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Britannia Gold Bars

Britannia Minted Gold Bars, Fully Backed by the Royal Mint

The Britannia Gold Bullion series is perfect for investors looking for gold bars that are minted by a globally recognized leader in sovereign government minting, The Royal Mint. Britannia Gold Bars come in a variety of weight denominations from 1 gram to 100 grams, each bar comes sealed in an assay card from the mint that contains all the authenticity information.

Quick Facts About Britannia Gold Bars

The Royal Mint was established in 886 A.D., over 1136 years ago.

Throughout the centuries, the Royal Mint has introduced technological innovations to the production of gold and silver bullion coins, both for circulating coins and for collectors.

The legend of Britannia dates back even further, to the days when the Romans conquered the British Isles.

Britannia Gold Bar Design

The obverse of these gold bars contains the image of Britannia.

Britannia is the female personification of the spirit of Great Britain. She is a warrior of the sea, grasping a shield in one hand and a trident spear in the other.

Her appearance is that of protector, keeping a watchful eye on the sea.

The reverse of these gold bars shows a wave design pattern that repeats throughout the background. This unique pattern is one of the anti-counterfeiting security measures that are incorporated into the design.

Also shown is the Royal Mint crest logo, inscribed with the weight and purity.

Britannia Gold Bar Sizes

Britannia Gold Bars are available in seven distinct sizes and weights. Each size gold bar is minted from gold that has been refined to .9999 fine gold and is backed in full-faith by the British Government.

As England using the metric system for measuring weights, six of the gold bars in this series are measured in grams. Each size bar is perfect for investors at almost every price point.

  • Britannia 1 gram Gold Bar - The 1 gram gold bar in the smallest in the series and contains the same design as the larger bars in the series, with stunning detail.
  • Britannia 5 gram Gold Bar -
  • Britannia 10 gram Gold Bar -
  • Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar -
  • Britannia 50 gram Gold Bar -
  • Britannia 100 gram Gold Bar -
  • Britannia 1 ounce Gold Bar - The Britannia one troy ounce gold bar is a favorite of investors. The weight is the same as those produced by many private mints.

However, this bar is minted with 99.99% pure gold and has the backing of the Royal Mint, which sets it apart from similar sized bars.

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