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5 oz Silver Bars

Quick Facts About 5 oz Silver Bars

5 oz Silver Bars

For many investors, 5 oz silver bars are great way to move beyond 1 oz bars to a larger size investment.

Bullion dealers offer a diverse mix of 5 oz silver bars from high quality manufacturers such as Sunshine Minting, A-Mark, Silvertowne, Germania Mint, Scottsdale and others.

These bars are hallmark stamped and issued with their exact, weight and purity of silver. Five ounce silver bullion bars are ideal for investing and are the bullion of choice for many investors because they generally cost less than silver coins and are compact and great to stack.

5 oz Silver bars are great purchase for beginning and experienced investors because they offer diversity and extra value to your collection.

Buying Silver bars helps to diversify your investment portfolio with .999 fine Silver and is a trusted way to add the long term, affordability and stability of precious metals.

Secondary market 5 oz silver bars will often be for sale at the most affordable price and can usually be purchased at a lower premium than newly minted bars. Designs and condition will vary, which can add some collectibility.

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