Gold: $2049.40  Silver: $23.16  Platinum: $918.60  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.56  Gold/Silver Ratio: 88.49

Precious Metals Dealers in California

California Local Coin Shops, Precious Metals Brokers, Pawn Shops, Gold Stores and Numismatic Dealers

California Precious Metals Sales Tax:

7.5% on purchases below $1,500.

Gold Exchange

American Bullion, Inc.

Allegiance Gold

Mountain View US and Foreign Coins

American Bullion


Fort Knox


LCR Coin Inc.

Mom's Silver Shop

Tangible Investments Inc

Birch Gold Group

American Hartford Gold Group

Noble Gold

CFC Gold Loans

Advantage Gold

American Bullion Inc.

Gold Alliance

Red Rock Secured

Regal Assets

Rosland Capital

Alhambra Coin Center

American Alternative Assets

Allegiance Gold

Mr Zs Voght Stamps

A-Mark Precious Metals

Capital Gold Group

Fortress Gold Group

GoCoins / Tangible Investments

Gold Bug Coins & Jewelry

California Numismatic Investments

Santa Monica Jewelry & Loan

Gold Trust Financial

Goldworth Financial BUSINESS CLOSED

Liberty Metals Group

Monetary Gold

Monex Precious Metals

My Private Bullion

Orion Metal Exchange

Patriot Gold Group

California Gold & Silver Exchange

California Numismatic Funding

Excelsior Coin Gallery

Gillio & Associates

Numis International

Pacific Coin Exchange

Pacific Gold Traders

Panda America

RC Bullion

SD Gold Refinery

Sun City Coin

United Gold Direct

Wilshire Coin Exchange

WoodOak Metals

Americana Rare Coin

Bezalel Coins

BluCC Coins

Gold Bullion Exchange

Gold Connection

Gold Exchange

Mountain View US & Foreign Coins

Meridian Coin

Mike’s Coin Chest

Larry Shapiro Rare Coins

Mint State Gold (Stuppler & Company Inc. )

Modesto Coin & Bullion

American Gold Metals LLC

Moloian Rare Coins

Monaco Rare Coins

Hollywood Gold & Silver Exchange Inc.

Morgana Numismatics

Numismatic Emporium Inc.

Oakland Coin & Jewelry

Oakland Silver & Gold

OC Gold and Coin

Old Coin Shop

Oxbridge Coins

Pacific Coast Coin

Pacific Precious Metals

Paul A. Brombal Coins & Jewelry

PGS Gold & Coin

Placerville Coin & Bullion


Rare Coin Wholesalers

Rare Coins and Gold

Safe Haven Metal

Roseville Numismatics

San Diego Coin & Bullion

San Francisco Gold Buyer

San Jose Coin Shop

Santa Barbara Precious Metals Inc.

Sheridan’s Coins

Surf Coins

Silver Baron

Tangible Investments Inc.

The Coin Broker

Value Gold & Silver

Wargo Enterprises Rare Coins

West Coast Coin & Currency

Witter Coins

Woodland Gold & Silver

London Coin Galleries

Mac's Coins

Marc One Numismatics Inc.

McIntosh Coins

Laguna Coins

La Jolla Coin Shop

Land Park Gold & Silver

Goldcoast Coin Exchange Inc.

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion

Great American Mint

H.S. Perlin Co. Inc

International Bullion Exchange

Irvine Gold Mine

JH Mint Inc

Joel D Rettew

John Franklin Coins

Kevin Lipton Rare Coins

Oxford Gold Group

Goldberg Coins & Collectibles Inc.

Bullseye Bullion

Camino Coin Company

Castro Valley Coin

Chula Vista Coins & Stamps

A Coin Exchange

Coin Mart

Collectors Internet

Conejo Valley Stamp and Coin

Dave’s Coins DCW Collection

David Hall Rare Coins

El Cerrito Coin Exchange

Falcone Coins

Fort Knox of Alameda

Fremont Coin Gallery

Fresno Coin Gallery

Gillio Rare Coins

Global Gold Group

American Precious Metals

Atlas Precious Metals

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange

106 Grand Holdings

Advance Coin

Goldline Inc.

United Coin and Precious Metals Inc.

Veldt Gold

Morgan Gold

The Metal Exchange Inc.

Lear Capital

US Bullion Reserve


Merit Gold

Sigma Metalytics

Camino Coin

Bullion dealers focus on buying, selling and trading of precious metals, such as gold and silver bars and coins. Some have physical storefronts. Many are specialized coin shops that also sell a wide range of precious metals, including bars, coins, rounds and bullion. Additionally, most of these shops offer collectible coins and other numismatic items. Some jewelry stores occasionally trade in precious metals in addition to jewelry. Keep in mind that jewelry items come with a higher premium due to craftsmanship.

