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Scottsdale Stackers

Silver Stacker Bars and Rounds

Scottsdale Stackers Quick Facts

Scottsdale Stackers are a series of silver bullion bars produced by the Scottsdale Mint, a private mint based in Arizona that is widely known for its high-quality precious metal products. These distinguished silver bars are known for their precision design and stackable feature, which makes them particularly appealing to investors and collectors.

Scottsdale Stacker Bars

Scottsdale is also known for the best selling Stacker Series of bars. Scottsdale Stackers feature a unique interlocking bevel on top of each bar that fits tightly inside a recess in the bottom of each bar. This one of a kind feature allows these bars to stack securely together.

Stacker Bars are available in a variety of sizes. The most popular size is the 10 oz Silver Stacker Bar. The front of these bars features the weight and fineness stamped. The obverse design also includes the Scottsdale Lion Logo and the phrase "In God We Trust".

On the back of these bars, the manufacturer has incorporated additional security features to ensure authenticity. An anti-forgery swirl pattern is designed into the obverse along with a light security hallmark.

These bars are designed for silver investors and are an excellent store of wealth. Scottsdale has produced these precision-machined bars under several alternate brand names over the years such as Patriot Stackers, Academy Stackers and others. It is very common to find these bars included in secondary market offerings as they are commonly traded and can sometimes fetch a higher premium when you need to liquidate.

  • Scottsdale 10 oz Stacker - is one of most widely sold investment silver bar in the world.The size makes it affordable and easy to stack in a safe-deposit box or home vault.
  • Stacker KILO Silver Bars - are at a price point that is affordable to many investors. These bars are thicker that their smaller counterparts but are just as easy to put away somewhere safe for a rainy day fund. These are an awesome way to stack silver kilos.
  • KING 100 oz Stacker - One Hundred Troy Ounces of stackable wealth are sought after by investors that have more capital to spend. As a stackable store of value, the KING stacker is often considered to be one of the most trusted private mint stores of value

Scottsdale Stacker Rounds

The mint also produces some silver rounds that feature a similar interlocking design as the bars. These stackable silver rounds feature a three-dimensional rendition of the Scottsdale Lion Logo that fits neatly into a matching recess in the bottom of the rounds above it.

These are some of the coolest silver rounds that you can buy online today. They come in three standard weights of:

  • 2 troy ounce - These rounds have interlocking ridges like poker chips. Each one is a two ounce store of value that could be part of your next pot!
  • 5 ounce Stacking Rounds
  • 100 gram Silver Stackers - Each of these rounds contains one-tenth of a kilo. It's simple and easy to stack a full kilo of these silver rounds almost anywhere in a tube format that is like a small pipe.

These precision silver rounds can stack neatly with across denominations. This makes it easy to add value incrementally in different weights and they will all stack neatly together.

Scottsdale Minting continues to be a leading producer, designer and manufacturer of precious metals products for investors, collectors, private banks and foreign governments. They have been recognized as a ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

The Scottsdale Mint is a supplier of raw materials and blank planchets to the US Mint and other foreign governments. Many sovereign governments leverage Scottsdale to mint legal tender coins such as the Barbados Trident 1 oz Silver Coin

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