Gold: $1821.80  Silver: $21.10  Platinum: $862.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $15.09  Gold/Silver Ratio: 86.34

Precious Metals Dealers By State

You can buy precious metals from a variety of sources, both online and offline. Many specialized bullion dealers and precious metals retailers operate both online and with physical stores. They offer a wide range of products, including coins, bars, and rounds, in various metals and sizes.

Numerous online platforms specialize in selling precious metals. These platforms often have extensive inventories, making it easy to compare prices and products. Some well-known online dealers include APMEX, JM Bullion, Provident Metals, and SD Bullion.

Local coin shops also sell precious metals, including gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds. Visiting a coin shop allows you to see and inspect the products in person.

Local Coin Stores

A local coin store is a retail establishment that specializes in buying, selling, and trading coins, as well as other forms of numismatic collectibles like paper money, tokens, and medals. Coin shops cater to both collectors and investors interested in acquiring rare, historical, or valuable coins, as well as individuals looking to sell or trade their coins.

There is a tremendous amount of overlap between coin collectors and bullion investors. Precious metals have been used as money for thousands of years. Some coin shops primarily deal in modern coins, bullion, and precious metals, catering to investors who are looking to purchase coins for their intrinsic value. Others specialize in numismatic collectibles, offering a wide range of historical and rare coins from different time periods, countries, and denominations.

Customers can sell their coins to the store, either individually or as part of a collection. Conversely, they can purchase coins from the store's inventory. Some stores also facilitate coin auctions and consignment sales. Coin stores can serve as a hub for local numismatists and investors to meet, discuss their hobby, and share knowledge. Some stores host coin club meetings or events.

Many coin shops also offer appraisal services to determine the value of a coin collections and bullion investments. This can be useful for insurance purposes, estate planning, or selling a collection. Some coin shops are authorized dealers for third-party coin grading companies. This allows them to submit coins for professional authentication, grading, and encapsulation.

Many local coin shops buy, sell and trade bullion products including gold and silver bars and coins for investors interested in precious metals. In addition to their physical storefronts, many local coin stores also maintain an online presence, where customers can view their inventory, make inquiries, and even purchase items.