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NGC Graded American Eagle Gold Coins

NGC Graded American Gold Eagles

Gold American Eagle coins have been available from the United States Mint since 1986.

The Numismatic Guaranty Company, commonly referred to as NGC, is a third-party grading company that provides ratings, guarantees and condition grading for coins and collectibles. The company employs a 70 point grading scale for scoring the condition, with the highest rating of MS-70.

American Gold Eagles that are certified by NGC provide some additional benefits to investors. Sometimes you can buy random NGC-Certified at lower prices than newly minted coins.

Buying NGC coins provides a guarantee that you are buying an authenticate genuine coin with superior eye appeal.

These certified gold eagle coins are highly sought after and in demand for investment and collecting.

Quick Facts About NGC Graded American Eagle Gold Coins

NGC is one of the reputable third-party grading company that has decades of experience providing grades for collectible coins, currency notes and other collectible items. Buying NGC graded American Gold Eagle coins is method to ensure that the coins you are buying are genuine and authentic.

Upon receipt of the raw coins, grading experts examine them to inspect all of the fine details. Grading is typically done to provide investors and collectors with a rating that can help determine the numismatic value a collectible coin might fetch at auction.

Another reason that each receive a thorough review prior to encapsulation is to determine the authenticity of the gold coin. For bullion investors, this can provide an additional layer of assurance that you are stacking genuine gold coins.

NGC Graded American Eagle Gold coins receive a barcode with a unique serial number that is permanently attached to the plastic capsule. The serial number can be easily queried on the NGC website for to review the grade and any other details from the grading assessment, including pictures of the coin when it was in the possession of the graders.

As an investment, American Eagle bullion coins are not intended to grow in numismatic value like Proof Gold Eagles. Premiums on NGC graded gold eagles are often comparable to current year coins, which can make them a cheaper option, given the added benefits and reduced risks. Local coin shops, pawn shops and other gold traders are familiar with third-party graders and the services they provide. Owning a stack of NGC certified bullion coins helps to provide addition assurance of the authenticity which can be important when it comes time to sell these very liquid assets.

Newly minted bullion coins that are encapsulated will often come graded as MS-69, the second highest rating given to coins by NGC. These coins are considered by experts to be in Brilliant Uncirculated and nearly perfect specimens and ideal for investors.

Each Third-party graded Gold Eagle coin carries the intrinsic value which is worth at least today's spot gold price plus an additional premium. Gold Eagles are a trusted store of value and having them encapsulated makes it easier and more convenient when it comes time to sell.

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