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Gold Francs

The 20 Francs Gold Coin is one of the most popular investment due to the consistent low premiums. Each contains 0.1867 troy ounces (5.8 grams) of pure gold, making them one of the most affordable gold coins. The historical connection can make them appealing to investors with an interest in history and numismatics.

Learn More About Gold Francs

The 20 Francs gold coin is deeply intertwined with 19th century France and Europe. The Latin Monetary Union treaty, established in 1865, was an effort to unify trade under a common gold-standard that was derived from the French Franc. Millions of 20 francs gold coins were issued by members countries based on the treaty specifications throughout the late 19th century and up until the outbreak of World War I.

These historic gold coins have survived more than 150 years and continue to be an excellent store of value and wealth.

Vintage gold coins are one of the most popular gold bullion investments, especially for those buying fractional gold as a store of wealth.

20 Francs Gold Coins Specifications

Each 20 Francs Coin is minted of a 90% gold alloy and has an overall gross weight of 6.45 grams and a diameter of 21mm. The alloy includes a small amount of copper to provide strength and durability for circulation. Most often, secondary market and random year 20 francs coins will have the lowest premium. The condition will vary, but most will show signs of circulation that include light surface scratches, bag marks and sometimes dirt and grime.

Common 20 Francs Gold Coins

  • Napoleon III 20 Francs Gold Coin Highlights:
    • Minted from 1852-1870

    There are two versions of this coin commonly found amongst the bullion market. One variation shows Napoleon wearing a Laureate wreath on his head, the second shows him without the Laureate. Both coins were minted in large numbers and widely circulated.

  • "Lucky Angel" 20 Francs Gold Coin Highlights:
    • Minted from 1870-1898

    The French Angel Gold Coin, minted from 1871 to 1898, is one of the most actively pursued by investors and collectors. Commonly referred to as the "Lucky Angel", originally designed by Augustin Dupre in the late 18th century, the design was resurrected in 1871.

  • 20 Francs Gold Rooster Details:
    • Minted from 1899-1914 with .1867 ozt of gold
    • Obverse: Bust of Marianna
    • Reverse: The Gallic Rooster, le coq gaulois.
    • Fineness: .900

    The French Rooster gold coins were struck by the Paris mint from 1899 until 1914. The obverse contains a bust portrait of Marianne France, a female personification of the values represented by the French Republic: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

  • Swiss Helvetia 20 Francs Gold Coin Highlights:
    • Minted from 1897-1930
    • Fineness: .900
    • Actual Gold Weight: .1867 troy ounce

    Switzerland is best known for its commercial banking facilities that garner the privacy of investors. The concept of modern banking is said to have originated with the Swiss, who are believed to be descendant from the Templar Knights who were exiled from France during the 14th century. They are also known for having some of the most well known private mints in the world.

    The Swiss Helvetia 20 Francs is referred to informally as the 'Vreneli', which derived from 'Verena', that is Switzerland's equivalent to Lady Liberty.

Variations from member countries also unclude the Belgian 20 Francs, Spanish 20 Peseta, Greek 20 drachma, Austria 8 florins, Hungarian 8 forint and the Italian 20 lira. Each of these coins share the same minting specifications.

Cheapest 20 Francs Gold Coins

For investors, buying Random Year 20 Franc is the most logical choice for those looking for the lowest premium on fractional gold coins. They are highly sought after because they are at a price point that is affordable many.

Oftentimes dealers will have inventory of coins from a specified country and maybe a range of dates. These coins are often sold to collectors at higher premiums. Random Year 20 francs gold coins have a lower premium over spot price than when you choose one from a specific country. Today's monetary worth of a 20 franc gold coin is primarily based on the intrinsic gold value.

The 20 Francs Gold Coin continues to be one of the most popular fractional gold coin amongst investors, preppers and stackers primarily because of the underlying intrinsic value of the gold. These circulated gold coins are a very popular way to store wealth while taking up very little storage space.

Other Gold Francs Denominations

Other denominations of the Gold Franc were minted and circulated; including the 5 Francs, 10 Franc Gold Coin, 40 Franc Gold Coin and 100 Franc Gold Coin.