US Gold Coins Sizes and Designs

There are various Pre-1933 US Gold coins available in the precious metals market that have survived the test of time. The sizes and designs are very distinct from modern coins. However, they still have certain similarities, such as the face value of primary denominations of $20 (commonly referred to as the Double Eagle or the Gold Double Eagle), $10 gold eagle, $5 half eagle, and $2.50 quarter eagle. The actual gold content (agw) in these gold coins ranges from .1209 to .9675 oz. of gold, alloyed with copper to improve its strength and durability. The three most popular designs of Pre-1933 gold coins are the Indian Head, Saint Gaudens, and Liberty Head designs.

Other, less common coins were minted and circulated that included $3 and $1 face values.

Indian Head Design Gold Eagle Coins

The Indian Head Gold Coin incorporates an image of a Native American chief on the obverse side that celebrates the indigenous cultural history of the United States. The unique design characteristic of the Indian Head Gold Coins is that the design is incuse, which means that this design is sunken into the coin instead of being raised.

The Indian Head series of coins was minted from 1907 until 1916, and then irregularly until 1933.

Saint Gaudens Double Gold Eagle Design

The Saint Gaudens Gold Coin depicts on its obverse side the image of the walking Lady Liberty with an olive branch in one hand and a torch in the other one, with the Capitol Building being visible behind her. The same design served as an inspiration for the American Gold Eagle coin.

The Saint-Gaudens double eagle is a twenty-dollar gold coin, minted by the United States Mint from 1907 to 1933.

Liberty Head or Coronet Gold Eagles

The Liberty Head Gold Eagle Coin features on its obverse side the depiction of Lady Liberty facing leftward and adorned with a coronet atop of her head. This coin is mainly available in two size options, like the $2.5 Liberty Quarter Gold Eagle and the $5 Liberty Half Gold Eagle, and, according to its size, can have the inscription 'Liberty' on the coronet.

The Liberty Head or Coronet eagle is an American ten-dollar gold piece struck for commerce from 1850 to 1907.

These coins have not been produced for over 90 years. At times of high demand availability can be limited.

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