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Spot Price Deals

Dealer Bullion Starter Pack offer Price
Silver Gold Bull
Silver Gold Bull 10 oz Silver Bar at Spot
Spot Price 10 oz Silver Bar
Coinweek Weekly Giveaway
2018 Canada 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf — Incuse $5 Coin NGC MS69 Early Release Black Core Holder Exclusive Canada Label
APMEX Queen's Beasts Sweepstakes
Win (15) 2018 10 oz Silver Queen's Beasts Red Dragon of Wales Coins - 150 troy ounces
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SD Bullion
10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price
Code: SILVER23
JM Bullion
JM Bullion Starter Pack (10) 1 oz Rounds at Spot Price
Free Shipping
Monument Metals
(10) 1 oz Rounds at Spot Price
Free Shipping
Monument Metals
$10 Face Value 90% Junk Silver at Spot
Code: 1TXNC8
BOLD Precious Metals
BOLD Welcome Packs Up to 5 troy ounces Premium silver at spot price
BOLD Precious Metals
$10 Face Value Bag of Junk
7.15 oz - Free Shipping
Global Bullon Suppliers
(3) 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leafs at spot price


Silver Spot Price is the price that silver bullion futures trade at on the COMEX commodities exchange. Spot price is also the price that retail silver dealers use as the cost basis for pricing their products. Dealers determine the price of silver bars and rounds by adding a premium over the silver spot price.

When selling silver, a dealer will usually base their products on the spot silver ask price. When a dealer buys silver they will usually base their price on the spot silver bid price.

The precious metals and bullion dealers on this page offer new customers an opportunity to buy a fixed amount of silver at spot price. Some bullion dealers call these "starter packs". The silver bullion starter packs are limited offers to one purchase per household.

The deals below give you to chance to buy over 50 oz of silver at spot from these precious metals dealers.

Buying at spot price is the easiest way to buy the cheapest silver bullion. Add more silver bullion to your stack or investment portfolio without the added premium.

Buying silver at spot price will save you money, reduce your dollar cost average (DCA), and improve your precious metals investment holdings.

Other Bullion Starter Packs

The bullion starter packs below are other deals offered by dealers that are above spot or by dealers that may contact you to "hard sell" you on something else. The dealers themselves describe these as being deals. Some deals are better than others. They are listed here to be comprehensive in listing of bullion starter packs offered by nationwide bullion dealers.

Dealer Bullion Starter Pack offer Price
Money Metals Exchange Silver Starter Kit Employee Pricing Starter Pack - 4 troy ounces at "Employee Pricing" $73.60 - Link
Nationwide Coins Get up to (10) 1/10th oz Gold Eagle coins at $129 each $129 - Link
Wholesale Coins Direct Silver Bullion Starter Kit Five silver coins and rounds from around the world $89.99 - Link

Where can you buy silver at spot price?

The dealers listed on this page, such as Silver Gold Bull, JM Bullion and SD Bullion have a special offer that allows new customers to purchase up to 10 oz of silver at spot price.