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NGC Graded American Eagle Gold Coins

American Gold Eagle Coins graded by NGC

Gold American Eagle coins have been available from the United States Mint since 1986.

These coins are highly sought after and in demand for investment and collecting.

Millions of coin collectors consider the design of the American...

About NGC Graded American Eagle Gold Coins

Why should you buy graded gold eagles?

Buying graded bullion coins that are encapsulated in plastic capsules helps to ensure authenticity. Coins that are graded by NGC are authenticated and tested and verified with a unique serial number that can be looked up online.

The plastic capsules may take up a little more space in your safe-deposit box. Having the extra assurance of the NGC third-party grading service offers a way to take some of the risk of buying and holding gold.

Third-party grading services will often include special edition labels that include autographs and other memorabilia that may add some numismatic value as collectibles. Dealers may include these in bulk or secondary market inventory. Often they are marketed separately as premiums for collectibles and numismatics are much higher than regular bullion. This has also piqued the curiosity with investors as well.

Low Premiums on Authenticated Bullion Coins

Third-party grading companies will receive monster box deliveries from dealers, local coin shops and investors that prefer their investments to be authenticated.

Gold Bullion coins are shipped from the mint in sealed plastic tubes. The third party grading service will carefully open each tube. Each coin is removed from the tube, tested for its purity and weight. The a professional grader trained in numismatic will visually inspect each coin.

It is then assigned a numeric grade on a scale of 0 to 70. This information is entered into a database and the coin then becomes encapsulated with the assay and grade details.

Third-Party Assurance of Value

Owning a stack of NGC certified bullion coins helps to provide some assurance of the authenticity of the coins. This can also be important when it comes time to sell. Local coin shops, pawn shops and other gold traders are familiar with third-party graders and the services they provide.

At the time of encapsulation each coin is also assigned a unique serial number with a barcode. Images of the coin at the time that it was graded can be available on the NGC website that allows dealers and bullion buyers to review the provenance of each coin.

Each Third-party graded and encapsulated Gold Eagle coin is worth at least today's gold spot price plus an additional premium. Gold Eagles are a trusted store of value and having them encapsulated makes it easier and more convenient to sell. These are a very liquid asset that is easy to sell locally as bullion coins are widely recognized everywhere in the world.

Why Compare NGC Graded American Eagle Gold Coins Prices before buying?

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Comparing NGC Graded American Eagle Gold Coins prices

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