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American Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagle coins are the official investment-grade silver bullion from the US Mint.

American Silver Eagles are a great investment. No matter if you are new to precious metals or been stacking precious metals for years.

Some consider the Silver Eagle coin to be one of...

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Quick Facts About American Silver Eagles

Silver Eagle Origin

With the passing of the Liberty Coin Act in 1985, the U.S. Congress authorized the creation of the Silver Eagle coin by the US Mint. The first coin was released in November 1986. The design of the American Silver Eagle coin features Adolph Weinman's Walking Liberty design on the obverse of the coin. The reverse of the coin, designed by John Mercanti, features the Heraldic eagle with shield and thirteen five-pointed stars. The American Silver Eagle coin is struck in both bullion and proof versions. As of 2017 over a half a billion, or 500 million, Silver Eagle coins had been struck by the US Mint.

American Silver Eagle Investing

American Silver Eagles are a very popular choice for investors. These bullion coins are beautiful to look at and easy to store.
  • They are packaged in tubes of 20 coins from the US Mint
  • Coins are shipped from the US Mint in Monster Boxes, each containing 25 tubes for a total of 500 coins
  • Each coin has a face value of $1 US Dollar and is legal tender
  • They are government minted and guaranteed by the US Government
  • Each coin has a government backed guarantee for weight, content, and purity
  • American Silver Eagle coins are also eligible for inclusion in a previous metals backed IRA
Another benefit to American Silver Eagles is that they are readily available individually or in large quantities by most all well-known bullion dealers. This makes purchasing convenient and accessible for anyone.

American Silver Eagles are a wise choice for getting started in silver investing. The are readily available, affordable and easy to store. American Silver Eagle coins are an excellent store of wealth and should be an essential part of any precious metals investment portfolio.

American Silver Eagle Details

Fineness: 0.999
Denomination: $1 USD
Weight: 1 troy oz (31.1 grams)
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Thickness: 2.98 mm
Mint: United States Mint

American Silver Eagle Benefits

  • Eligible for Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
  • Legal Tender bullion coin of the United States
  • Guaranteed for weight, content and purity by the US Mint
  • Obverse Design by Adolph Weinman
  • Reverse Design by John Mercanti

American Silver Eagles Prices

Prices for Silver Eagle coins fluctuate on a daily basis based on the silver spot price. The prices shown on are pulled directly from the dealer's websites and are updated hourly.

Why Silver Eagles prices are higher than Generic Silver Rounds

The US Mint charges dealers a premium on Silver Eagle coins. The lowest priced Silver Eagle coins that are from the current mint year in uncirculated condition will cost at least $2 above spot price. When dealers purchase Silver Eagle coins from the US Mint they are charged LBMA spot price plus a $2 premium.

Silver Eagle coins cost wholesalers and dealers more than generic silver rounds. As with any commodity, the higher cost is passed along to the consumer and investors.

How to find cheap American Silver Eagles

We scan all of the major, reputable online dealers for the best prices on American Silver Eagles. Our product listings show the prices from all of the major online bullion dealers, including shipping costs. In our price listings we display the dealer and include information about the dealer such as their shipping information and payment types accepted. The price each dealer is charging for that particular product as well as the premium that dealer is charging over silver spot price. The lowest prices will be listed first. You can also switch the listing to display credit card prices instead of cash prices and the list of dealers and prices will be sorted by lowest price.

Where is the best place to buy Silver Eagles online?

The best place to buy Silver Eagles online is from the dealer that has the lowest premium over spot price. American Silver Eagle coins are bullion coins, which are a commodity. There is no reason to pay more than you should when you buy silver bullion.

Silver Eagle bullion coins have no numismatic or collector value. However, the premiums that retail bullion dealers charge can vary greatly.

We compare the prices of Silver Eagles from different dealers to find which has the best price.

Silver Eagle Variations

Silver Eagle Proofs

The American Silver Eagle is popular with investors for a variety of reasons. There are some Silver Eagle coins that are more rare than others and those will command a much higher premium. The US Mint also produces Silver Eagle Proof coins that have a mirror-like finish in and come with a collectors box and certificate of authenticity. Proof version of the American Silver Eagle coins are sold to collectors and will sometimes cost twice as much as the bullion version of the coin.

Novice investors should use caution when buying American Silver Eagle Proof coins. Often times the proofs will lose a significant portion of the higher premium on the secondary market.

Some dealers will also have listings on their website for Silver Eagles that have been graded and slabbed by companies such as NGC and PCGS. These slabbed silver eagle coins are also geared towards to numismatic collectors market. Investing in graded American Silver Eagles involves market speculation that seasoned investors with the knowlege of numismatics can profit from.

