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La Casa de Moneda de Mexico

La Casa De Mondeda de Mexico

La Casa de Moneda is the government mint of Mexico. The Mexican Mint was established in 1535 by decree from the Spanish Crown.

The mint was built atop Casa Denegrida, part of the royal palace of Moctezuma, the last emperor of the Aztecs.

The original minting operations ceased in 1850 and the original building became part of the Museo Nacional de las Culturas. Tours may be available when visiting Mexico City.

The mint produced the silver eight-real coins and silver peso coin. During the colonial period these coins were widely circulated throughout the Americas and Asia and was very influential during the creation of the dollar.

Primary minting operations have moved to other facilities throughout the country.

La Casa de Moneda minted the Mexican Onza silver 1 oz coin in 1979 and 1980.

The first Libertad Coins were minted in 1982.

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