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Perth Mint Coins

The Perth Mint is the world's leading refiner and manufacturer of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins, fully backed with the assurance of the Western Australia government. Established during the Australian gold rush as a colonial branch of the Royal Mint, today, the mint manufactures bullion coins and bars that are popular with both investors and collectors alike.

All of the coins are legal tender and are minted from pure gold, pure silver and pure platinum. Investors find an assortment of options that are suitable for holding and stacking. Some coins are minted in very limited quantities and are highly sought after by collectors. Premiums on collector coins often appreciate in value over time which some investors see as an opportunity.

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Perth Mint Bullion Coins

Western Australia is home to some of the world's largest known gold deposits that were discovered there in 1848. By 1899, the Royal Mint established the Perth Mint as a colonial outpost for refining, processing and assaying the gold ore.

By the time Great Britain eliminated the gold standard in 1931, the Mint had struck over 106 million gold sovereign coins and 735,000 half sovereigns for circulation with the P mint mark.

Today, the mint is the largest refinery in the world following the consolidation of various entities under the Gold Corporation as a government institution. Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced refineries operating in the world with many of the products are refined to 99.99% purity, or .9999 fineness.

It is estimated that the Perth Mint refines and processes roughly 10% of the world's newly mined gold and is the largest producer of Australian bullion coins.

Perth Mint Gold Coins

The most popular design themes are derived from animals that are native to Australia.

The Kangaroo Coin series evolved from the "Australian Golden Nugget" that began in 1987. The series was officially renamed in 2008. These coins are minted of .9999 fine gold and available in 1 troy ounce and fractional ounce sizes.

The design of the coins is updated annually.

Perth Mint Silver Coins

Royal commonwealth tradition dictates that a portrait of the currently sitting monarch be prominently featured on the obverse of coins minted in Commonwealth countries. Several portraits have graced the front of Perth Mint coins that show the former Queen throughout the ages. The most recent effigy of Queen Elizabeth that has adorned the front of these coins was created by Ian Rank-Bradley.

Following her death in 2022, the surround of the obverse has been updated to show memorial dates to the legendary ruler that incorporates the years of her birth and death.

Early in 2023, the mint announced that future coins will contain a portrait of King Charles once a suitable portrait is available.

Perth Kangaroo

Each year, the Perth Mint refines millions of ounces of raw silver ore to create a variety of bullion coins for investors.

Since 2016, the Australia Kangaroo 1 oz Silver coin is the official bullion coin that is minted annually. These coins are often the lowest premium silver coin on the market. Each silver Kangaroo contains 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine silver with a legal-tender face value of $1 AUD. Random Year Kangaroo Silver Coin has become one of the most popular among investors, stackers and preppers who want to buy the cheapest silver coin.

The reverse design features the iconic image of a bouncing red kangaroo that is the largest marsupial native to Australia.

The is no set annual mintage limit for Silver Kangaroos, instead they are minted entirely on demand from investors.

Perth Lunar Series

The Lunar Series continues the Perth Mint tradition of minting striking bullion coins portraying animal themes and showcases those that are honored by the Chinese Lunar 12-year calendar cycle. The third generation of the Lunar Series began in 2020.

The reverse design changes each year as part of the tradition found throughout Asian cultures.

Perth Lunar Series III coins are available in silver and gold that is refined to .9999 purity. These coins are available in a variety of different weights and denominations that are suitable for all budgets.

Silver Kookaburra

The Kookaburra silver coin is minted with a new design each year that features the laughing kingfisher, a native outback bird that has a chirp that sounds a lot like human laughter. The coin has been an annual tradition for collectors and investors since 1990 with a limited mintage of only 500,0000 coins. The design is also available in larger formats that include a 10 troy ounce and a 1 kilo coin.

The Silver Koala coin has been around since 2006. Annually, the mintage of the 1 oz Silver Koala is limited to only 300,000 coins and is high demand to both collectors and investors. The design changes annually and features a depiction of the koala which is also available 1 kilo weights.

Silver Koala

The Koala Coin series was established in 2007. The Koala is a marsupial that is native to the outback that survives by eating the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. The design is updated every year and features the laid-back charm of the animal that warms the hearts of millions around the world.

Some investors will buy random year Koala Silver Coins as a way to become familiar with this series. An annual mintage cap was established in 2018 which limits the number of coins produced each year. Premiums on silver koalas can increase over time which some investors leverage as a way to improve profits.