Gold: $1922.70  Silver: $23.54  Platinum: $918.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.83  Gold/Silver Ratio: 81.68

Gold Bars Closest to Spot Price

When buying physical gold, bars are often the cheapest option when comparing the same intrinsic value with coins. Gold Bars are available from both private and sovereign mints and very often will have the lowest premiums over spot price. This is largely due to the lower cost of production, with savings passed along to the investor.

The gold bars listed below have the lowest premium over spot gold price per ounce. These are the cheapest gold bars offered by major online bullion dealers with the lowest premium.

Our tools will help you find the best gold bar prices online from dozens of trusted and reputable dealers.

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Spot Gold Price: $1922.70 per ounce
Product  Dealer  P/oz over Spot  Lowest Price 
Argor Heraeus 1 oz Gold Bar Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$44.19 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar Rand Refinery GoldClub Direct
Free Shipping @ $199
$44.56 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar - Germania Mint Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$45.19 per bar
Asahi 1 oz Gold Bar in Assay Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$47.19 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine 24kt GoldClub Direct
Free Shipping @ $199
$48.90 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar - Perth Mint GoldClub Direct
Free Shipping @ $199
$51.44 per bar
1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar *New Design Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$52.19 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar - Random Silver Gold Bull
Free Shipping @ $199
$68.58 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar Royal Canadian Mint Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$72.11 per bar
Britannia 1 oz Gold Bar SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$74.96 per bar
1 oz Perth Mint Cast Gold Bar eBay  
Free Shipping Available
$76.68 per bar
PAMP Suisse 1 oz Gold Bar in Assay Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $199
$78.20 per bar
Scottsdale Mint 1 oz Gold Bar SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$80.02 per bar
Sunshine Minting 1 oz Gold Bar Provident Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$85.26 per bar
1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar APMEX
Free Shipping @ $199
$87.39 per bar
1 oz Italpreziosi Gold Bar BGASC
Free Shipping @ $199
$90.62 per bar
Argor Heraeus 1 troy ounce gold Kinebar eBay  
Free Shipping Available
$94.70 per bar
1 oz Gold Bar Sunshine Minting .9999 Fine 24kt (in Assay) JM Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$98.67 per bar
Valcambi Gold 1 oz (10 x 1/10 oz) CombiBar Hero Bullion
Free Shipping @ $149
$133.01 per bar
Gold Bracelet - Hammered Finish 24k 1 Troy Oz eBay  
Free Shipping Available
$175.17 per bar
Gold Bracelet- 24k - Wearable Bullion, 1 Troy Oz .9999 SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$183.82 per bar

Cheapest 1 oz Gold Bar Prices

Gold bars are trusted as one of the most secure physical store of wealth and value. Investors depend on stacking gold bars as a nest egg for the future. Prices of 1 oz gold bars can vary based on trading of commodities in the precious metals markets. tracks the prices of gold bars from leading online precious metals and coin dealers.

The premium over spot price from online bullion dealers is less than you would pay buying bars through your typical investment broker, local coin shop or pawn shop. Online dealers have significantly lower costs that get passed through with lower premiums to buy the same gold bars at a lower cost. Premiums from credit cards can be avoided by using crypto or ACH as a form of payment. Some investors choose to make regular purchases as a way to stack credit card rewards points that are later used to offset additional gold purchases. With some credit cards also offering cash back rewards, some investors can use this trick to reduce the overall cost to their investment.

Popular 1 oz Gold Bar Manufacturers

There are many distinguished and very credible private and sovereign mints that issue 1 oz gold bars. tracks gold bar prices from Good Delivery providers for numerous futures and trading markets that include: legendary Valcambi Suisse, the Royal Mint, Sunshine Minting and Argor-Heraeus. These leading refineries are certified for a numerous futures trading with markets like COMEX, NYMEX, Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), Moscow Exchange, Dubai Gold & Commoditities Exchange and the LBMA London OTC.

Certified Good Delivery providers have approval from a variety of futures exchanges that allow the trading of privately minted precious metals to occur allowing investors to enjoy the full benefits of owning 1 oz gold bars with minimal overhead and the lowest dealer premiums. helps to take the guesswork out of buying precious metals by tracking prices of 1 oz gold bars across a wide array of trusted and reputable online bullion dealers to allow you find the best price with the lowest premiums.

1 oz Gold Bar Storage at Home

Traditionally, bank safe-deposit boxes have been thought of as a great place to store gold bars. However, many banks are reducing or eliminating local branches and services as the industry continues to consolidate. In addition, there have been a number of reports of government seizures of gold in recent years that have brought a variety of issues to light in the courts.The most secure choice for most investors is to store their precious metals safely at home.

Gold bars take up relatively little space and can even be discretely hidden. Many families have a small vault or safe at home that is used for storing firearms, family heirlooms and other important items. Precious metals can be stored virtually anywhere around the home. It is even easy to stash gold bars that are encapsulated in sealed assay cards.

Many online bullion dealers allow the use of credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments and wire transfers when you buy 1 oz gold bars. In response to investor demands, many dealers also accept payments in an assortment of leading crypto-currencies, digital tokens and Stablecoins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD), Euro Coin (EUROC) and others.

Investing in 1 oz gold bars is one of the most effective ways to avoid having your savings and retirements funds stolen by the record levels of inflation with the upcoming implementation of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) by the Federal Reserve.

How much is a 1 oz gold bar worth?

Based on today's spot price each 1 oz gold bar is worth $1922.70. Stacking gold bars enables extra financial security at home that can be easily and discretely stashed away.