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Silver Gram Bars

Metric Silver Bars

The metric system is widely used around the world for measuring and trading precious metals including silver. Many private mints in Europe, the Middle East and Asia cast and mint silver bars in a large assortment of gram denominated weights for investors.

Silver Gram Bars Quick Facts

The gram is the most basic unit of measurement and is a common way for measuring smaller quantities of precious metals.

Smaller sized gram silver bars are popular for collecting. They also make an excellent gift for loved ones, either to commemorate special events, or to teach them about savings, money and the value of precious metals. This kind of education is good for all ages.

Various unique designs are available in smaller sizes and investors have an array of choices in both poured and minted silver bars.

While silver bars are available as small as 1 gram, the smaller sizes generally have higher premiums making them less inviting for investing, but can be fun to collect and trade.

Larger bars offer a lower price premium over the spot silver price, enabling investors to secure more metal for a better price. The most popular is the kilogram bar, but the 500 gram half kilo and 250 gram quarter kilo are quickly becoming mainstream with investors.

A 100 gram silver bar weighs approximately 3.215 troy ounces and are typically minted from .999 fine silver or higher.

Gram sized silver bars are produced by various reputable mints and refineries around the world and typically feature unique designs or simply carry the hallmark of the issuing mint, along with relevant assay information such as the weight, purity, and sometimes a serial number.

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