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Australian Kookaburra Coins

Kookaburra 1 Oz Silver Coins from Perth Mint

Australian Kookaburra Coins Quick Facts

The Perth Kookaburra Coin Series has been a mainstay for collectors and investors annually since 1990.

Each annual release in the Kookaburra coin series features an image of the famed Australian Kookaburra bird on the reverse of the coins.

The Kookaburra coin series is available to investors and collectors in a variety of weights and denominations minted from both gold and silver precious metals.

Mintage of each of the coins in the series in limited.

In silver, the Kookaburra coin is available in three weight and face value denominations that include:

  • 1 kilo Kookaburra Silver coin has a face value of $30AUD and is a massive coin for collectors that is available annually.
  • The 10 oz Kookaburra Silver coin has a face value of $10AUD.
  • The 1 oz Kookaburra Silver coin has a face value of $1AUD and a limited annual mintage of only 500,000 coins worldwide.

For the 2022 release, the kookaburra bird is perched on a the edge of a wall, with topiary trees in the background. The bird's beak is pointed to the left and features intricate details of the feathers along the bird.

The Kookaburra is a member of kingfisher family of the Dacelo genus that is native to parts of Australia and New Guinea. These birds are small and adult birds grow to sizes from around 27 cm to 47 cm in length. The name Kookaburra is derived from the indigenous Wiradjuri people native to the New South Wales territory who call the bird guuguubarra.

Kookaburra display several notable extreme characteristics in social behavior that set them apart from our birds.

As older birds, they exhibit altruistic behaviors in helping other parents raise young birds. As young chicks, they are very aggressive with others, causing fights among siblings.

The sound the birds make has often been compared to human laughter, and some species are referred to as the Laughing Kookaburra.

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