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2 oz Silver Rounds

Two-ounce silver rounds often feature intricate and beautiful designs that appeal to collectors and investors sometimes find lower per ounce premiums.

Quick Facts About 2 oz Silver Rounds

The 2 oz size provides a substantial feel and heft that many collectors enjoy. It's also a good middle ground between the standard 1 oz rounds and larger sizes like 5 oz or 10 oz.

Two ounce silver rounds are produced by private mints and come in a variety of familiar and unique designs and some with various dimensions and shapes.

The Scottsdale Minting 2 oz Ultra High Relief Stacker silver round comes with a stunning mirror finish and eye popping design. This series of silver rounds is available in three sizes that stack compatibly. Secondary Market 2 oz silver rounds are popular amongst stackers looking for affordable options for adding to their stack on an ongoing basis. The unique size and historical designs offer collectors some interesting surprises when the package is delivered. Silver rounds are an easy way to store wealth in silver and they are manufactured by many private mints and and boutique silversmiths and artisans. Two ounce silver rounds will most often be minted from silver refined to a minimum purity level of .999 fineness. As refining technology has increased, more and more two ounce silver rounds are being minted with .9999 fineness and with a variety of high relief (hr) and ultra high relief (uhr) designs with limited mintages. Silver Rounds Silver rounds are a common variation of silver bullion that is suitable for investment. Silver rounds resemble coins in their shape and appearance. However, they are not backed as currency or coins as they are minted by private manufacturers. The designs of two ounce silver rounds sometimes mimic those of popular silver coins. Though many of the most collectible two ounce silver rounds released in recent years by private mints, such as The Awakening have quickly sold out quickly. Collectors and investors are eagerly anticipating and thirsting for the next release. Why are 2 oz Silver Rounds popular with investors? Silver rounds are increasingly popular with casual investors and collectors for a variety of reasons. Silver makes an excellent store of wealth, especially with skyrocketing inflation and genuine concerns about a lengthy recession. Some two troy ounce silver rounds from private mints have unique designs that change frequently, creating interest amongst collectors looking to hold a wide variety of silver bullion. For investors, silver rounds represent a way to increase their precious metals holdings while paying a lower premium per ounce. 2 oz silver rounds contain the same amount of silver as sovereign government coins of the same weight. Paying a lower premium for the same amount of silver affords investors the opportunity to add more weight to their holdings and keep an overall cost low investment.

2 oz Silver Rounds History & Facts

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