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Kilo Silver Bars

Silver Kilogram Size Bars

Kilo size silver bars are a popular investment among those looking for the lowest premiums over spot price.

Silver kilos weigh 1000 grams and contain roughly 31.15 troy ounces of silver. 500 gram half-kilo and 250 gram quarter kilo silver bars are a trusted investment options with sizes that offers a multitude of options and some of the lowest premium over spot price.

Quick Facts About Kilo Silver Bars

KIlo Silver Bars | 32.15 troy ounces

A universal definition of a kilogram was agreed upon by scientists and politicians in 1795. It become universally agreed upon that the weight of one liter of water would be the equivalent of one thousand grams, or one kilogram.

A kilogram, often abbreviated as a kilo, is roughly the equivalent of 2.2 avoirdupois pounds.

Most kilo size silver bars minted in recent years follow specifications for purity and weight that are outlined by the London Bullion Market Association as other established bullion trading standards.

Enthusiastic silver investors are excited to buy kilo silver bars. These silver bars make a unique "clanking" sound that is like sweet music to the ears when they are stacked on top of each other in your at-home vault or secure offsite vault location.

For investors, preppers, stackers, silverbugs and other precious metals enthusiasts, buying kilo silver bars represent a gratifying store of wealth from hard work and achievement.

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