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Mexican Libertads

The Mexican Libertad series of sovereign silver and gold bullion coins minted and backed by Mexico. The coins are minted in a variety of denominations such as: 1 troy ounce, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz coins. Several larger sizes are also available including: 2 troy ounce, 5 oz and 1 kilogram.

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Quick Facts About Mexican Libertads

Libertad Coins from Mexico

The Mexican Libertad is one of the most loved of all modern bullion coins. These sovereign backed coins are sought after by both investors and collectors alike.

First minted in 1981, the design of the Libertad has been improved upon several times as minting technology has improved.

Libertad Design

The design theme of the coin has been consistent since inception.

The obverse features a the statue of Winged Victory, a symbol of Mexican freedom and independence that celebrates the revolution from Spain. The background highlights a landscape showing two of Mexico's famous volcanos, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.

The reverse of the Libertad incorporates the Mexican Coat of Arms.

On coins that are 1 troy ounce and larger, the reverse features an additional design element showing the historical Mexican Coats of Arms surrounding the main design field. Due to their size, this extra design element is not included on fractional coins.

No official mintages are declared ahead of time. Annual mintages of Libertad coins are typically very limited, especially for many of the fractional and proof finish coins. Many of these coins shoot up in value upon release which is appealing to savvy investors.

Libertad Coin Denominations

The coins are minted in a variety of fractional sizes and of course, one troy ounce. Additionally, silver Libertads are minted in 2 oz, 5 oz and 1 kilogram weights.

Gold Libertad

Libertad gold coins are minted in five different weight denominations. The largest is the one troy ounce gold coin.

In 1991, fractional weight denominations were added to the series that include: 1/2 troy oz, 1/4 troy oz, 1/10 troy oz and 1/20 troy oz.

Several limited variations of the Libertad gold coins have been minted by the Mexican Mint that include Proof, Reverse Proof Libertads and Antiqued Finishes. Some version are extremely rare and in high demand by collectors and can command significant premiums on the secondary market and at auction. Pristine and graded Libertad coins frequently sell at auctions and can be a great investment.

Silver Libertad Coins

The first silver Libertad coins were introduced in 1982.

The 1 troy ounce silver coin was the only available size until fractional denominations were added in 1991.

In 1996, two larger silver Liberatad coins, the 2 troy ounce and 5 troy ounce were introduced.

In 2008, the Banco de Mexico introduced the 1 kilogram Silver Libertad Coin.

The Libertad Coin series is unique amongst sovereign coins that includes so many fractional ounce silver bullion coins in their annual mintage. Libertad silver coins are minted in seven different weight denominations.

Silver Libertad coins are highly sought after by investors, collectors and stackers alike. Many are drawn to the allure of the beautiful and intricate design. Investors are drawn in because the premiums on Libertad silver coins fluctuate based on the mintage amount and are often much higher than other sovereign coins.

Libertad Silver Kilo

The Libertad Kilo Silver coin is the largest coin in the series. The kilo was introduced to the series in 2008 with a limited annual mintage. The coin is a massive 110mm in diameter and 11mm thick. In recent years the annual mintages of Libertad Silver Kilos dropped to only a few hundred coins per year which has led to huge demand in the collector market.

These hefty coins are minted with 155.5 grams of .999 fine silver. It is 65mm in diameter and 5.4mm thick. There is also a 5 oz silver libertad coin capsules available from third-parties designed protect it from damage which could lower the collector premium.

5 oz Silver Libertad

The Libertad 5 oz silver coin is minted in limited numbers. Collector demand for these coins remains high. The largest mintage year to date for this coin was in 2009 when 21,000 were minted.

2 oz Silver LIbertad

The 2 oz Libertad Silver coin was also released for the first time in 1996. Annual mintage numbers are typically much higher than the larger sizes of this coin. The 2 oz Libertad measures 48mm in diameter and 4.5 thick.

1 oz Silver Libertad

The 1 oz Silver Libertad was first minted in 1982 and is the most popular coin in the series with the highest annual mintage. The coins measure 40mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness. Premiums on these coins have remained high due to their comparative rarity and alluring design.

Libertad History

The initial design, which was minted until 1995, the rendition of the Winged Angel had a very personified, angelic appearance and flowing gown windswept around her waist.

A design refresh in 1996 brought a more contemporary look to the coin. The volcanos in the background given more prominence and Winged Liberty was rendered in a statuesque manner, high on a pedestal. It is the same design that continues to be minted today.

The reverse shows the Mexican national Coat of Arms. In the center is an eagle with a snake in its mouth perched on a cactus. The design is surrounded on the lower part by a wreath design. The upper part of the surround is inscribed with the words "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS".

The type 1 reverse, minted from from 1982 until 1989 includes an Aztec inspired dental motif design around the central design that extends to then edge near the rim.

Since 1996, the Libertad reverse has included the same Coat of Arms design reduced in size in the center, with a ring showing the ten historic coats used by Mexico. This design feature is also included on the larger sized coins, but is eliminated from the fractional sizes.

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