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Gold Francs

Gold Franc Coins

European Gold Coins - Vintage European Gold coins are recognized as one of the most advantageous ways to invest in bulk Gold. Minted primarily from the early 1800s to the 1930s, these coins were used heavily as currency during the times of their issuance,...

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Quick Facts About Gold Francs

Gold Franc Coins

Gold Franc coins are highly sought after by bullion investors that buy fractional gold coins. Gold Francs are carry lower premiums over gold spot price than many other fractional gold coins or bullion.

The most commonly collected Gold Franc is the 20 Francs Gold Coin. The 20 Franc Gold Coin was introduced by Napolean Bonaparte in 1803 and became the model for all coins of the Latin Monetary Union. The coins were commonly circulated and used in trade between European Countries up until around World War I.

Gold coins meeting the specifications of the 20 Franc were produced by countries throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Variation of the French Gold 20 Franc included the Swiss 20 Franc, Belgian 20 Franc, Spanish 20 Peseta, Greek 20 drachma and the Italian 20 lira.

All 20 Franc Gold Coins are minted with 90% gold, have a nominal weight of 6.45 grams with a diameter of 21mm.

Other denominations of the Gold Franc were produced, including the 5 Franc, 10 Franc Gold Coin, 40 Franc Gold Coin and 100 Franc Gold Coin.

History of Gold Francs

The Euro currency was not the first attempt in Europe to create a unified currency and trade structure.

In the mid-19th century there was an attempt to unify several different European currencies under a structure called the Latin Monetary Union (LMU). During this time most European countries were still using coinage and currency made from gold and silver. The LMU was established in 1865 and officially disbanded in 1927.

Latin Monetary Union (LMU)

A treaty in 1865 between France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy formed the Latin Monetary Union (LMU). The purpose of the treaty was the provide a way to facilitate trade between the countries in a standard way. They agreed to a combined gold and silver bimetalism standard with a fixed gold-to-silver ratio of 15.5 to 1. A single LMU France represented 4.5 grams of fine silver or .290322 grams of fine gold.

The LMU standards were based on the gold French Franc. The Gold Franc had been introduced by Napoleon I in 1803. It was struck in .900 fine gold with denominations of 5, 10, 20, 40, 50 and 100 Francs.

Smaller denominations where struck in silver with denominations of 20 centimes, 50 centimes, 1 franc, 2 francs and 5 francs. The largest of the silver coins, the 5 franc was struck in .900 fine silver. Overall, the coin was minted to weigh 25 grams and contained 0.723391258218528 troy ounces of pure silver.

The 20 Franc gold coin was struck on a 21mm planchet made of an alloy containing 90% gold and 10% copper.

Each 20 Franc gold coin weighted a total of 6.45 grams, containing 5.806 grams of pure gold. The remaining .644 grams being copper to provide additional strength and durability for the coins in circulation.

In 1873, the LMU moved entirely to a gold standard of 1 franc = 0.290322581 grams of gold.

Gold Franc Coin Denominations

5 Francs Gold Coin

10 Francs Gold Coin

20 Francs Gold Coin

Each 20 Francs gold coin weighted a total of 6.45 grams, containing 5.806 grams of pure gold. The remaining .644 grams being copper to provide additional strength and durability for the coins in circulation. The 20 Francs gold coin was struck on a 21mm planchet made of an alloy containing 90% gold and 10% copper. Various designs were produced of the 20 Francs Gold Coin

Popular 20 Francs Gold Coins

French Napoleon III 20 Franc Gold Coins

Coin Highlights:
  • Minted from 1852-1870
  • Fineness: .900
  • Actual Gold Weight: .1867 troy ounce

Napoleon III (1808-1873) was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and Emperor of France from 1852 to 1870. His leadership was undermined by a sequence of political mishaps, including rifts with the Vatican and the French business community.

In the War of 1870, he met defeat by the Prussians due to their superior military tactics combined with political disunity throughout France. Within days of being defeated in the War of 1870, Napolion III was unseated and he fled to England to live in exile where he died.

French Angel 20 Franc Gold Coins

  • Minted from 1870-1898
  • Fineness: .900
  • Actual Gold Weight: .1867 troy ounce

The French Angel Gold Coin, minted from 1871 to 1898, is one of the most actively pursued by investors and collectors. Commonly referred to as the "Lucky Angel", originally designed by Augustin Dupre in the late 18th century, the design was resurrected in 1871.

Switzerland (Swiss) Helvetia 20 Franc Gold Coins

  • Minted from 1897-1930
  • Fineness: .900
  • Actual Gold Weight: .1867 troy ounce

For decades, Switzerland has been a renowned commercial and banking facility. They also have some of the most well known private mints in the world, including PAMP Suisse and others.

The Swiss 20-Franc Helvetia is referred to informally since the 'Vreneli', derived from 'Verena', that is Switzerland's equivalent to Lady Liberty.

The coin depicts Verena in the obverse of the gold coin with the word �Helvetia� written above her hair. On the reverse is an image of the Swiss Cross surrounded by a shield.

40 Francs Gold Coin

50 Francs Gold Coin

100 Francs Gold Coin

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