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Silver Spot Price Deals

Grow your precious metals stack with over 50 ounces of Silver at SPOT PRICE!

Silver Spot Price deals from trusted and reputable major bullion dealers. We track silver at spot price offers on silver bullion, silver rounds, silver bars and 90% junk silver.

Plus, we keep track of other bullion starter kit offers and bullion deals from dealers that often are below cost.

Buy Silver at Spot Price

Dealer Silver Spot Price Deal Price
Silver Gold Bull
Free Shipping
10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price Top Silver Spot Price Deal
Limited Time Offer - Buy (1) 10 oz Silver Bar at spot price10 oz silver bar at spot price
10 oz silver bar manufactured by Sunshine Mint, this silver bar features the Silver Gold Bull logo
SD Bullion
Free Shipping
10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price Top Silver Spot Price Deal
Limited Time Offer
Code: SILVER23
Note: You must login to use Silver Spot Price Coupon Code • Shipping $7.77 • Free Shipping for Veterans
JM Bullion
Free Shipping
JM Bullion Starter Pack (10) 1 oz Rounds at Spot Price
Free Shipping
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Roman Empire Trajan AD 98-117 AR Denarius NGC Certified
PLUS 1916 Portugal Silver 50 Centavos NGC MS63
Monument Metals
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(10) 1 oz Silver Rounds at Spot Price
Code: 10RDSPOT
Free Shipping
Monument Metals
Free Shipping
$10 Face Value 90% Junk Silver at Spot Price
Code: 1TXNC8
BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping
BOLD Welcome Packs Up to 5 troy ounces premium silver at spot price
Free Shipping not valid on just Welcome Pack. Must make additional $99 purchase to receive free shipping
BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping
$10 Face Value Bag of Junk silver at spot price
Free Shipping not valid on just Spot Price deal. Must make additional $99 purchase to receive free shipping
Global Bullon Suppliers
Free Shipping
(2) 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leafs at spot price
Must purchase 10 oz for Free Shipping. Ships from Canada. $24.95 for ground shipping to US under 10 oz

More Deals and Starter Packs Below

More Silver and Gold Bullion Starter Packs and Deals

The silver and gold starter packs and bullion deals below are other deals offered by dealers that are above spot or by dealers that may contact you to "hard sell" you on something else. The dealers themselves describe these as being deals. Some deals are better than others. They are listed here to be comprehensive in listing of bullion starter packs and silver spot price deals offered by nationwide online bullion dealers.

Dealer Bullion Starter Pack offer Price
Money Metals Exchange
Free Shipping
Hot Deal - Free Shipping for a Limited Time
Silver Starter Kit Employee Pricing Starter Pack
4 troy ounces, including one Silver Eagle and Silver Maple Leaf
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Buy' button to add to your cart for this price and free shipping.

This package includes:

  • (1) 1 oz American Silver Eagle
  • (1) 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • (1) 1 oz Generic Silver round
  • (1) 1/2 oz generic silver round
  • (5) 1/10th oz fractional silver rounds
The premium items included in this pack usually sell well above spot price.
Order today and get free shipping for a limited time!

To order, click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page to add the starter kit to your cart.

Nationwide Coins
Get up to Ten 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle gold coins below spot for $129 each
Feedback from buyers has been mixed. Some buyers have complained of hard sell on numismatic items or bait and switch. Some have also given positive reviews of receiving everything as expected.
Wholesale Coins Direct
Free Shipping
Silver Bullion Starter Kit Five silver coins and rounds from around the world
(1) 1 oz America Silver Eagle, (1) 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, (1) Great Britain Britannia, (2) 1 oz Generic Silver Rounds - 5 troy oz total
Add an additional generic silver round or bar to bring the total over their $99 minimum and to get free shipping
Minimum order amount is $99.
International Currency and Coin
(1) 2018 American Silver Eagle Coin for $17 plus $5.95 shipping. $22.95 shipped.
Menē 24k Gold Investment Jewelry
Free Shipping
Low premium .999 pure gold bullion jewelry. Wearable jewelry made from 24k pure gold. Free $5 merchandise credit for creating an account. $50 credit after first purchase

What is Silver Spot Price?

Silver Spot Price is the price that silver bullion futures contracts trade at on the COMEX commodities exchange global markets. Spot price is also the price that retail silver dealers use as the cost basis for selling and buying products. Dealers determine the price of silver bars and rounds by adding a premium over the silver spot price.

When selling silver, a dealer will usually base their products on the spot silver ask price. When a dealer buys silver they will usually base their price on the spot silver bid price. In addition to the added premium, the spread between the silver spot price bid and ask is how the dealer makes their profit.

The precious metals and bullion dealers on this page offer new customers an opportunity to buy a fixed amount of silver at spot price. Some bullion dealers call these "starter packs". The silver bullion starter packs are limited offers to one purchase per household.

The deals below give you to chance to buy over 50 oz of silver at spot from these precious metals dealers.

Buying at spot price is the easiest way to buy the cheapest silver bullion. Add more silver bullion to your stack or investment portfolio without the added premium.

Buying silver at spot price will save you money, reduce your dollar cost average (DCA), and improve your precious metals investment holdings.

Where can you buy silver at spot price?

The dealers listed on this page, such as Silver Gold Bull, JM Bullion and SD Bullion have a special offer that allows new customers to purchase up to 10 oz at silver spot price.

By taking advantage of all of these offers you can buy over 50 troy ounces of at silver spot price.

In addition to these offers, buying generic silver bullion provides the best value for dollar cost averaging. Buying generic silver bullion in the form of 1 oz bars and rounds, 5 oz bars or 10 oz bars provides a balance of lower premium over silver spot price while also being fairly easy to sell if you need the money in a pinch.

Buying larger size bars, such as kilo's and 100 oz bars will be the lowest premium over silver spot price.

Why do some dealers sell silver at spot price?

Except when noted, spot price deals are limited to one offer per household. Silver bullion is a commodity product driven by market pricing. Dealers differentiate themselves by their customer service and pricing. Offering a spot price deal exposes the customer to the dealer's customer service and pricing for additional products. Most of the deals on this page are incentive offers for dealers to attract new customers to expose them to their customer service and pricing with the goal of converting them into returning and repeat customers.

From time to time some dealers will drop the prices on a particular item to spot price. This sometimes happens with 1 oz generic silver rounds and 10 oz bars. Dealers may do this because they have an excess inventory of an item. They may have purchased these items well below the current spot price. This allows them to eliminate the premium they would normally charge and pass that savings on to investors looking for a deal.