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The choice between coins and bars is a preference that goes along with other financial goals. Market conditions can often play a part in decision making.

With the volumes of options available to investors looking to secure physical metals, finding the lowest premiums and securing the best price to keep your dollar-cost average low becomes an important factor. Our price comparison tools allow you to quickly find the best prices on gold bullion from a dozens of trusted and reputable online dealers. Easily shop and and quickly compare to find which online bullion dealer has the cheapest price.

Our tools will help you find the best gold prices online from dozens of trusted and reputable dealers.

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Spot Gold Price: $1900.90 per ounce
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1 Kilo Gold Bar .9999 Fine Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$1058.67 per bar
PAMP Suisse Poured Gold Kilo Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$1224.68 per bar
1000 gram Austrian Mint Cast Gold Bar APMEX
Free Shipping @ $199
$1838.64 per bar

Searching for the Best Gold Prices Online

Gold has long been used as a way of paying for goods and services as real money for thousands of years. It is a real, physical, tangible asset that has stood the test of time as both money and store of wealth.

Gold is accepted as payment in most countries worldwide and it is easy to sell locally if the need arises. Due to changing economic conditions, investor demand for gold is higher today than it has ever been in history.

Gold coins and bars are one of the most popular physical investments. Gold provides a safe-haven during times when traditional investments are heading into a downward cycle. The consistent gains in gold prices in recent months are a growing signal that the global economy is changing.

The most popular options when it comes to gold are buying coins or bars. These are both available from a wide variety of mints from around the world. Both bars and coins each capture the intrinsic value of the gold, but have other characteristics that make them unique from each other.

Cheapest Gold Coins

Gold Coins offer the security and assurance of being minted by a government authority. Having the backing of a sovereign government adds assurance to investors that the gold is genuine, meets the defined purity standards, is easy to verify, and offers the protection of legal-tender status. Gold coins are currency and are thus protected by the same laws and statutes that protect other forms against counterfeiting.

Additionally, the legal tender status of coins provides investors with a guarantee that the weight, purity and fineness of the gold are as stated. Most are also eligible for inclusion in a Precious Metals IRA, which can provide a stable, long-term store of value that will most certainly retain the intrinsic value.

When it becomes time to sell, gold coins from prominent mints are easily recognizable and often can fetch higher premiums above spot price.

The denominations vary based on the country of origin, but most are available in the industry standard weight of 1 troy ounce. Many sovereign mints will also offer additional weights that provide options for investors with different goals and budgets, including 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz.

Most modern gold bullion coins are issued based on sales demand from investors and have an unlimited mintage each year. However, a variety of limited edition coins are also released by the mints, some as part of regular or ongoing commemorative issues and limited edition collectible series'.

Vintage gold coins can offer investors both substantial savings on mint and dealer premiums. Vintage gold bullion coins can be found at very low premiums and are a historical legacy from an era when much of the world was based on the gold-standard. Some of these coins, such as US Pre-1933 gold coins also carry numismatic value above the intrinsic value of the gold. Many are highly sought after by collectors and can command higher prices in the market making them an excellent option for investors.

Many investors are drawn to the aesthetic appeal of gold coins, which often capture intricate designs, engravings, or iconic images alongside their mint hallmarks and other inscriptions. Collectors and enthusiasts may appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that makes them not just an investment but also objects of beauty. The purity of vintage gold coins can vary.

Fractional gold coins also make excellent gifts for special occasions, milestones or to teach loved ones about the benefits of owning precious metals. Their smaller size, striking appearance and inherent value make them meaningful and memorable presents.

Low Premium Gold Bars

Buying gold bars also has some advantages. In general, bars and ingots are issued by well-known private mints and are produced with high levels of purity ranging from 99.9% to 99.99% pure gold. The manufacturing and packaging costs are generally lower, providing lower premiums allowing investors to acquire a larger quantity of gold for their investment budget. Ingots and bars are often the cheapest over spot gold price when compared to coins and rounds.

Gold bars come in various sizes and weights, ranging from small bars of 1 gram to larger bars of 1 kilogram or more. Fractional gold bars are available in many different industry standard weights with such a variety of the sizes to meet all investment goals and budget. The ability to purchase gold bars in different weights gives added flexibility in managing and diversifying your gold holding.

Their compact and uniform shape makes gold bars efficient to store and they can be neatly stacked and stored at home in a secure safe, safety deposit boxes, or professional storage facilities.

Private mint gold bars are widely recognized and accepted in the global precious metals market and can be easily bought and sold at reputable bullion dealers, many banks, pawn shops and other gold brokers.

The gold bullion products listed here have the lowest premium over spot gold price per ounce. These are the cheapest gold bullion prices offered by major online bullion dealers with the lowest premium.

A combination of coins and bars can provide a well-rounded approach to diversify your portfolio, adding flexibility, liquidity, and potential for both intrinsic and numismatic value appreciation.

Privately minted gold bars have lower premiums that coins and are often a leading choice for investors. Bars are also available in a large assortment of sizes across virtually all price points.

Gold investments are typically split between coins and bars. You can use the search form above to search through an assortment of hundreds of products currently available from dozens of trusted and reputable online bullion dealers that are suitable for both investors and collectors. There are also links below to each of the individual sizes commonly available for each type.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Gold Bullion

Price is one of the most important factors when investing in gold bullion. Gold is readily available from local sources in most markets, but often the best deals on gold can be found with online bullion dealers. With the risks of shopping online, it is important to buy gold from trusted dealers that have a solid reputation for delivering genuine products who provide prompt and effective customer service when issues arise. searches dozens of online dealer websites to help discover the cheapest gold prices online.

Buying the Cheapest Gold Bars

Gold bars are the simplest and easiest physical investment one can buy. Most are issued by private mints and are regularly available for purchase from many online bullion dealers. For many investors, the 1 oz gold bar is a very popular choice due to the wide availability and low premium per ounce over the daily spot price. They are almost always minted from .9999 fine gold, though some may be in lower purities such as .999 or others.

Based on spot gold price each 1 oz bar is worth $1900.90. Having a stack of gold bars is a way to have some extra financial security at home that can be easily and discretely stashed away.

Fractional gold bars are the most popular and offer versatility and flexibility. Premiums for fractional gold bars are slightly higher and gradually increase as the sizes get smaller. For example, one gram gold bars will have the highest relative premium when taking into consider only the price per ounce.

The links below can help you find fractional bars by weight that will be sorted by the cheapest gold price per ounce :

Larger sizes also include:

You can learn more by reading about Common Gold Bar Sizes and Weights for New Investors in our blog.

Buying the Cheapest Gold Coins

Gold coins are issued by sovereign governments and often include both modern and historic or antique bullion coins. Coins come in a variety of standard sizes and are measured using troy ounces and in fractions of an ounce.

Modern gold coins are emerging as a top investment option to protect long term savings against high inflation. A variety of newly minted coin options are available from trusted government mints that include some that have been issued for more than fifty years.

You can use our closest to spot tool to find modern gold investment coins issued by prominent sovereign mints including the US Mint, Royal Mint, Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and others in four standard denominations:

Additionally, several mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, and People's Mint of China include additional weight denominations that include:

Of the many important factors when investing in precious metals is to buy gold with the lowest premiums. Some of the lowest gold premiums can be found on vintage gold coins, that offer tremendous intrinsic value as well as historic consideration. Popular historic gold coins for investors and stackers include Pre-1933 American Gold Coins such as the $20 Double Eagle and $10 Gold Eagle and fractional gold coins like the 20 Francs and British Sovereign that are affordable, easy to stack and at times have the lowest premiums of other fractional gold.