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Perth Lunar Series III

Lunar Series 3 from The Perth Mint

The Lunar Bullion Series from Perth is an annual tradition. This year marks the year of the rabbit or hare in the Zodiac tradition.

Quick Facts About Perth Lunar Series III

Perth Mint - Lunar Series III

This year marks the release of the Perth Mint's highly anticipated Lunar Series III. They celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year 2020 and are the Year of the Mouse (Rat) is first release in this series! The Year of the Mouse coins are a great addition to any Lunar collection.

Perth Lunar Series III History & Facts

These beautiful gold, silver and platinum coins celebrate the Year of the Mouse, the first animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

It's a landmark coin series of the highest regard, the Perth Lunars package beautiful designs, with limited mintages and universal appeal.

Perth Mint's Australian Lunar Series III collection continues the rich tradition of minting striking bullion coins portraying animal themes from the Chinese Lunar calendar. The reverse design changes each year based on the Chinese Lunar calendar.

The obverse contains the right facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II typically found on Perth Mint bullion. Those born under the sign of the Chinese Lunar Mouse in 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, and every 12th preceding year are said to be smart, resourceful, adaptable and kind.

Possessing a rich imagination and strong intuition, mice rely on quick wits and an imaginative nature to find opportunity for success in almost all endeavors. Known for their quality and collectibility, the Perth Mint Lunar series is a cornerstone of many Precious Metals portfolios.

The original Lunar bullion series, these coins (beginning with the Series I launch in 1996) have become some of the most widely collected around the globe, as demand originated in Asia but spread to Europe and America as investors became exposed to the design and quality. In addition to the annual design change, investors love that the coins' select mintage limits create the potential for even greater investment return in the form of a numismatic premium appreciation. This series is so popular that the gold, silver and platinum coins are instant sell-outs every year!

The Perth Lunar Series 1 concluded in 2010, and Series II was completed in 2019.

These releases have been tremendously popular worldwide, with each year selling out quickly as investors and collectors claim the coins of all sizes. As each coin in Series III will be a limited mintage, the prolonged popularity is ensured by the high level of collectibility as well as the stellar designs from the reputable Perth Mint.

Year Chinese Zodiac Featured on the Lunar Series 3
2020 Year of the Mouse (Rat)
2021 Year of the Ox
2022 Year of the Tiger
2023 Year of the Rabbit
2024 Year of the Dragon
2025 Year of the Snake
2026 Year of the Horse
2027 Year of the Goat
2028 Year of the Monkey
2029 Year of the Rooster
2030 Year of the Dog
2031 Year of the Pig

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