Silver Eagle Premium

The US Mint sells Silver Eagle coins to dealers with a premium of $2.00 per coin over the silver spot price. This automatically sets the price of American Silver Eagle coins higher than generic silver bullion. The dealers pass this premium on to consumers along with an additional premium that represents the dealer's price markup.

Cheaper American Silver Eagle - Random Year

There are opportunities for buying American Silver Eagle (ASE) coins at a significant discount. Dealers will often buy American Silver Eagle coins from individuals at a discounted price as part of the precious metals secondary market. The condition of the Random Year American Silver Eagle coins will usually be listed as BU, which is an abbreviation of the term "Brilliant Uncirculated". Dealers will often pass some savings on to end users by offering secondary market American Silver Eagles for sale as " Random Year" coins. This usually means that the dealer has an inventory of coins that they've likely acquired from different individuals over time. Dealers purchased from individuals at a lower price and at reduced premiums than those offered for sale by the US Mint. The lower prices on these Silver Eagles are passed to the buyer on the secondary market. Random Year American Silver Eagle coins are one of the best values available for silver investors and silver stackers.

Cheapest American Silver Eagles - Cull Condition

The cheapest American Silver Eagle coins for sale on the secondary market are usually "Cull" coins. The condition of Cull Silver Eagle coins will vary from dealer to dealer and from batch to batch. The conditions will usually show:
  • Signs of scratches
  • Some wear and tear
  • Signs of circulation and handling
  • May have been cleaned
  • May have been painted
  • Imperfections or other damage

Since the American Silver Eagle coin is considered a bullion coin (as opposed to proof coins), a cull coin will still contain 1 troy ounce of silver. Even in cull condition American Silver Eagle coins are still the most recognized government bullion coin in the world. The cheapest American Silver Eagle coins you can buy will be ones in cull condition.

Where to buy the Cheapest Silver Eagles Online

Dealers that offer cull condition and secondary market American Silver Eagle coins will have product listings on their website. The description or title of the listing will identify the coins as Random Year or Cull American Silver Eagle coins. tracks the prices of both Random Year American Silver Eagle coins and Cull American Silver Eagle coins from a variety of reputable national bullion dealers.

Buying silver eagles online from dealers that sell secondary market random year coins will be the best place to buy. The silver eagle coins will be from previous years, will mostly be in uncirculated condition. Random year silver eagles still contain 1 troy ounce of fine silver. Random year coins are cheaper because the dealers will buy them back at a lower premium. The lower premium is passed along to the investor. When you compare silver eagle prices on you will see that the price of random year silver eagles can sometimes be one to two dollars per ounce less than buying current year eagles.

Silver Eagles vs Generic Rounds

Many investors will debate the pros and cons of investing in generic silver rounds instead of buying silver eagle coins. People that prefer buying generic silver rounds will often cite the lower premium over silver spot price. While the premium you pay over silver spot price is an important consideration there are other things to consider as well.

The Silver Eagle is the most recognized silver bullion coin in the world. It is the most popular silver bullion coin among investors in the United States. The silver eagle is bought and sold daily at virtually every local coin store and bullion dealer in the country. Investors are always buying silver eagle coins. For an investor looking to use silver bullion as a store of wealth or as a way of storing money away as a hedge against inflation this means that the silver eagle coin is easy to liquidate and sell when the time is right for you.

American Silver Eagle coins carry a premium over silver spot price. Most dealers will also pay a premium over spot price when buying them from individual investors that are looking to sell. Often, when dealers are buying back generic silver rounds they will pay below spot price. It's important to consider your individual investment goals when buying silver eagles. If selling your silver investment for the best price then investing in silver eagles may be right for you.

American Silver Eagles History & Facts

American Silver Eagle Design

The American Silver Eagle coin is one of the world's most recognizable silver bullion coin. Silver American Eagle coins are produced by the U.S. Mint and are widely popular among investors and collectors. The design of the coin is rooted in history of other United States currency dating back to the early 20th Century.

The obverse design of the Silver American Eagle coin is based of the iconic design created by Adolph A. Weinman for the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar coin. The Walking Liberty Half-Dollar was minted from 1916-1947. The design captures Lady Liberty in full stride draped with an American Flag with her right hand extended. Her left hand is grasping branches of laurel and oak.

Congress authorized the U.S. Mint to start producing the Silver American Eagle with the passage of the Liberty Coin act of 1985. The new law gave the Secretary of the Treasury permission to mint and issue silver bullion coins. The Act specified the diameter, weight, fineness, general design, inscriptions and the edge finish.

The Liberty Coin Act also defined the American Silver Eagle in both numismatic and legal tender status. The initial silver used in minting the coins would come from the U.S. Strategic Silver Stockpile and would have a face value of $1 USD.

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