California Bullion Dealers

Dealing with a local bullion dealer can simplify the transaction process. There's often less paperwork compared to buying online, and transactions can be completed more quickly. Local dealers usually have a good understanding of the local market conditions and also any laws that related to sales tax on precious metals in California.

California Coin Stores

Shopping at a coin store in California offers several advantages for precious metals investors. While online stores boast vast inventories, local coin shops often have diverse, rotating stock, including rare or unique items not found online. Should you decide to sell or trade part of your collection, having a relationship with a local store can simplify the process. Returns or exchanges might also be easier and faster compared to dealing with online vendors.

Coin Stores can also assist with determining a value for an existing collection. Appraisals help in establishing the fair market value of a coin or a collection. This is the price at which the coin would sell in its current condition in the open market. Coin appraisals are an essential part of coin collecting and investing. They provide valuable insights into the value and authenticity of coins, helping collectors and investors make informed decisions. Whether for insurance, sale, estate planning, or personal satisfaction, having an accurate and professional appraisal of a coin collection is invaluable in the numismatic field. If you plan to sell your collection, an expert appraisal gives you a realistic expectation of what you can expect to receive. It also helps in setting reserve prices if the coins are to be auctioned.

Many new collectors and beginning investors have questions or concerns that can easily answered with a quick trip to the local coin store. A knowledgeable dealer can provide immediate responses, guide you through the basics, and tailor advice based on your specific situation. One of the most significant advantages of a brick-and-mortar store is the ability to physically examine products and have experts who can authenticate coins, providing peace of mind for new investors unsure about the authenticity of their purchases. This makes it easy for you to hold, inspect, and compare different coins or bars, ensuring you're getting exactly what you want.

Upcoming California Coin Shows

Coin shows in California are events where numismatists, dealers, investors and enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, trade, and view coins, precious metals, paper money, and related items and provide a great chance for collectors to meet and network with others who share their interests.

Some coin shows are locally organized events, featuring local coin shops and collectors from around California. Larger coin exhibitions often include various workshops, presentations, historically significant collections, and some even include professional graders from third-party grading services like PCGS and NGC to grade and encapsulate coins on site.

Jun 6, 2024 Long Beach Expo
Long Beach Convention Center
100 South Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802
Sep 5, 2024 Long Beach Expo
Long Beach Convention Center
100 South Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802

Coin shows provide opportunities to get the best deals, make solid connections, and staying two steps ahead. They are a place to see and experience many different coins under one roof and learn from more experienced collectors and dealers. Collectors can get up close and personal with coins from around the world and different historical periods all in one place. Buying and selling precious metals at a coin show allows you hold that gold or silver in your hand, inspect it, and negotiate directly with dealers. And many offer a better deal for paying with cash.

Dealing directly with the sellers means you bypass any middlemen. No extra fees, no delays, just you and the seller making a deal. Trading at coin shows allows you to score a better deal by haggling, bartering, and buying in bulk. Cash transactions at coin shows leave no trace.

Other Places to Sell Gold and Silver in California

When looking to buy, sell or trade precious metals in California, local coin stores and specialized dealers often provide personalized assistance and guidance. Staff members are usually knowledgeable about coins, bullion, and other numismatic items, which can be especially helpful for new investors and collectors.

California is one of the few states with investors that understand the true value of precious metals. With at least 164 bullion dealers, coin shops, pawn shops and other retailers, buying, selling and trading precious metals locally in California is very easy and simple. Whether you want to buy, sell or trade, having a tremendous amount of local options available gives investors the opportunity to shop around and get the best deal.

Having coin shops and bullion dealers close by in Oakland, West Hills and Inglewood allows you to buy, sell and trade precious metals locally. Visiting a local retailer usually provides you with immediate cash rather than waiting for online dealers to process and mail a check. Taking the time for an in person visit to silver dealers in California allows you to buy or sell precious metals on the spot, without waiting for online transactions to be processed and shipped.

Some companies specialize in buying gold and silver items from individuals. Precious metal refiners often buy scrap gold and silver based on the weight and market value of the metal. Some of the shops in Upland or Pasadena may be worth a visit. Remember that prices for gold and silver can vary based on market conditions, so it's a good idea to stay informed about current prices before selling.

In times of economic instability or collapse, when paper money could lose its worth, precious metals are likely to retain value and spending power. Getting top dollar for your precious metals investment is important when the time comes and you want to sell some off to raise cash. While many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers often buy gold and silver from individuals, local bullion dealers can sometimes offer you cash on the spot.