Gold: $2321.45  Silver: $29.55  Platinum: $990.09  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.13  Gold/Silver Ratio: 78.56

Cheapest Kilo Silver Bars

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The Silver Bars listed here have the lowest silver price per ounce premium over silver spot price per ounce. These are the best silver prices offered by major online bullion dealers with the lowest silver premium.

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Cheapest Kilo Silver Bars Results

Silver Spot Price: $29.55 per ounce
Product  Dealer  P/oz over Spot  Lowest Price 
1 kilo Silver Bar - Secondary Market Treasure Island Coins 0.68
Kilo Silver Bar Nadir Refinery BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
1 Kilo Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bar BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
1 Kilo Silver Bar - Perth Mint BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Germania Mint Cast Silver Kilo Bar 32.15 oz Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
1 kilo Johnson Matthey Silver Bar .999 Fine (USA) BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Kilo Silver Bar Italpreziosi Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
1 Kilo Silver Bar Sunshine Minting (32.15 troy oz) .999 Fine Bullion Ingot Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
IGR Kilo Silver Bar with Assay Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Royal Mint 1 Kilo Silver Cast Bar Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
JBR Recovery Ltd Kilo Silver Bar Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Mercury Kilo Silver Bar Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Royal Canadian Mint Kilo Silver Bar (RCM) Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Kilo Silver Bar - Scottsdale Stacker 32.15 oz BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
1 kilo Silver Bar Pony Express Silver Gold Bull
Free Shipping @ $199
Valcambi Cast 1 kilo Silver Bar Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Silver Bar SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
PAMP Suisse Kilo Cast Silver Bar Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Wall Street Mint Kilo Silver Bar eBay  
Free Shipping Available
1 kilo Geiger Square Cast Silver Bar BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Tombstone Nugget Kilo Silver Bar eBay  
Free Shipping Available
1 Kilo Silver Bar - Geiger (Square Series) Money Metals Exchange 4.22

Cheapest 32.15 oz Silver Bars

The premiums that are included in the cost of silver bars are typically much lower than those of coins because most are manufactured by private mints with lower overhead costs. Government minted silver bars are available and command a higher premium in the marketplace for a variety of reasons.

Silver bars, sometimes called ingots, share many of the same characteristics as silver rounds. Private mints produce many bellwether designs such as the Buffalo and Morgan Silver bars. Generic silver bars are one of the top precious metals investments because they have the lowest premiums. Some private mint silver bars have been produced with the same design for decades, others are drawing in investors with fresh new designs.

Minted and poured silver silver bars are made in an array of sizes or weights that are suitable as a store of value and wealth. The diversity of weight denominations and private mints can be overwhelming for new investors. Most investors choose a size that is comfortable for their budget and then make purchases at regular intervals.

1 Kilo Silver Bars

Kilogram Silver Bars each weigh 32.15 troy ounces, which is the same as 1000 grams of pure silver. With the current spot price of silver, kilo bars represent a price point that is affordable for investors looking to make bulk silver investments.

Purchasing kilogram bars can often be a more efficient and cost-effective way to buy silver than acquiring many smaller products. Silver Kilos come in a wide variety of shapes, including legal-tender coins from various government mints. By far, the most popular are kilo silver bars that are roughly the shape and size of a modern smartphone, only much heavier!

Unlike digital assets, ETFs and paper contracts, you physically own a tangible item when you own a kilo silver bar. For many investors, holding a physical commodity in your hand provides a sense of security. Holding a physical silver kilo bar means there's no third-party counterparty risk as there might be with financial assets like stocks or bonds. You're not relying on another party's ability to fulfill a contract or obligation. Buying and holding physical silver can also provide a level of privacy not always available with other types of investments. Transactions in physical silver oftentimes can be made discreetly with minimal reporting requirements, if any at all.

Lower Premiums Over Spot

Generally, the larger the silver bar, the lower the premium over the spot price of silver. This means that on a per-ounce basis, you're often getting a better price when buying a kilogram silver bar compared to smaller bars or coins. Each kilogram silver bar from a reputable mint is highly liquid easily tradable in the bullion market.

Online bullion dealers are able to offer consistently better pricing and reduced premiums when buying in bulk and a kilogram silver bar naturally falls into a more significant investment category. Purchasing multiple kilogram bars often further reduces the premium.

How much is a kilogram bar of silver worth today?

Based on today's silver spot price, each 32.15 oz silver bar has a melt value of $950.03.