Gold: $1285.50  Silver: $14.65  90% Junk $1 FV: $10.47  Gold/Silver Ratio: 87.75

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Bullion Exchanges

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Review Rating : 5
Review Date : February 7, 2019
Reviewer : Bill
The good: Highly competitive purchasing prices. Items arrive quickly and without incident. I have ordered about 50k worth of precious metals from them without any significant issues. They are my go to broker. The bad: Call in customer service reps need a refresher in customer relations in a big way. Buy back pricing is scandalously low. Sell elsewhere. The Ugly: Ugly truth is that all the brokerages I have attempted to do business with are significantly worse. Is BE perfect? Nope but in a sea of ugly they are a competent rock hold on to.

Review Rating : 4
Review Date : July 30, 2018
Reviewer : Ray H
ordered a roll of silver eagles from their ebay store for about $18 per coin. shipped free. arrived a couple days later, no issues.

Review Rating : 1
Review Date : July 28, 2018
Reviewer : Steve P
BEWARE unethical seller. This is the second time they have cancelled my Ebay order when the cost of gold/silver has gone up after my purchase. Then they held my money for 5 days before refunding. Obviously, they should not be offering a product at a price they are unwilling to honor.