Gold: $2357.41  Silver: $30.62  Platinum: $984.84  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.89  Gold/Silver Ratio: 76.99

1 kilo Silver Bar - Secondary Market

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Bullion Dealer Price Each Dealer Premium Link
Treasure Island Coins
Dealer Rating:
$1,006.30 $21.87
$0.68 per oz

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$1,025.00 $40.57
$1.26 per oz
Kzoo Bullion
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$1,026.35 $41.92
$1.30 per oz
BOLD Precious Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$1,026.41 $41.98
$1.31 per oz
Camino Coin
Dealer Rating:
$1,032.75 $48.32
$1.50 per oz
Monument Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$1,033.19 $48.76
$1.52 per oz
Provident Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$1,079.92 $95.49
$2.97 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$1,079.92 $95.49
$2.97 per oz
First Majestic Silver Corp
Dealer Rating:
$1,083.68 $99.25
$3.09 per oz
JM Bullion
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$1,099.25 $114.82
$3.57 per oz

Melt Value: 1 kilo Silver Bar - Secondary Market

This silver bar contains 32.150 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 1 kilo Silver Bar - Secondary Market is $984.43 based on today's silver spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Jun 21, 2024 01:03 am

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1 kilo Silver Bar - Secondary Market

1 Kilo Silver bars provide an easy and compact way to add bulk ounces to your silver holdings. Typically, larger bars cost less and are cheaper to produce than smaller bars, making 1 Kilo Silver Bars one of the most cost-effective. 

The size of a kilo silver bar makes it convenient to buy silver as a significant store of wealth in a relatively small amount of physical space at home. Each kilo bar measures roughly the same physical dimensions as a modern smart-phone. The 99.9% pure silver that is used for minting these bars is very dense, making them easy to stack and organize in a home vault or other secure location.

Kilogram silver bars are one of the most affordable ways to buy silver in bulk. The per ounce premiums on each bar are generally lower than buying smaller size bars that add up to a similar weight.

On average, the price-per-ounce of 1 Kilo silver bars is lower than if you were to buy 32 individual 1 troy oz bars. 

Secondary market silver bars are often sold at a lower premium than newly minted bars. 

Kilo Silver Bar Highlights:

  • Secondary Market inventory will be dealer's choice at time of order.
  • Obverse: Front design will vary based on manufacturer.
  • Reverse: Back design will vary based on inventory.
  • Could contain a mix of vintage bars or newly minted bars.
  • Will be refined to a minimum of 999 purity.
  • Contains 1 kilogram of pure silver, approx 32.15 troy ounces.

1 kilo silver bars are an idea choice for those looking to purchase silver in bulk quantities to maximize on the lower premiums. provides investors with the tools that allow for easy kilo of silver price comparison across a variety of trusted and reputable online bullion dealers. Kilo silver bars are a commodity and you should always look to buy the cheapest per ounce. 

Why Buy Kilo Silver Bars?

Alongside gold, silver has long history of use as currency, money and in modern times as a long term store of value and wealth, especially during periods of political tensions. Today, the intrinsic value of silver is largely driven by its practical applications across a wide variety of industries, including jewelry, solar panels, electric vehicles, cell phones and other electronics

Each kilo silver bar is a tangible asset. Beyond being considered a safe-haven from inflation, silver has been used as a form of money and as a store of wealth for centuries. It's been only 60 years since the US stopped minting silver coins. Kilogram weight bars help lower the 'price per ounce' versus buying silver in smaller increments.

Silver bars are a sensible investment that can be safely stored at home alongside other valuables. Most are manufactured in a fairly uniform shape, with a profile similar in size of two smartphones stacked on top of the other, making them easy to store in the back of a safe or in a drawer.

Owning physical silver also brings a level of privacy that digital assets do not. You don't need to rely on third parties, and you have control over how you store and secure your silver.

Buying secondary market kilo silver bars is a way to find lower premiums compared to newly minted bars.

1 kilo Silver Bar - Secondary Market Specifications

Weight 32.15 oz
Country United States
Type Ingot
Mint Various
Year Various
Bars Series Bullion
Classification Modern
Bars Type Ingot
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