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Britannia Coins

Royal Mint Britannia Silver and Gold Coins

The Britannia Coin series is released annually by The Royal Mint. Legal tender coins are available in both silver and gold and include a diverse array of denominations.

The Britannia Coin is eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA.

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Quick Facts About Britannia Coins

Beginning in 2013, Britannia silver bullion coins are minted on demand based on order demand from investors. In various years, the mint has issued limited numbers of coins containing special privy marks to commemorate or celebrate various aspects of British culture, history and zodiac symbols.

Security elements have been implemented into the design to make counterfeiting this coin very difficult.

  • The updated background wave design reflects and captures the light as it bounces off the surface
  • smooth vertical, diagonal, and horizontal lines incorporated into the design of the Britannia shield
  • a holographic image of a padlock in the bottom left, which transitions to a trident when you tilt the coin.
  • the Latin phrase 'Decus Et Tutamen' ('An ornament and a safeguard') is micro-etched along the inner rim of the coin.

The Britannia Privy coins are popular amongst collectors and can sometimes be found amongst random year and secondary market listings. Premiums on the privy coins have shot up in recent years and the coins become more scarce. Coins in graded condition are the most sought after.

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