Gold: $1918.87  Silver: $24.61  Platinum: $890.35  90% Junk $1 FV: $17.6  Gold/Silver Ratio: 77.97

Free ShippingYes
Shipping InfoFree Shipping on all orders, minimum order $199
Mailing Address11700 Preston Road Ste 660153
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone(800) 276-6508
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, eCheck, Paypal, Bitcoin,
JM Bullion offers a vast array of gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium products. With an average inventory carry in the tens of millions, they are able to sell in-stock items only and satisfy even the largest of clients. They focus on the most important products to minimize overhead and unnecessary bloat. This lets JM Bullion charge less over spot than their competitors while maintaining healthy stock levels on everything they carry

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Review Date : May 10, 2020 Review Rating :
I have used them 3 times in the last 2mo and I was VERY pleased with the product, I would ABSOLUTELY use them moving forward!

Review Date : May 6, 2020 Review Rating :
I purchased five of the 2020 2 oz Canadian Kraken Silver Coin (BU) with five CoinSafe coin capsules. I ordered over the weekend and the package arrived today (Wednesday) with no issues. The coins were each in a mylar flip and plastic bagged. All of them were together were bubble rapped. I am very happy with the whole transaction.

Review Date : May 1, 2020 Review Rating :
Love JM Bullion will buy again
Michael Ladd

Review Date : April 6, 2020 Review Rating :
Just received my package today. 9 coins total. 1 was a proof in its own box. Okay. The other 8 were not proofs and were dumped into a box almost as large as a shoe box, very little packaging, and they all fell out of the cheap plastic slips. 8 loose coins in a shoe box. NOT the way to do business. I don’t care if shipping was free. Only good thing I’ll say is I actually received what I ordered, even if it was beat up.
Steve B

Review Date : October 1, 2019 Review Rating :
This dealer is the most uncooperative company I have ever tried to deal with. I requested to have my account closed once before over three excuses dealing with the same Debit card I started using to purchase from them. I attempted to use them again, and now they acuse me of using a Debit card with a high-security risk. I hope they don't call my banker. They won't like what he would tell them. It's almost amounting to calling me a fraud for using the same debit card I buy groceries with. And I resent it.

Review Date : July 23, 2019 Review Rating :
They're awesome. . I've purchased many times with JMB, and have ALWAYS come away happy. They're the best, in my opinion.

Review Date : February 7, 2019 Review Rating :
Get the job done but they tend to run high on their sticker price. Still a trustworthy outfit who I would use again depending on the deal. Shipping is slow as molasses

Review Date : January 30, 2019 Review Rating :
This Brokerage has steadily declined in customer service and purchasing value. I really have nothing good to say about this business anymore. This is one customer who through after repeated experiences with their substandard practices has just walked away. Better deals to be had elsewhere anyway.

Review Date : September 11, 2018 Review Rating :
Have made several purchases with JMB, and they are the best in my opinion. Best prices, best shipping time, and packaging quality. I've even sold some to them with great results & pricing.

Review Date : August 6, 2018 Review Rating :
I ordered 10 stackable rounds from their ebay store and paid with Paypal. The rounds showed up about a week or so later. Shipping time seemed average. Overall pleased as the price was hard to beat.

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