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Silver Bullion Average Spot Price Last 30 days

What is 'Spot Price'

Gold and silver are traded globally as commodities. Trading is done based on contracts for the future delivery of the precious metals. The spot price of gold or silver is the price that it is currently trading at based on the future delivery of the commodity contract. By being traded as futures on the COMEX market, most gold and silver is sold long before it is mined and refined into bullion products.

Silver and gold bullion dealers buy, sell and price their products based on 'spot price'. The spot price of gold refers to the price of one troy ounce of gold and the spot price of silver refers to the price of one troy ounce of silver. Gold and silver must be of specific fineness requirements

Silver Purities and their silver spot price

Silver Standard/Purity Current Price Per Ounce
Fine Silver $16.64
Britannia Silver $15.95
French First Standard Silver $15.81
91 zolotnik Russian Silver $15.77
Sterling Silver $15.39
88 zolotnik Russian Silver $15.24
US 90% Coin Silver $14.98
84 zolotnik Russian Silver $14.56
Scandanavian Silver $13.81
German Silver 835 $13.89
German Silver 800 $13.31
Canadian Coin Silver $13.31
US 40% Coin Silver $6.66
US 35% Coin Silver $5.82

North American Coin Silver - Spot Price per $1 Face Value

Currency Value per $1 Face Value