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China Silver Pandas

China Silver Panda Coins

Silver Panda Coins from ChinaThe Silver Panda is a treasured collectible for its yearly changing design.

The Silver Panda coin series was switched to metric measurements and still containing .999 fine silver.

In 2016, this...

Quick Facts About China Silver Pandas

The People's Bank of China introduced the Panda silver bullion coin in 1983.

The series issues bullion coins with a new design featuring the lovable national symbol of China, the Panda.

All coins from the first three years of the series were minted with a proof finish. These coins and other early mintages have become highly sought after by both investors and collectors of Panda coins.

The obverse design of all mintages of the Panda silver bullion coin series features a rendition of The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests located in the Temple of Heaven Complex.

The front design of the coin includes several inscriptions that include the year of mintage and Chinese characters that identify the country of origin.

The reverse design changes annually and features the cuddly, endangered and beloved national animal of the Chinese people.

Inscriptions that are included on the back of each Panda coin include the weight, purity and face value.

Chinese Silver Panda Coin Weight & Face Value Denominations

The Chinese Panda Silver Bullion coin has been minted in various weight denominations with varying face values based on weight.

1 kg (1 kilo) - Face Value 300 yuan 12 troy ounce - Face Value 100 yuan 5 troy ounce - Face value 50 yuan 150 grams - Face Value 50 yuan 1 troy ounce - Face value of 10 yuan (discontinued in 2015) 30 grams - Face value 10 yuan (introduced in 2016 to replace the 1 troy ounce coin) 1/2 troy ounce - The largest fractional size of the Chinese Panda Silver coin has a face value of 5 yuan 1/4 troy ounce - The smallest fractional size in the series with a face value of 3 yuan.

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