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1 oz Silver Coins

Government minted 1 oz silver coins are one of the most popular precious investments. Each sovereign coin contains one troy ounce of pure silver. These coins come in a variety of purity levels most typically .999 fine and higher. The size and weight make them easy to store and are a great way to incrementally add silver to your at home savings or preps.

Quick Facts About 1 oz Silver Coins

Silver coins represent a physical, tangible asset, which many investors find appealing in contrast to intangible investments like stocks or bonds. As a form of financial security, silver is more affordable per ounce than gold, making 1 oz silver coins a relatively low-cost entry point into precious metal investing. Government backed 1 oz silver coins are highly liquid. They can be easily bought, sold, or traded, and are easily recognized and authenticated, making them a convenient asset to liquidate if needed.

Like other precious metals, silver is often seen as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. The 1 oz weight is a standard and widely recognized size in the bullion market, facilitating easy valuation and exchange.

Many 1 oz silver coins feature intricate and artistic designs, which also appeal to collectors. Themes often include national symbols, historical figures, or commemorative events.The array of designs issued by various mints around the world offers investors the opportunity to build diverse and interesting collections.

Some 1 oz silver coins are issued in limited quantities or as part of special series, making them rare and potentially adding numismatic valuable over time. Collectors value these coins not only for their metal content but also for the connection to other countries and cultures, some with significant historical context, along with the artistry and craftsmanship.

Cheapest Ways to Buy 1 oz Silver Coins

Buying 1 oz silver coins at the lowest possible cost involves understanding the market and identifying which coins typically come with lower premiums. When buying in bulk, such as mint tubes and Monster Boxes, dealers are often able to offer discounts that reduce the premium per coin.

Government mints charge a premium over the prevailing spot silver price to wholesalers, distributors and dealers. This mint premium covers the cost of sourcing, manufacturing, minting, marketing and distribution. Some government mints are more efficient than others and there are some 1 oz silver coins that have lower premiums compared to others. For example, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Austrian Silver Philharmonic, or the Australian Silver Kangaroo often have lower premiums compared to the American Silver Eagle.

Buying silver coins from the secondary market can result in lower prices. This can involve buying random year 1 oz coins. These are typically coins from recent years that were purchased by an investors when newly minted. At some point the coins were liquidated and sold back to a dealer, pawn shop or local coin store. These coins are then resold by dealers for a cheaper price than current year coins.

When considering which coins to buy as a store of value, focus on bullion coins rather than numismatic or collector coins. Understanding numismatic premiums requires a deeper understanding of the collectibility, rarity, or in some cases, their historical value.

While many well-known mints like the US Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint in Australia issue popular 1 oz silver coins, there are also less prominent countries that produce their own unique 1 oz silver coins. Some of these include:

  • Niue: This small island nation in the South Pacific has issued various 1 oz silver coins with unique designs, often in collaboration with foreign mints.
  • Cook Islands: Known for producing a variety of collector coins, including 1 oz silver coins with distinctive designs.
  • Tuvalu: This Polynesian island nation has issued various themed 1 oz silver coins, often appealing to niche collectors.
  • Palau: A small country in the western Pacific, Palau has produced some unique and visually striking 1 oz silver coins.
  • Fiji: Known for issuing 1 oz silver coins with both traditional and innovative designs.

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