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Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar

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Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar Melt Value

The Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar bar contains 0.643015 troy ounces of gold bullion. The melt value of one Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar bar is $1134.92 based on the current gold spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Nov 26, 2022 02:35 am

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Product Description

Royal Mint Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar

The Britannia gold coin series is popular with investors looking for sovereign backed investment at a premium that can at times be comparable to those from private mints.

Now the Royal Mint has introduced a line of gold bars to the product line that adhere to the strictest quality control standards set by the mint.

These gold bars are part of the same government backed investment series.

Twenty gram gold bars are at a distinct price point that brings value to a lot of investors who prefer fractional gold bars.

Britannia is a folklore figure that emerged during the time that Rome had colonized the British Isles. The depicition sculpted for these gold bars pays homage to the ancient maritime and naval history of the people.

These 24k gold bars feature a depection of Britannia, the legedary figure that has been a part of British maritime lore for more than 2000 years.

These are government minted and an excellent choise that's eligible for  inclusion in a precious metals IRA.

This attractive 20 gram gold bar features the legendary Britannia on the obverse.

With strikingly designed detail and integrated, advanced anti-counterfeiting minting technology, a gold ingot like this appeals to both investors and collectors. 

The mint sealed assay card is tamper-evident and printed with the purity and other assay information to provide an additional level of authenticity, trust and security.

20 gram Britannia Gold Bar Details:

  • Minted with twemty grams (0.643015 troy ounces) of .9999 fine (24 kt) gold.
  • Mint-sealed in tamper-evident packaging with assay.
  • The Royal Mint's first 20 gram gold bullion ingot with artistic design.
  • Obverse: Classic Britannia holding a shield and a trident in her hands. A wave patterned background celebrates Britain's strong naval history.
  • Reverse: The Royal Mint's shield logo, weight, purity, metal and unique serial number matching wave pattern.

Buying gold bars that are encapsulated with the assay card from a sovereign mint is a significant factor for some investors. 

The Royal Mint provides a guarantee of the purity and the weight. All gold bars in the Britannia series contain the same design with the only signficant difference being the weight.

Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar Specifications

Weight 0.643015 oz
Country United Kingdom
Type Gold Bars
Mint The Royal Mint
Year Various
Classification Modern
Purity .9999 fineness
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