Gold: $1979.20  Silver: $23.31  Platinum: $983.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.67  Gold/Silver Ratio: 84.91

Free ShippingYes
Shipping InfoFree shipping on orders over $199
Mailing Address2780 So. Jones Blvd. #200-3841
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone877-394-3337, 877-646-5303
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, eCheck, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH)
Silver Gold Bull has tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have taken their financial future into their own hands by investing in gold and silver. Their commitment to their customer is to provide extraordinary service throughout their customer's bullion buying experience. Thousands of people have left Silver Gold Bull testimonials about their service, high quality products and genuine commitment to providing customers with an easy and risk-free way to buy gold and silver.

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Review Date : March 15, 2023 Review Rating :
Very top line bullion dealer. I have purchased from Silver Gold Bull many times. They typically have a wide variety of products at lowest prices. Silver Gold Bull's service is impeccable. They fill orders very quickly and are very courteous. Silver Gold Bull does not require having a credit card on file, which shows they trust their clientele to follow through on their orders. They trust their clientele as much as their clientele trusts them. That's the sort of business relationship I like.
Bill Goode

Review Date : January 30, 2023 Review Rating :
Good prices, but very slow to ship. The length of clearing time for ACH orders is dubious. Orders represented as "shipped" sit in their warehouse with status "Label Created" for days.
Ken Doner

Review Date : January 20, 2023 Review Rating :
Among the finest bullion dealers. They often have the lowest prices and maintain a broad inventory of what I'm looking for. Very fine to deal with.
Bill Goode

Review Date : December 13, 2022 Review Rating :
Fantastic! Always have been shipped Fedex and actually having to sign instead of the USPS which lies and says I've signed. Best prices on Gold and sometimes silver. I will continue to purchase from them.
Cheap Coins

Review Date : August 26, 2022 Review Rating :
Products are good but shipping is terrible. Ordered on a Tuesday Aug 16 via ACH direct from my bank. It is Friday, Aug 26 and I still have not received my item.

Review Date : July 1, 2022 Review Rating :
Ordered June 23rd today is July 1st. Still hasn’t shipped. Don’t believe their 3-5 day policy it’s more 7-10 maybe!
Stephen Justice

Review Date : June 8, 2022 Review Rating :
Placed an order tried to pay with ACH. some glitch with that , Sunday night, just befor one of their BEST deals was set to expire! Panicked, I reordered with regular check. E-mailed them my concern. They called the next day apologized, and said I had 2 orders.... but because of my E-mail they cancelled one of the orders ( duplicate) and the even offered to take payment with a credit card and waive the fee.!!! for my inconvience, I said no. and did ACH. They went above and beyond customer service, with NO FUSS on their part. AND have some of the BEST delivered prices out there. Low prices, great service, no complaints here.

Review Date : August 28, 2021 Review Rating :
Bought 3 gold 1 ducat coins in July 2021. When I received the coins, it was obvious they were restrikes by their extremely sharp lines and proof-like fields. The listing said NOTHING about them being restrikes. The only reason I buy fractional gold world coins is for their old age and historical value. The price was very regarding % over spot so I’m ok with the purchase. They even called me about my similar review on their site. I sent them pics. They didn’t offer replacements or discount or even free shipping on another order. Also it took weeks to process a wire transfer and receive. Not my best experience but also not my worst. -Jeremy in Texas

Review Date : August 17, 2021 Review Rating :
Their WSS 2021 American Silver Eagle Type 1 is the best deal available, by far. I've yet to have a shipment sent that wasn't packaged extremely well, and they also respond to messages quite prompty. Of all the big name distrubutors, I'd stick with SGB every time!

Review Date : July 15, 2021 Review Rating :
Ordered 100 American Eagles and arrived 2 days later, as stated. All in excellent shape so I reordered 100 more!
Todd G.

Review Date : June 19, 2021 Review Rating :
SGB are one of the very best, if not the best bullion dealers I've bought from.. They have the good values, but it's their customer service and communication that they truly excel in. They get my business on a regular basis.

Review Date : March 31, 2021 Review Rating :
The Best by far. Fast shipping, customer service and prices.
David R

Review Date : March 30, 2021 Review Rating :
I was a little slow on a mail payment. They will email and demand payment and threaten fee's for 'LATE' checks etc. Place is a joke
Gang Gang

Review Date : February 6, 2021 Review Rating :
I picked up a 10 ounce silver bar. Beautiful item. My favorite bullion piece. I'm very happy. Premium was competitive. Happy customer. thank you!
Paul (in Madison)

Review Date : September 6, 2020 Review Rating :
Tried to change shopping cart from an incorrect entry for product. It would not let me. Tried to change quantity on cart and did not update. Tried to log out and it would not allow me top log out. Terrible website functionality. They lost me as a customer before I even began as a new customer.

Review Date : August 12, 2020 Review Rating :
Purchased a 10 oz silver bar "Silver Gold Bull Silver Bar" at spot deal. Very nice quality. The purchasing was very easy and received it fast. Ended up buying 10 additional 1oz generic rounds.

Review Date : May 18, 2020 Review Rating :
I purchased a 10 oz generic silver bar. It arrived well packaged with no issues.

Review Date : April 11, 2020 Review Rating :
I ordered their 10 oz bar spot deal. Was a very easy order and great overall experience. Theiir silver gold bull bar is one of best 10 ounce bars ive ever seen. I do recommend them among my top 5 online dealers .

Review Date : March 29, 2020 Review Rating :
Yes I do! I purchased some 90% Silver at a very, very good price! Silver Gold Bull can not be beat when it comes to service and price!! I even got the coins that I wanted to have ....Lucky me!

Review Date : December 17, 2019 Review Rating :
I have had at least seven purchases the final quarter of 2019. Their 'generic' rounds have been the LOWEST delivered price, by far, than all their competitors. Items I have received have been newly-minted Buffalo 1 oz .999 rounds, and they are uncirculated. Packing and shipping are perfect. I love their aggressive pricing, and will continue to buy as long as they are the lowest delivered price.

Review Date : October 1, 2019 Review Rating :
I have purchased products from Silver Gold Bull many times and all of my experiences have always been great. The bullion I have received is in great shape. The packaging is more than enough to withstand USPS abuse and delivery time is reasonable. There DEAL section has a great selection of gold and silver at some of the best prices over (or at) spot.
David Harris

Review Date : October 26, 2018 Review Rating :
I bought the spot price deal on found here. Paid a little more for using Paypal. Shipping seemed slower than some other dealers but it is a very cool looking bar. I will probably order from them again if they have good deals.

Review Date : June 17, 2018 Review Rating :
I found their spot price 10 oz bar deal on this site and thought it was too good to be true. About a week later the bar arrived and it is one of the coolest pieces I have bought. Silver at spot.
rob t

Review Date : March 7, 2018 Review Rating :
Purchased some generic 100 oz silver bars from their ebay store. Bars arrived quick and packed well.