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Gold Britannias

The Britannia Coin series is an investment-grade gold coin released annually by The Royal Mint that is eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA.

Freshly minted 2024 Britannia Gold Coins are available now in four denominations: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz.

Quick Facts About Gold Britannias

Britannia Coin Design

The design for the reverse of the coin is lifted from British folklore and mythology. The image of Britannia has appeared on coins for nearly 2,000 years. She is a personification of a historical female warrior with a trident and a shield at the ready to defend her homeland.

Some characteristics, such as the trident and helmet, were added during the 18th century to symbolize the power and strength of the Royal Navy during the height of the British Colonial empire.

The design was created by artist Philip Nathan and been featured on the Britannia Bullion & Proof Coins since 1987.

Minor enhancements have been made, such as the inclusion of anti-counterfeiting measures and other security improvements.

These bullion coins often have the lowest premiums over spot gold price than those minted by other governments. They are often considered to be a value investment by gold buyers.

It is standard practice that all coins minted by the Royal Mint bear the portrait of the current reigning monarch. This is the first year since inception that Britannia coins feature a new portrait on the obverse. The new 2023 Britannia gold coins feature a portrait of King Charles III. Some current year coins were released early in the year with Queen Elizabeth II. These coins are widely recognized and accepted because the faith in the Royal Mint.

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