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Silver Bars tracks listings from various online bullion dealers to help investors find the best prices online for investment-grade and collectible silver bars. When buying Silver bars, FindBullionPrices helps investors find the best prices across a wide assortment of leading mints, such as Sunshine Minting, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP Suisse, Scottsdale Silver and others. All investment-grade silver bars are hallmarked and stamped with their exact purity and weight of precious metals from their issuer.

Learn More About Silver Bars

Silver has been used as a form of money throughout much of human history. In the United States, silver was used to mint coinage until the debasement began in 1965, and silver certificates (a paper currency that could be exchanged for a specified amount of silver) were issued up through the 1960s.

Today, precious metals, like silver, continue to be valued for both their industrial use in addition to being a proven store of value and wealth for investors. Silver bars are frequently bought by investors as a way to hold a physical assets based on the intrinsic value.

Industrial size silver bars are an essential raw material for many of the components and circuits in virtually all electronic devices, batteries and solar panels. Silver is also consumed for use in many medical devices and even medicines due to its natural anti-bacterial properties.

Silver Bars as a Store of Wealth

Silver Bars come in a variety of sizes, shapes and with varying inscriptions and designs. They offer an excellent way to save money in physical precious metals while avoiding high dealer premiums that are found with coins or transaction fees that can be associated with ETFs, stocks and other investments.

In general, lower dealer premiums can be found when buying medium and large silver bars, like those that weigh 10 oz or 1 kilogram. You can usually pay the absolute lowest premiums when you buy a 100 oz silver bar. This is because brokers can offer the lowest silver price per ounce when making bulk purchases. makes it easy to shop for and buy Silver bars by comparing prices from trusted and reputable online dealers. Silver Bars offer buyers trusted way to diversity their holdings.

Where to find discounted silver bars

Silver bars are easy to shop for and buy online. They are ideal to store at home and perfect for building a stack that can help provide financial security. Bars often have lower dealer premiums and offer a tremendous discount when compared with coins or other types of bullion. The added incentive for buying Silver bars is that they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Choosing Silver Bar Weights

With so many unique products for sale by online bullion dealers, you may find it difficult to choose which Silver bullion bars will be best to buy for your stack. helps to compare the prices of a variety of silver bars sorted by theme, brand, and weight across dozens of trusted and reputable online bullion dealers to shop the best prices with ease.

  • 1 oz Silver Bars

    One troy ounce bars are an excellent choice for new investors. They provide the opportunity to own a small amount of silver and are a low-risk way to establish a precious metals portfolio. Private mint bars are a most popular choice for beginning investors that want to get an understanding of what is feels like to own silver and the financial peace-of-mind that it can offer. Browse 1 oz Silver bars by theme and you will find an array of attractive bars for many different occasions.

  • 5 oz Silver Bars

    Graduating to five ounce bars opens investors to a new world of possibilities with various leading private mints providing options in hand-poured bars, pressed mint bars and cast bars.

  • 10 oz Silver Bars

    The assortment in design themes of ten ounce bars has evolved. The intrinsic value of silver bars of this size draws investors looking for a good value and low dealer premiums above the current spot price. Though the price of silver will fluctuate, these silver bars are the kind of investment that has the potential to increase in value the longer they are held, particularly with a volatile financial market that is compounded with soaring inflation.

  • Kilo Silver Bars

    Kilogram size .999 fine silver bars contain a large amount intrinsic wealth in a very dense, compact physical format that can be easily stored at home. As a store of value, prices of kilo silver bars are some of the most competitive, offering retail investors. In this size, the bars are still accessible to transport and easy to store. Many reputable private mints from around the world strike high-quality kilo bars.

  • 100 Ounce Silver Bars

    One hundred ounce silver bars are bought in order to hold physical possession of assets with more significant intrinsic value. The volume of metal in a 100 oz bar affords mints the opportunity to offer the lowest silver price per ounce for investors. The intrinsic value of each 100 oz silver bar increases substantially with each rise in silver price.
  • Industrial Silver Bars

    For more speculative investors that think that silver prices will "shoot the moon", industrial size bars are available that can provide the absolutely lowest price per ounce. These can include COMEX bars and large format 15 kilogram bars. If you are expecting the price of silver to shoot the moon, these may be the perfect bars for you.

What's the difference between .999 and .9999 fineness

The fineness, or purity, of Silver, is normally designated to three or four digits. A .999 Silver bar is minted using silver that has been refined to a minimum purity of 99.9%, sometimes referred to as three-nines.

Some mints issued silver bars that contain four nines, .9999 or 99.99% purity. The rest of the level of the bar is composed of trace elements that can't be separated during the refining process. This difference in punctuation does not change the weight of the precious metals contained in the bar, nor does it have any impact on the intrinsic value of the metal.

The difference between .999 and .9999 fine silver is small, and for most individual investors, it won't make a significant difference in terms of the silver content or value of a bullion product. However, for industrial applications where very high purity is required, the higher purity level could be more desirable.