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Silver Bullets

These replica Silver Bullets won't kill werewolves or zombies, but they will put a smile on the face of any firearms enthusiast, hunter, or military member. Cast in solid .999 fine silver, these silver bullets look nearly identical to real cartridges and are primed to target the appeal of those that love intrinsic value in their novelties. These make a great gift and are available in a variety of weights, calibers and price points.

Quick Facts About Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets are also symbolic to soldiers, veterans, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts and firearms collectors. Owning replica bullets is both a piece of art and a unique store of value and wealth. These cast and poured silver bars are a unique design that can be proudly displayed on a mantel or shelf. They serve as an important reminder of the many sacrifices made to secure our rights and freedoms.

Storing .999 fine silver bullets

Replica Silver bullets are designed in sizes and shapes that are similar in specifications to standards used for real ones. They are similar to dummy rounds that you might have around and may be stored in similar types of packaging making it easy to stash them with your other gear. Boxes of ten rounds or twenty rounds are available as well as you add additional ounces.

They are minted by a variety of private mints throughout the United States and are one of the most popular gifts for firearms enthusiasts. Having a full magazine of replica rounds is a tremendous asset to build on.

A lot of investors simply use ammo cans and similar containers, making it easy to store silver and other precious metals alongside other preps. These bullets can help protect you from financial insecurity during tough economic times with silver playing a very important role for families that want to have a secure future. Most of these silver bullets have dimensions that are close enough in spec that they can fit in similar storage containers and stack in your vault. It's easy to store your wealth alongside firearms or other valuables.

Silver Bullet Calibers (Weights)

These replica, non-functional silver bullets, but are available in some common calibers that include:

  • .22 LR 1/4 oz - This cartridge has been popular since it was invented in 1884. These uniquely designed fractional silver bars each contain a quarter oz of pure silver.
  • .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO 1 troy oz - These bars are shaped like the popular cartridge used by many enthusiasts today. This size is also commonly used in various military service units as well and make an excellent memento.
  • .45 ACP Round Replica 1 oz Silver Bar - These one troy ounce silver bars are the size and shape of the real thing. Instead of lead and copper, these are pure .999 fine silver. However, if you want to store some of these in the same boxes as the real ones, most will probably fit like normal.
  • 12 gauge Shell Replica 5 oz Silver Bar - These unique silver art bars make an excellent gift for any upland bird hunter, small game or big game hunter. Each of these bars weighs 5 troy ounces it is easy to tell the difference between one of these and a real one.
  • .50 Caliber BMG Replica 10 oz Silver Bar - Based on the design of the Browning Machine Gun cartridge that was first used by the US Army in 1921. This size round is also popular with militaries and defense forces around the world due to the many versatile uses in battle.
  • 20 mm Canon Replica 25 troy ounce bar - These massive silver bars are modeled after rounds that were used during the first and second world wars. In those days, these rounds were often used with anti-aircraft weapons aboard naval ships and aircraft like helicopters and fighter jets. These bars are a unique store of value and wealth that is popular with military and history buffs.
  • .308 / 7.62 Nato 2 oz Silver Bar - These definitely take aim at being one of the coolest 2 oz silver bars available. Cast in the shape of real bullet, but non-functional, these .308 shaped rounds are a great investment that can be easily stored amongst real cartridges so you're always prepared for whatever comes your way.
  • 30 mm Caliber Canon Round - Mimicking an authentic military mortar type round, these fine silver sculptures offer the same 100 troy ounce store of value as their traditional bar counterparts.

All of these replica silver bullets are minted from .999 fine silver. This includes an assortment of shapes, sizes and weight denominations. There options suitable for investment, as a collectible or simply as decoration.

Check out the video below to learn more about some of the cool variations that are available to investors and collectors.

Silver Bullets in Literature and Popular Culture

Silver bullets have long been associated with the hunting and killing of werewolves and other supernatural creatures. The belief that silver could harm werewolves, vampires, witches and other evil creatures appears to have originated in European folklore. One of the earliest and most famous uses of silver bullets in literature comes from the stories of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote many of the fairy tales that are still loved today. In their story "The Two Brothers," published in 1812, a bullet made from silver is used to kill a witch.

The idea of using silver bullets to kill werewolves gained popularity with its use as a core genre element in Hollywood movies like "The Wolf Man" in 1941. Many other movies, books, and television shows have followed the concept of silver bullets, contributing to the association between silver and the supernatural in popular culture.

A popular character from radio, television, and comic books in the United States during the mid-20th century name The Lone Ranger used silver bullets as a symbol of justice, law, and order. Often leaving a silver bullet as a reminder that life, like silver, has value and should not be wasted.

In "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King, the use of silver bullets makes several appearances within the story arcs. King uses a silver bullet named "Reap Charm" as a symbol of the love between Roland Deschain and Susan Delgado. While in other parts of the tale, silver bullets are used as a weapon to kill supernatural creatures.

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