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Silver Eagle Rolls

American Silver Eagle Tubes of 20 Coins

Buy Silver Eagle Coins in Tubes of 20 Coins.

The US Mint releases Silver Eagles in rolls of 20 coins packed in Monster Boxes. Each tube is sealed at the mint to ensure quality control. Most online bullion dealers offer reduced premiums when you buy a roll of American Silver Eagles. It is common for dealers to include a price break when purchasing in quantities of 20 or more.

Quick Facts About Silver Eagle Rolls

Silver Eagle Tubes are specially made tubes used for storing and protecting American Silver Eagle coins, which are one of the most popular types of silver bullion coins in the world. These coins are minted by the U.S. Mint and are made from .999 fine silver.

Each American Silver Eagle coin is 40.6mm in diameter, and a standard Silver Eagle tube holds up to 20 coins. The tubes are made of a hard, translucent plastic that provides a safe and convenient way to store, stack, and protect the coins from damage.

The tubes are designed so that the coins fit snugly inside, which holds them securely and prevents them from moving around and potentially getting scratched or damaged.

A roll of Silver Eagles represents 20 troy ounces of silver and the tubes feature an air-tight seal to keep out air and moisture helping to prevent tarnishing over time.

Due to economies of scale, buying silver eagles in rolls can provide a slight discount per coin compared to purchasing individual coins. Dealers often provide a lower price per coin with quantity discounts for bulk purchases.

The coins in a roll are typically unsearched and in brilliant uncirculated or mint condition. The rolls provide a convenient and safe way to store the coins, protecting them from damage and making them easier to stack and store.

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