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Kilo Silver Bars

Silver Kilo Bars make a great long-term investment in precious metals. Their size allows for storage of a large amount of wealth in a relatively small space. Each kilo silver bar contains 1000 grams of fine silver, roughly 32.15 troy ounces.

They are most often manufactured by private mints. Each Silver Kilo bar will be stamped with the weight, the fineness or purity and will most likely contain the manufacturers hallmark or logo.

Some popular silver kilo bars are made by The Sunshine Mint, PAMP Suisse, SilverTowne, Geiger Edelmetalle and other private mints.

Many dealers will sell generic kilo bars based on available inventory. These bars allow you to accumulate silver at a lower premium.

Kilo Silver Coins

Some sovereign government mints have produced kilo coins for investors interested in diverse and unique designs.