Gold: $2321.45  Silver: $29.55  Platinum: $990.09  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.13  Gold/Silver Ratio: 78.56

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About JM Bullion

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Shipping InfoFree Shipping on all orders, minimum order $199
Mailing Address11700 Preston Road Ste 660153
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone(800) 276-6508
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JM Bullion was founded in 2011 and quickly established itself as a prominent player in the precious metals industry. The company was launched with the vision of providing individuals with a reliable and convenient platform to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products online.

Throughout its history, JM Bullion has prioritized customer satisfaction and transparency. They have placed a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, knowledgeable assistance, and a user-friendly experience for their customers.

The company's commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service has earned JM Bullion a strong reputation in the industry. They have established trust among their customer base and continue to be recognized as a leader in the precious metals retail space.

Most recent reviews that have been shared by JM Bullion customers

Review Date : May 24, 2024 Review Rating :
I had a slight issue with one of the coins in my order that was scratched, and the customer service team at JM Bullion was quick to resolve it. They were professional, courteous, and went above and beyond to make things right.
Evan R

Review Date : March 15, 2023 Review Rating :
I have dealt with JM Bullion for many years and have ordered from them many times. JM Bullion has great service. They have a wide variety of products. Most importantly, JM Bullion does not require having a credit card on file to place an order. Many bullion dealers require having a credit card on file, which indicates a lack of trust in their clientele. I like having a relationship, such as that with JM Bullion, which does not require having a credit card on file. It shows they trust me as much as I trust them.
Bill Goode

Review Date : February 8, 2023 Review Rating :
I had a package lost in the mail and JM Bullion did the right thing! Thanks for replacing my order!
Martin D. Tennessee

Review Date : January 20, 2023 Review Rating :
Great website that gives both buy & sell prices. Very easy to deal with. I've bought & sold to JM Bullion and continue to do so.
Bill Goode

Review Date : December 13, 2022 Review Rating :
I would own a multitude of more precious metals if I would have found Monument metals and Silver Gold bullion before I found JM Bullion. They have sale prices higher then the others regular price! They Suck with 12 k's.
Cheap Coins

Review Date : October 23, 2022 Review Rating :
vet discount and ships soon
John Miller

Review Date : July 20, 2022 Review Rating :
I made about 5 purchases from JM last year. I noticed on their website that give veterans a slightly better deal so I signed up for it. It required that I send verifying paperwork to them which I did. After several weeks I emailed them to see what my status was and received no answer. I again sent the information and heard nothing from them. I then called what they refer to as customer service and the lady that answered said she would check on it and get back to me. I'm still waiting for a response as of today (7/20/22 but I have been buying elsewhere.
Larry Dickstein

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