Gold: $1674.00  Silver: $19.38  Platinum: $883.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $13.86  Gold/Silver Ratio: 86.38

Cheapest Silver Bullion Price

The Silver bullion products listed here have the lowest silver price per ounce premium over silver spot price per ounce. These are the best silver prices offered by major online bullion dealers with the lowest silver premium.

Our closest to spot tools will help you search and find the best place to buy silver coins, bars and bullion.

When you're looking to buy silver bullion products our tools help you find the best deal online from trusted and reputable dealers.

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Silver Spot Price: $19.38 per ounce
Product  Dealer  P/oz over Spot  Lowest Price 
$1 Face Value - 35% SILVER WAR NICKELS - 20 Coins Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$10 Face Value Kennedy Half Dollars 40% Silver 20-Coin Roll SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
Kennedy 40% Silver Half Dollars - $100 Face Value SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$2 Face Value - 35% SILVER WAR NICKELS - 40 Coins eBay  
Free Shipping Available
$1 Face Value 80% Canada Junk Silver APMEX
Free Shipping @ $199
$100 Face-Value 90% Silver Coins Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$50 Face Value Junk Silver Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$10 Face Value 90% Silver Coins Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$1000 Face Value - 90% Circulated Silver Coins APMEX
Free Shipping @ $199
Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver - $5 Face Value Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
Walking Liberty Half Dollars - $10 Face Value 90% Silver SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
90% Silver 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 20-Coin Roll Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$10 Face Value Franklin Half Dollars 90% Silver Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$5 Face Value Roosevelt 90% Silver Dimes Roll APMEX
Free Shipping @ $199
$1 Face Value 90% Silver Coins BGASC 13.72
Mercury Dimes $1 FV APMEX
Free Shipping @ $199
Circulated Peace Dollar Culls JM Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollars (Random Years) BGASC 20.43
1921 Morgan Dollar - Average Circulation BGASC 20.47
Random Year Peace Dollar Silver Coin SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
1921 Morgan Silver Dollar - BU Condition JM Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
Starter Portfolio Gold & Silver Money Metals Exchange 36.37

Buying Silver Coins and Bullion

Investing or Storing Wealth

Most people think of buying bullion and coins as an investment. There is certainly upside potential to turn a profit with bullion investments.

Another way to look at precious metals is as a store of value and wealth. Having a stack of precious metals is like having a savings account. During difficult financial times it is important to have stable assets. Precious metals like silver bars are physical assets that you own in much the same ways as real estate or land. Though buying, selling and holding a stack of silver bars or coins is much simpler.

Buying Silver Bars and Coins

When shopping for silver bullion it is important to remember that it is a commodity. silver spot price is based on buying a futures contract containing thousands of ounces. Premiums on smaller orders will be higher than those with larger quantities.

Our price listings show the prices per coin, bar or round. The price displayed is for single quantity purchases from each listed dealer. Quantity discounts are usually available but will vary for each online bullion dealer.

Lowest Price for Silver Bullion

Compare prices of silver bullion prices. Compare dealer premiums for popular Silver bullion products. This tool will display silver bullion sorted by the lowest silver price per ounce over silver spot price. Investors that are interested in stacking silver bullion for weight will look for the best silver price per ounce closest to silver spot price.

Even those who stack and invest in sovereign government silver coins or bullion. Our silver price comparison tools will find you the lowest American Silver Eagle prices, cheapest Silver Maple Leafs prices, or the best price for Austria Silver Philharmonics This page shows the cheapest silver bars, lowest priced silver rounds and the best prices on silver coins.

What is Silver Bullion?

Silver bullion is silver that has been cast or poured into bars, coins, rounds or ingots. Silver bullion can be used for industrial or medical applications or you can buy silver bullion as an investment. Many investors prefer to buy silver bullion in rounds, which are the same shape as a coin but do not carry any face value as legal tender currency.