Gold: $2414.80  Silver: $31.78  Platinum: $1050.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $22.72  Gold/Silver Ratio: 75.98

Geiger Edelmetalle

Silver & Gold Bullion from a legendary German private mint.

Geiger Edelmetalle is one of the oldest and most trusted names in silver and gold bullion. Established in Germany in the 13th century, Geiger continues to be a leading refiner and industry innovator of bullion products.

Quick Facts About Geiger Edelmetalle

Why buy Geiger Square Bars?

Geiger Square Series bars are cool. The innovations from the company are felt across the precious metals industry and have helped bring about renewed interest to various categories of investors. Products like these are industry leading in helping people understand and appreciate the value of precious metals as a store of wealth.

In some cases, Geiger Square gold bars sell for a significantly higher premium on the secondary market due to the extreme demand.

Geiger Silver Bars and Geiger Gold Bars are in high demand amongst precious metals investors who are looking for both quality and innovation.

These barss contain a variety of unique security features, such as:

  • a textured design with repeating LEV logos
  • Serial number stamped on the bar
  • UV Printed rhombus viewable only under a blacklight.
These security features protect the authenticity and quality of the product against possible counterfeiting.

Geiger's focus for more than 800 years has been to produce the highest quality gold bars and silver bars. Their gold bars are all produced using .9999 fine gold, the highest level of purity by industry standards. The silver bars are all made to the highest industry standards with a minimum .999 fine silver purity.

Geiger Fractional Gold Bars

The unique shape and advanced anti-counterfeiting features make the Geiger Square fractional gold bars amongst the most coveted investment products.

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