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China Gold Pandas

China Gold Panda Coins

Gold Panda Coins from China The Gold Panda is a treasured collectible for its yearly changing design. In 2016, this series changed to match the metric system. The Gold Panda coin series was switched to metric measurements and still containing .999...

About China Gold Pandas

Chinese Gold Panda Coins from the People's Republic of China feature some of that proud nation's most significant symbols. More importantly, Chinese Panda gold coins are one of many bullion investments seeing extraordinary interest due to their purity and status as China's official gold bullion coin.

Produced annually since 1982 by the People's Republic of China. These gold bullion coins are highly sought after for their purity and consistent production quality. Only gold mined from within the People's Republic of China is used in the minting of Gold Panda coins.
Gold Bullion Content
99.9% pure gold
Denominations and Specifications
30 Gram Chinese Panda Gold Coin
  • Diameter = 32.05 mm
  • Thickness = 2.70 mm
  • Precious Metal Content - 0.9645 troy ounces
  • Denomination = 500 yuan
  • Purity - .999 pure gold
15 Gram Chinese Panda Gold Coin
  • Diameter = 27 mm
  • Precious Metal Content - 0.4822 troy ounces
  • Denomination = 200 yuan
  • Purity - .999 pure gold
8 Gram Chinese Panda Gold Coin
  • Diameter = 22 mm
  • Precious Metal Content - 0.2572 troy ounces
  • Denomination = 100 yuan
  • Purity - .999 pure gold
3 Gram Chinese Panda Gold Coin
  • Diameter = 18 mm
  • Precious Metal Content - 0.0964 troy ounces
  • Denomination = 50 yuan
  • Purity - .999 pure gold
1 Gram Chinese Panda Gold Coin
  • Diameter = 10 mm
  • Precious Metal Content - 0.0321 troy ounces
  • Denomination = 10 yuan
  • Purity - .999 pure gold

China Gold Pandas History & Facts

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