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Top Minting, Coin and Bullion Manufacturing Companies

The refiners, manufacturers and minting companies are responsible for refining precious metals from raw ore into finished bullion, coins and jewelry.

These companies include both private and sovereign government mints. The information contained on these pages is provided for informational purposes. It helps to shows the strengths of each company and the products that they bring to the market for both investors and collectors.

Precious metals have been used as a store of value and wealth for thousands of years. Gold coins and jewelry have been found in historical locations around the world and from civilizations lost to time.

The precious metals industry is a global business that is a focal point for international trade, relations and other economic matters.

Gold bars and silver bars are stacked in vaults by central banks and form the foundation for the world economy.

Click on each Mint to learn more about their origins, history and to see some of the bullion products that each brings to today's investment marketplace.

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