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Australian Koala Coins

Silver Koala Coins from the Perth Mint

A perennial favorite of collectors, the current year Koala silver coin shows the lovable and adorable marsupial climbing a eucalyptus tree branch with its a baby koala on its back. Learn more about Koala Silver coins and find the latest pricing and mintage information for these treasured collectible silver coins.

Quick Facts About Australian Koala Coins

Collectors and investors have been in love with the Koala coin series from the Perth Mint since being introduced in 2007.

This imaginative series is updated annually with a new whimsical design featuring the lovable and adorable Koala.

The Koala is a marsupial that is native to the Australian outback that is often mistaken for a bear. The main food of the Koala is the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, which grows plentifully throughout Australia.

The Perth Mint generates a new, unique design each year that reveals the koala in its native jungle environment.

Throughout the life of the series there have been 5 unique weights, each with its own face value designation that grants it status as legal tender status.

Koala Silver Coin Denominations

Koala Kilo Silver Coin - The largest size coin produced by the Perth Mint for this series is the Koala Silver Kilo coin. Dimensions 100.6mm in diameter, 14.6mm in thickness. Minted each year in very limited quantities, the Koala Kilo is highly sought after by collectors and investors hoping to keep their collection complete. The Koala Kilo has a face value of $30 AUD.

Koala 10 oz Silver Coin - In years that they are produced, the ten troy ounce category of the Koala coin is in high demand. Secondary market and auction premiums for backdated coins often fetch double digit premiums. Having a complete collection of Koala Silver Coins is quite an achievement! Dimensions of this coin are 75.6mm in diameter and 8.7mm in thickness. The 10 oz Silver Koala has a face value of $10 AUD.

Koala 1 oz Silver Coin - The most popular and widely available size is the one troy ounce Koala. For the first ten years the 1 oz Koala coin was minted on demand based on orders and sales. The mintage cap was added in 2018. Dimensions 40.6mm in diameter, 4.0mm in thickness. The 1 oz Silver Koala has a face value of $1 AUD.

Koala 1/2 oz Silver Coin - The fractional Koala coins are a favorite amongst collectors and hobbyists because of their small size. Dimensions 36.6mm in diameter, 2.3mm in thickness. The 1/2 Silver Koala has a face value of $.50 AUD.

Koala 1/10 oz Silver Coin - In select years, the 1/10 ounce koala coin was produced in limited numbers. As the smallest denomination the demand from collectors continues to grow. Numismatic premiums on these coins far exceeds their intrinsic value. These coins are a good option for investors to explore when considering modern numismatic investing. Dimensions 20.6mm in diameter, 2.0mm in thickness. The 1/10 oz Silver Koala has a face value of $.10 AUD.

Koala Coins Silver Composition

The Koala Silver Coin is currently minted with silver refined to a fineness of .9999 purity. However, that was not always the case. The Koala coin was introduced in 2007 with a purity of .999. In 2018, the Perth Mint increased the purity of the silver to .9999 fineness that is used in the minting of these coins.

Mintage History

The Koala Silver Coin series was introduced in 2007 with a 1 oz silver coin. Only 137,768 were produced for global distribution and it became an instant favorite of collectors and investors.

2017 Koala 1 oz Silver Kangaroo Privy

In 2008, the mint introduced the Kilo, 10 oz and 1/2 oz coins to the collection of available sizes.

In 2011, the smallest fractional coin in the series, the 1/10 oz Silver Koala, made its debut.

Since 2015, only the 1 oz Koala and Kilo Koala bullion coins are minted annually. The other denominations are available with proof and gilded finishes.

Privy marks were added to some coins in certain years in limited numbers. The marketplace for privy mark coins can bring large premiums. Numismatic premiums for collectors with unique interests continue reach new highs.

Current Year Koala Silver Coin Design

The reverse design of the 2022 Koala Silver coin shows the beloved marsupial resting on a branch. Its eyes are closed and right arm and leg are dangling from the branch. Its left leg tightly gripping the eucalyptus branch.

Leaves from the tree are shown around the animal. This side also contains markings for the year of minting, the weight and fineness. The "P" mint mark, symbolizing the Perth Mint is displayed near the right edge.

The obverse face of the coin shows a rightward-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was created by notable artist Jody Clark. The currency denomination is included around the lower part of the design field near the edge.

Each Koala coin comes from the mint secured in a plastic capsule to protect it from scratches or from damage that can occur from handling.

The annual release is eagerly anticipated by investors and collectors. Due to the high demand and limited mintages, Koala coins sell out from the mint quickly.

Once sold out, the premiums on these coins typically increase quickly. Savvy investors who buy as many as they can during the pre-sale and early release can often flip these coins a few months later for a tidy profit.

Sleeves containing a quantity of twenty 1 oz coins are available annually and are popular with investors.

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